SherniKaur -- Help Marjani search for (and viciously murder) a pup-killer in HATE, FURY, VENGEANCE!
Verridith -- Come join @Mensen in Journey of Improvement!
Fetiro -- The Axewood Orcs call for an audiance with the dragons of Albronel. Do the dragon's answer their call, or maybe the Faction attack before the dragons can gain a new ally
Verridith -- The Duscae Herd is out and about, and may find some excellent trouble in thundering hooves!!
Verridith -- Come crash the party between two friends in dragon's hidden sun!
Nidelia -- Do you want to join a cause to bring peace to the realms and stop the war between the Faction and the Dragons? Then look no further! The Time Has Come!
Verridith -- Come join in on a post apocalyptic Lore-Based thread, THE END OF ALL THINGS!! :D
JPG -- Calling all bounty hunters, mercenaries, and those of a darker inclinations wanting to be paid for a small assassination job...
Nechesa -- Link for To Want to Serve here!
Fenrir -- Join Pataimel in an epic quest to slay a dragon!