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Jul 11 2018, 09:18 AM

SETTING: Xaeri - Kerguelan - Kajikuu forest

WEATHER: Partly Cloudy

TIME: Current

Jul 1 2018, 11:31 AM

Name: Zinnie
Gender: Female
Species: Heartwoodian Elf
Alignment: Neutral - On the path towards Neutral Dark

Hair: Medium short - Black
Height: 155 centimeters
Eye color: Soft Light Blue
Skin: Pale skin like white

Class: Psion - Aptitude: Excellent
Telekinesis: Zinnie is able to move objects/life with her mind, using her hands makes the control more stable. She can also use this on herself, for example to make herself levitate. Another way she use this ability; She can put down a kind of telekinesis force on the air or on other objects, which if they are touched or moved through, they will affect whatever touched/moved through this.

She can only affect stuff/life directly that is weaker than herself in terms of power. The bigger/heavier something is, the more energy it takes to affect it, as well as concentration becomes even more important.

Telepathy: Zinnie is able to transfer her own thoughts and/or words to anyones mind that is weaker than her, or allows her to. Mental protection can also be broken through using this, but the more complicated/powerful the protection and the user is, the harder and more energy consuming it is.

Hypnosis (Not discovered): With Zinnie’s mind, using her eyes, she can make anyone she makes eye contact with fall under her hypnosis, then she cannot directly control them to do whatever she likes, but she can make them subconsciously feel or see different things that are not real, or make them want to do something.

This however strains her eyes a lot, and if she uses it too much, there is a danger that she might go blind. This also only work on people or creatures who has a weaker mind them herself, as well as the strength of their souls.

Because of her mental power, more specifically her telekinesis and her over use of this has made her muscles and bones weak and brittle. The more she depends on her abilities, the weaker her physical body gets.

The Disgrace
21 years ago, in a certain elven family, a baby girl was born. She was named Zinnie, and because of a certain event right after she was born, she was praised as a “chosen one” by her family members.

When Zinnie was brought to this realm, the nearby area got hit by a giant flood of magical energy. The source of this energy come from Zinnie herself. Things and people in a 50 meter radius that were not stuck to the ground, all started to levitate. This event took place for about a minute.

Because of this massively concentrated and strong energy, Zinnie was going to be the family’s honor, and she was going to be raised as such.

This however didn’t go as smooth as they wanted to. As short as 1 year later, they discovered Zinnie had to talent for magic whatsoever, and her body was weaker than most. More and more often both her and her parents got insulted and looked down upon, until one day even Zinnie’s parents turned their backs on her. The so called “Chosen one” at birth quickly became the disgrace of the family.

The Disappearance
As she grew older, she begun looking at herself as trash. She was the worst thing to happen to this family. She was repeatedly punished by her father while her mom was spitting in her face. Some of her scars didn’t disappear, and she grew up ugly and even lost the few friends she had.

One morning, the day she turned 10, first seemed to be a normal day. It would start with the usual beating, this would go on for so long she would almost fall unconscious. She would then go and do her punishment chores.

Soon on this day though, an old grey haired creature would visit the village. He/She wore a black robe with a hood, probably to hide their identity. They had a mystical feel around them, like something was abnormal. This person noticed Zinnie, besides her dead looking eyes, they noticed two things that was developing inside her. Hatred, and power.

As Zinnie was finishing her chores, which was at her grandfather's house, she got scared. She hated this place. This time though, something was different. His house was quiet, overly so.

The black hooded person came up to Zinnie, didn’t say anything to her, just pat her head, looked at the house, then turned around and left. She knew this person had done something though. A week after this event, her grandfather was found dead in the woods just outside the town.

Hearing this, Zinnie started to cry, not of sadness, but happiness. She also thought of something. The very next day, she ran away in middle of her chores to the woods, to the exact same spot they found her grandfather.

Zinnie found what she was looking for, the black hooded person, which snapped their fingers. Zinnie was not heard from again.

The Return
A year went by, and no one bothered to search for her. They thought they finally got rid of her. However, a certain rumor begun going around. It was said Zinnie’s family has been cursed by the gods for their horrifying actions. Each year, on the same day which Zinnie disappeared on, one family member would pass away unknowingly.

10 years went by, and no one was able to figure out where this curse came from, it even became a standard horror story in the town.

A certain pretty black haired elven girl entered town at the beginning of the 10th cursed year. The citizen repeatedly warned her to not get too close to the center of the town. Which is exactly where she went.

This lady was Zinnie, however no one recognized her. All her scars were gone, and she actually had a smile on her face.

What happened next was called “The Red Night”. This was a catastrophe for the town. When Zinnie got the the center, which is where her family lives, it was night. People could then hear screaming coming from this place, and it was said that the sky turned red because of the massive amount of bloodshed that was caused.

Whoever Zinnie looked at would die. Some would get crushed by a massive invisible pressure, others would suddenly be stabbed by swords, axes and the like, and the weaker ones in the family got simply thrown against the walls head first so their necks broke.

Her parents got a different treatment, however. They weren’t crushed, instead when Zinnie looked them in their eyes, they lost control of themselves, almost like they were under a trance, then they killed themselves. This however was not Zinnie’s intent, she was not sure what happened, however, she didn’t think too long on this.
Afterwards Zinnie then put both of their heads on a stick, and put them up as a warning.

Zinnie’s whole family was slaughtered, by Zinnie herself. However she never touched anyone, they all seemingly got killed by nothing, it seemed like it was the same kind of magic that happened 21 years ago, when Zinnie was born. They were all killed with telekinesis, a magic Zinnie has practiced for so long, just for this moment.

Zinnie’s dress was dyed red because of the blood, and so she left the city, never to be heard from again.
Jun 28 2018, 07:25 AM
Ohay there!

Gloxie here, though you all may call me Dani :D

I am Danica, and I am 21 years old, I promise, and I started roleplaying when I was 11. Due to depression, anxiety and other issues I did stop a couple of times, most recently in early 2017.

I have been having an urge to roleplay for a long time now, so I am super excited to get back into the swing of things.

I hope we all will get along nicely. I go as Gloxie#1337 on discord by the way :D

Let's have fun <3
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