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Jun 28 2018, 05:32 PM
Title says it all
Jun 27 2018, 08:27 AM
Name: Elizabeth Braidewaith Crowley




AlignmentChaotic Good

Job Occultist

Appearance:Elizabeth looks exhausted, no matter the time of day something about her posture is that of incredible fatigue. Her shoulders are slumped, a pale cast to her face and dark circles under her eyes. Despite this apparent lack of energy Elizabeth still functions more or less capable for the day, with copious amounts of tea.

A scion from the De Kelios line her own branch of the family tree Crowley was ostracised due to not adhering to the strict religious and spiritual restrictions the line imposed. Her Grandfather instead choosing to forsake his family and carve his own path. Whilst descended from nobility her day to day attire is something more in tune with the Merchant classes.

A sleeveless off-white full body dress, with inlay of Sable running down from the shoulders to the hem. A rich blue blouse jacket for modesty and comfort is normally worn on top unless current weather dictates a summer shawl. The jacket features the latest fashion of belled sleeves that taper off at the elbow for a close fitted finish.

Her shoes are polished leather and inappropriate for anything other than a road. Her jewellery is simple, a small gold ring in either ear with a steel stud resting in a second piercing below the first on each lobe. An Emerald Brooch lays holding her blouse jacket closed near the neck. Her hands are always gloved unless it's a meal time.

Her hair is a dirty platinum blonde coiled and tied with a red ribbon. There is a hint of lavender and thyme fragrance about her, it's calming.

A heavily worn and scuffed satchel is normally within arms reach if not slung across her shoulder resting on her back. Inside is her private collection of books and notes along with the many trinkets related to her trade.


*Despite my Noble birth; I do not place myself above other folks. We all have the same blood.

*Enquiry and freedom are the pillars of progress

*I wish my childhood sweetheart and first love had come with me, instead of running away

*By my words and actions. I bring shame to my family

Elizabeth completely contrary to her muted appearance is a positive spirit, a curious inquisitive soul who likes nothing more than to help those around her. With an easy smile and a self-conscious laugh, she loves nothing more than to see the world whenever she gets the chance.

Eager to learn and blessed with enough erudition to achieve her goals at least as long as it's written down. Practical experiences come after. Her experience with the Occult has given her a very different perspective on the realm of life and death. Something which she now respects fervently.

Being around Elizabeth gives others a sense of Sanguinity; a positivity that inspires rather then enables. With her departure from the family home, Elizabeth is in need of companionship and has no problem with using a travelling companion as a surrogate family. Often taking on the role of 'Mother' whilst executing as the younger sister through lack of experience.

Elizabeth loves good fresh fruit. Strawberries primarily but due to seasonal restrictions, sweet Apples/Pears and Oranges will fill that void.

Her love for tea is bordering on ritualist. Every morning she is nursing the fire just right so her tea isn't too hot to mute the flavours. She considers it a bit of a hobby collecting tea.

She is an avid sightseer when the time is free to do so. Not one to detract from the duty at hand, but if there is an evening free to enjoy local sights or a pretty sunset she will be there.

She doesn't like Egg. Textural preference. The smell of Rosemary doesn't agree with her at all and she hates people biting their nails.

She's a very poor swimmer and has a perfectly rational fear of deep water. Allergic to dogs.


Apprentice Necromancer- Her understanding of what lays beyond the pale is in its infancy. To date, she has only successfully brought one thing back to life. An understanding of the theory involved, but a lack of practical experience is hindering her ability.

She saw a ghost once.

Adept Light user- A natural affinity for Light has given Elizabeth satisfaction as a de facto doctor. An understanding of the human body through her developing acumen in Necromantic theory has amplified her use of light. Able to use healing and purification on her self without any issues with a pass of a hand. To use it on others it requires a bit more work. A lot of her channelling of the energy is through ritualism, a magic circle would need to be prepared and a few candles here and there. With more critical injuries or poison Elizabeth would need to procure a few volunteers as conduits to amplify her own energy.

Musically inclined-Perks of having a privileged upbringing is a musical education. A confident but quiet singer Elizabeth prefers the Violin when given the chance.


Having grown up in a city Elizabeth does not do well in heavily wild or rural area's. An extended time spent outside of a comfortable bed will not give others the best impression of her.

Being of the light, dark magic affects her stronger than others.

She is a non-combatant and has never held a weapon.
Jun 27 2018, 04:30 AM
Morning all.

I am Keel, very English. I don't drink tea with milk or sugar, and I love coffee.

So I'm not very English then. What would Mother think...

Who am I?

I was once good at Play by Post, but I've moved into tabletop et al. So I'm really bad now.

I enjoy character-driven narratives.

But true to my heritage.

'Shaka Brah'
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