Verridith -- What a Lore-Based in a battle that's destroying Albronel and... everything else? ;D Join me in and it all falls down!
Verridith -- Come see who this dark stranger is in Dark Feathers, Bright Song!
`Jinn -- TAKING FLIGHT - first thread in general is an open one~
JPG -- Two plot-based threads - opportunity to collect heads or save a soul, up to you!: and
JPG -- Also the poster is a derp because he forgot to include the URL like a dumbbutt
JPG -- Enslaved Minitaur. Buy her, free her, or spit on her. Your call in Mettle of Honor.
Fyfergrund -- Fight for Di'ssan in Unto Victory
-- Face pirates as they play a daring game in
MoonBleached -- Join pre-demon lord Syukie in I Am Become Death
MoonBleached -- Come join Vilerain, hunting in the woods Bathed in Blood we Rise