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Jul 5 2018, 12:52 PM
Name: Wolfe


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Sexuality: Pansexual



Alignment: Neutral




Jul 5 2018, 12:47 PM
Name: Landon

Nickname: "Clover(Four-Leaf)"

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Sexuality: Pansexual

Species: Human-Demon Hybrid


Alignment: Neutral Dark




Jun 29 2018, 03:23 PM

SETTING: Myrae, Xaerj

WEATHER:Humid and windy

TIME: night
The moon had lit the numerous faces in the bar through the windows. The bar was loud at the moment, much to Blaze’s tastes. Well, she didn’t mind quiet ones either it was just that she preferred the joyous and chatty environment.

Blaze was the only lady for some reason tonight in the small bar. She didn’t mind either, she quite enjoyed the company of men. Even, if the 3, well 4 ones around her were a bit too much. She just had to be careful not to get too drunk.
The young woman went to sipped some of her honey whiskey and as she did her eyes would nod to a man who hovered way too close.
But she didn’t mind she supposed.
It was ok. They were older than her and reminded her of her father.
Tonight she wore her red dress. It was revealing, like all of her outfits for that matter.
Blaze smiled as the elder bartender walked over to get some more beers and her honey whiskey. Then she would hear the door creak a tad.
A man would appear through the door. Everyone would raise their head from what they were doing in the small place. There were only 10 bodies after all(including Blaze).
“Welcome”, the old man greeted
“Hello?” Blase said as per usual but was in a questioning manner rather than a greeting. It came so naturally to say it just as a form of acknowledgment..
Jun 20 2018, 12:15 PM
Name: Just'lin

Nickname: Justice

Gender: Female


Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Darkened Seraph


This is official promotional art for the game Drakengard 3.

Alignment: Neutral Light





Mentally Weak


Her Brother
Having a Good Rated R Time


Avians and Goody Two Shoes
Thinking too much
People Hurting Her Family
Angry People

Just'lin is a playful, charismatic, but mischievous young woman. She is often loud and joyous. She is very critical of others but can come across as

Power Mimicry- Just’lin can touch someone and can mimic one of their powers for whatever duration she likes as the thread lasts. Whatever power she chooses to mimic is the strength she can use it at. For example, a weak ice magic being will still have their ability but Just’lin will be able to use that power(including the others listed). The downside is that she cannot mimic magic stronger than her without recoil.

Light Manipulation-

Just’lin can manipulate a very weak form of light. She can use shields(that are easy to break), overpower those with blasts, and stun with light, but then again compared to the average avian is very weak and takes her more strength to use. Is it even worth using?

Darkness Manipulation-Just’lin can manipulate the dark and is one of her most primary abilities.

Flight- Justt’lin has black wings that allow her to fly like any other Avian. It has a multitude of wings like a Seraph.

Items: A giant cross sword that can withstand the majority of weak to strong magic, but not the magic of the gods. It is powerful but not almighty.
Jun 20 2018, 11:24 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Bambam + Elffri3nd

SETTING: Hyanda, Felnova

WEATHER: The weather is incredibly decent, but it is a bit chilly and cool with a bit of some wind from time to time. It is fall. The moon and sun will be out in this thread.

TIME: 240 days(8 months) from today and the current year.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Blaze + Fane + Drayce

Blaze would walkt he market of Hyanda on a Saturday. The crowd contained 100s to maybe even 1000s. All would be steadily moving back and forth visiting booths and purchasing the products. Blaze was no exception to the rule as she had numerous bags filled with prestigious jewelry and had just finished her food.

'I'm so stuffed,' she would think to herself as she wandered the bazaar. She had on a light black cloak that went with the red dress she usually wore. Even so, it was chilly and she didn't wish to catch a cold of some kind. She had ate a hearty meal of meat, potatoes, and ale. She was ready to head over back out of the bazaar and find herself a hotel or place that which she could stay at.

As the young woman drifted out from the bazaar she would make her way towards a dark alley of some sort. It was dark and soon she could feel herself surrounded by several figures. Not letting herself get to be to nervous, she'd drop her items, prepared to fight.

"Show yourself!" she'd exclaim ready to fight whomever would, "I don't fight cowards!" but then a flash of a figure would be in front of her to distract her. Another, different and quicker, would come from behind and knock her unconscious.

Some sort of mental spell was used or some illusion. She wasn't too sure.


Blaze would awake a few hours later in the alley. She was surprised that no one had come to her aid. She must've been in a more crime infested area! Oh well. She would at her reflection through a piece of broken glass on the ground see there was a huge dried bloody gash on her head. Although small( and was covered by her hair), it was unattractive to the young woman.

Blaze would cringe in disgust. She'd decided she'd go somewhere to eat. She felt wounded, dizzy, sick. But it was mainly her emotions. The megalomaniac had let herself down. How could she have been so weak. She wasn't fast enough. Yet, she had been fighting in the dark. She'd head to a bar. Maybe she'd could find a place to stay there.

In the bar, were several men. She didn't care a bit about the gender ratio. Many men whistled at her clearly not seeing the gash on her forehead-or simply didn't care. They found her attractive. Nonetheless, she'd go towards the bartender. Despite this being her hometown she felt dizzy and was unsure of where the infirmary was.

It was evening now, and the moon was out.

After a conversation with the bartender(who was shocked) she'd turn around to exit the tavern. The bartender would offer her some food and drink but she refused. However, what shocked her was the fact that 4 men would enter the tavern with her bags. She'd ball up her fist in disgust. Who would these bitches!

"You-" she'd started to say but caught herself. Good. She was sitll unnoticed by them. She'd wait for them to get far enough in the room and then approach.

"Hello~" she'd say rather welcoming as she balled up her fists.

Words: 533 @Elffri3nd
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