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Jun 18 2018, 01:16 PM
Name: Kept in Shadows (for short: Kis)

Gender: Male

Age: 73 y.o. (physically 27 y.o.)

Species: Felris

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5'9"

Appearance: Kis is not as tall as his fellow Felris, and that might be because he resembles a melanistic jaguar, a type of large wild cat that is known to be stocky and small, but no less strong. He stands at 5'9", with a stocky, muscular build with a v-shaped torso and wide hands and feet. He is surprisingly agile and light on his feet. He has jet black fur with black spots that are only seen in direct light. He has "hair" which is just longer fur from the top of his head, down the back of his neck. He has large pale yellow-green eyes and a broad, noble face. His facial expressions are generally pretty lax, looking placid or curious. Very rarely is his muzzle bunched up in anger, where sharp pointed canines can be seen. He has a relatively short tail that curls up slightly at the end.

Kis tends to wear dark colors, although not always blacks- such as deep burgundy, purple, brown. He prefers dark colors simply because of his profession. Kis carries alchemical satchels and other small pouches on his body, as well as a couple of strategically placed dagger holsters. All of his person is covered by a long dark purple traveling cloak. He doesn't need boots because he has large digitigrade cat feet instead of plantigrade humanoid feet. His hands are a mixture of humanoid and cat-like, with paw pads and claws on elongated, five fingered hands.

Abilities: Supernatural ability: Kis is naturally strong as a werecat subspecies. In fact, there are few things that are stronger than he. His size does not belly his strength, having dense and compact muscles that can exert more strength than might be expected. He is not the strongest of Felris however, since he relies on more agility and stealth than strength. Kis is almost completely silent on his feet, his pads making no sound on the ground that he walks on. He can see in almost complete darkness. So long as there is some light source, he can use his large cat eyes to reflect light to see, although it'll be in a greyscale and not full color. He has amazing cat-like balance and can land on his feet more often than not.

Magic: Kis uses his reiatsu to perform various spells that he has learned from scrolls over the years. He can turn himself temporarily invisible, he can use telekinesis to move objects around the room or briefly grapple someone to make a get away, he can increase his speed and jump height to get to places he needs to be, and he can read texts in runes/languages he cannot understand. He can use reiatsu to find objects or people that he knows about, picturing them in the back of his mind, that image getting clearer the closer he gets. He can use illusionary spells to change his appearance or create false objects to fool all but the most perceptive. He's basically a grab bag of random, but useful tricks. Obviously, the longer he maintains these spells, the more taxing it is. He is cautious enough to not overdue it.

Poison/Daggers: When not relaying on reiatsu, Kis is skilled in poisons and daggers. He is a self-taught alchemist/herbalist, and creates his own poisons and other remedies from recipes he found in scrolls. He does not poison to kill, just to subdue, except he can be very deadly with the accuracy of his knives. Kis does have venomous fangs as werecats do, and if he needs to defend himself at that range, he will. Both his teeth and claws are strong enough to pierce dragon scales. Unlike werecats, as a Felris, his claws do not completely retract although they can elongate when agitated, so he sharpens his claws on extremely hard materials, like diamonds, to keep them in good shape.


Kis refers to himself in third person only. He mutters under his breath a lot when he thinks no one is paying attention. Most would describe him as gifted and intelligent, but odd and slightly insane. Despite his eccentricity, he is known to be trustworthy and friendly. Kis doesn't steal money as a goal, in fact, he only takes what he needs to survive. He amasses knowledge and not gold. He does covet feathers, and will put them in his "hair" until they get ratty and he'll pull them out.


Kept in Shadow got his name from his slave background. Kept in a small cage in a dark room for most of his adolescent life by a group of thieves, he was only allowed out after his "conditioning". Although his name was a cruel joke to his captors, mocking his tribal ancestry, he kept his name because it took on a different meaning later in life.

Trained to steal, Kept in Shadow broke his chains when he killed his masters and escaped. He traveled far away from where he was enslaved, to steal for himself and for no one else.

Although his personal pantheon of deities includes those who would benefit his lifestyle, Kept in Shadow has always had a personal bond with his chosen deity, Nirni, before he ever heard her speak to him. During his days, locked in that small, dark room, when he couldn't sleep, he stared out of the crack in the wall, up at the moon in the night's sky.

The moon was his only solace, and the night that he escaped was under the brightest full moon. He says his mistress helped him escape by telling him how. Kept in Shadow talks under his breath to his mistress before he sleeps, muttering prayers and what sounds like one-sided conversational pieces. He continually thumbs a symbol of his goddess, rubbing it smooth, which he keeps in a thong pouch around his neck.

His natural curiosity and insatiable appetite for knowledge attracted him to the places across the realms where tomes and scrolls were kept, specifically royal personal libraries and mage towers where knowledge is collected the most. He stole these items, his mind like a sponge as he learned anything he could get his hands on. He even stole texts that were considered forbidden. Kept in Shadow favored magical tomes, where he taught himself magical spells that would help him to steal more.

Known in small circles in Ristell as the Book Thief, he will delve into the deepest ruins, sneak into the tightest castles anywhere in the Realms.
Jun 17 2018, 10:26 PM

Name: Ammir

Gender: Male

Age: Immortal (physical age: 27 y.o. ; actual age: 52 y.o.)

Species: Half-demon (Famine)

Height: 6'0" (not including horns)

Allegiance: Greater God Ward (Lithmor)

Alignment: Neutral Dark

  • Ammir is generally a bit odd looking for a Famine demon (even a half demon) in skin tone and horns (despite being not a War demon, he has large horns, which is not normal). Although, to be honest. His appearance is the least thing that's off about him.
  • His skin is a dark midnight blue.
  • He has large curling horns like an ibex that are black and grow out of his forehead. They look more like they are growing gradually out of his skin than just jutting out. There is script in Demonic carved into his horns (essentially like a form of body modification) and they start at the base of his horns and follow its curve down to half the length, where it stops at a golden band on both horns. On the second half of his horns are fire opals, cut into the shapes of stylized fire and inlaid into the bone. The tips of his horns have been cut off and replaced with the same fire opal gem (in the form of the 3" of missing tip). The tips of his horns light up when he casts magic.
  • He has a tail. It's 5 ft long and semi-prehensile. It's not forked, but instead the end is hairy. Think the Last Unicorn. Both the hair on his tail and his head is a dark auburn.
  • He has a Van Dyke mustache/goatee combo. It's the choice beard for smug bastards and those up to no good. Ammir happens to be both.
  • His hair is medium length and slightly wavy. There is a little flip of bang in between his horns.
  • His pearly whites have pointed canines. They're not long, just obvious and pointy when he smiles.
  • His smile is perma-smirked. Even when he's not being smug, it's just. slightly. there. at all times.
  • His eyes are almond-shaped, gold and pupil-less. Get used to not knowing if he's looking at you or not. The darkest of magic that he performs changes them to a glowing red, that will fade once he releases the magic.
  • Both of his slightly pointed ears are pierced with gold hoops.
  • Wears a bit of kohl around his eyes like liner.
  • Shadowmancy: The darkest of arts, Ammir can bend shadows to his will.
    - He can bend the shadows to cover light to hide himself entirely from the senses. He cannot attack while a shadow, so he would have to rematerialize before he can strike. Depending on how long he has been a shadow, he may be able to attack immediately after. If he has been hidden for a while - such as an ambush situation - he will need to take a moment to strike to regain lost magic. This doesn't take very long but it might be enough time for the most perceptive and reactive to counteract his attack.
    - He can also teleport out of them, although he cannot cross continents or realms. He can, however, cover a decent chunk of distance before he needs to stop to recover. Ammir can also corrupt the auras of others, even those made of light, to use to do his bidding. ie. he can use another's shadow to consume them slowly from the toes up.
    - He can also use that corruption to easily intimidate or demoralize others, clouding their minds with fear or doubt.
    - Ammir can easily see in complete darkness, which is just an enhancement of his demonic heritage, seeing as Kurai has no stars, the Realm is darker. Being able to control shadows means he can also manipulate them in way that lets all available light into his eyes to see, even if it's barely there.
    - Ammir's shadow powers are weak to light, fire, and lightning, but only if they are strong enough, being a Greater God Ward.
  • Pyromancy: Ammir can control fire, either from nothing or from existing fire.
    - He can do little things like create light, or dancing forms in fire.
    - But he can also hurl fireballs or rain down fire from a radius around him.
    - He can create a personal shield of fire, that can either be made of regular elemental fire, or a black fire, which is a combination of both his shadow and fire manipulation. This shields him from most elemental attacks and simple physical ones (such as ranged weapons like arrows and throwing knives, which would simply just burn to ash when entering the shield. People may also enter the shield radius, although unless they are immune to fire damage, they will be set on fire trying. He can choose to either terminate the shield early (the release of the magic resulting in a small combusted explosion in a short radius around him), or the shield will fade and fizzle out after his magic is spent trying to keep it up. The more attacks that are made on it, the less effective it becomes and the harder it takes to maintain it.
    - He can spontaneously combust people, heating up their insides until they suddenly erupt and burn. This is not a skill he enjoys using, but he has that option. The more people that he affects, the longer it takes to set them on fire and the more taxing it is.
    - Ammir's fire powers are weak to water, ice, and earth, and although he is a Greater God Ward, this is a secondary power, so although strong, they are not as strong as his control over Shadowmancy.
  • Silver Tongued: Ammir's only natural talent, being a once-magicless demon, he is highly charismatic and can get a lot out of people just by talking to them. He adopts the characters others want to see, and the majority of the time people may not even realize what version of Ammir they are talking to. Ammir is more street-smart than intellectual, making him more cunning than tactical.
  • Forgery: Ammir is pretty good at replicating simple items, documents, seals, passes, etc. He can create you a very convincing replica that only the maker of that original item would be able to tell is a fake.
  • Disguise: In the same line as his skills in forgery, Ammir is good at putting on airs and a disguise to make himself the character he wishes to be.
  • Conning/Theft: Ammir is much better at stealing when it involves distraction and a rouse, but he is also a decent pickpocket.
Ammir is more complicated then he lets on. He plays the confident, suave go-getter so well he believes it. Gifted with a silver-tongue, but with no other talents whatsoever, Ammir has had a difficult childhood full of expectations he could never live up to. A willful soul with an independent streak and a loose moral compass, Ammir left those expectations behind in search of something he could be good at. A source of power.

Ammir does not like being told what to do. This is a bit ironic, considering his history of making pacts and getting into debt. His attitude is 'I can fix it later', even though he may hate what he's doing in the moment, it's more of a decision of survival than a moral one. He has a very strained view on his relationship with Lithmor who could also be considered his Master - not that Ammir likes to admit it or think of it in that way. "Benefactor", he'll insist.

Ammir is an absolute coward. If it seems too tough or too dangerous, he will abandon his duty - and possibly his friends - to save himself. He recognizes this fault and hates himself for it. When I said he plays the part, I meant it. Ammir harbors a lot of self-doubt and self-judgement that he carries with him. He's self-destructive for recognizing his flaws but doing nothing about them.

Although he dislikes authority, he idolizes the trappings of aristocracy. He has an attraction to value, and will take it if he wants it. Ammir's lifestyle is rich fabrics, expensive food, and luxurious tastes. He loves, loves, loves food and has an iron stomach. He can stomach things most people can't - which is conveniently also useful for torture.

Despite his flaws, there is good person in there somewhere - not that he would believe it if you told him. He's highly pessimistic and Machiavellian. He is capable of doing what is considered morally just, so long as it does not negatively affect his personal freedoms. He follows a dark anti-hero trope and would be considered Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Dark.

Ammir was born to a Famine demon named Nidar (father) and a human mother (Satari). His mother was an ex-slave from a city controlled by War demons. After Ammir was born, there were whispers that his son was not actually his - having dark blue skin, and as Ammir grew and his horns grew larger, the rumors were more insistent, but never provable and never to Nidar's face. His father, not having much in the way of skills after losing his leg below the knee in a skirmish - the one that he acquired Satari during - Nidar ended his career as a shinobi and moved them to Shokku No Kage, where he entered a modestly profitable merchant business within the city. With the distrust of outsiders from within the walls, his mother never went out much, and instead devoted all her time to spoiling her son.

Ammir grew up to be a troublesome teen and a willful young adult, running the streets, getting into trouble and generally acting carefree and irresponsible. He was spoiled by his mother, and had a typical, strained relationship with his father, whom he was not close to. If Ammir was too admit it to himself, he would tell you he just wanted to please his father and receive his praise, although the repeated disappointment has led to too much resentment. Although his father never outright said he was a disappointment, Ammir didn't need to be told that to get the point. It was like anything he did received the scrutinizing stare of his father's silver gaze.

Truth was, Ammir had no innate strong talents. He wasn't good at anything. He had no magical talent, he didn't have a good martial foundation because he never applied himself, he was too irresponsible for business. When he denied entry to become a sheizi ninja, he and his father exchanged heated words, before Ammir left his home with the intention of being gone for good.

On his own, cut off from his parents' funds, Ammir moved around the Realms and soon learned he was good at one thing: lying. He learned how to con people, how to take gold from others without them putting up much of a fuss, how to smooth out tensions, etc. He had a talent for making stuff up, so he learned how to craft disguises and put on a bit of a show on the corners of streets - using games of chance or fortune telling to con folks.

He kept his ears to the ground and in the side streets, where he picked up a tid bit of information. There was a broker who could get you whatever you wanted. Finding the broker, he made a deal with him. He would accompany the other and would help Ammir get a book of Power that would allow him to cast magic like it was an inborn gift, in exchange for Jaden.

The heist went south, Ammir left the Broker to his doom, stole the book and ran off with it. Without the knowledge of how to use the book, Ammir tried to cast a spell from it, only it backfired and destroyed the tome. Either the usage of the book, or its destruction, caused Ammir to be known to the person who had originally owned it. That owner was the avatar of Lithmor. Definitely not Ammir's level.

Instead of killing the thief, Lithmor offered Ammir a deal. He would grant him the potent power that he sought, if Ammir would do his bidding across the Material Realms. If he didn't chose the deal, Lithmor would kill him. With no real choice to be made, Ammir chose the obvious path. Even though it put him in debt and under servitude to an immensely evil entity, Ammir would rather save his own immediate skin.
Jun 5 2018, 07:34 PM

Name: Kisivra

Gender: Female

Species: Vystrian wolf

Pack: Myr Pack

Appearance: Kisivra is a dark green/blue furred wolf with an elongated appearance. She is taller than she should be simply because of her long legs. The dewclaws on the front of her legs are curved and lengthy, which she will use to defend herself if her magic fails her, although if anybody gets that close, she has gotten lax. She has a long, flowing tail that seems to flow without air. Peridot deposits and bioluminescent markings appear on her fur. Feathers grow out of her nape and the base of her tail in the same hue but lighter shade as her fur. She wears a lot of fine chain jewelry and a runic circle in her fur behind her ear. She has pupil-less golden eyes.

Abilities - Earth Elemental:
Connection to nature: Kisivra is interconnected with the land around her. She sends out psychic feelers into the flora and fauna around her to sense her surroundings in an expanding radius from where she is. The farther she sends out these psychic projections, the more taxing it is on her, and she has limitations before she has to withdraw. Through plants she can sense things like: changes in the environment, other living beings in the area, including what they are and how many, the layout of the land, etc. Taking over the senses of other animals (non-sentient) is also a possibility, but then her range is limited to just the animal she temporarily inhabits. She does not control the creature, she can just sense what it senses using the natural senses they possess.

Plants respond to her presence, tilting upwards when she stands near them for a period of time. Bioluminescent plants and fungi glow brighter.

Regeneration: She can draw limited energy from the plant life around her so long as there is some and she is touching them, trading their life for hers, allowing her to knit together minor wounds on her body, although this will kill the plants she draws from. Needless to say, this is not preferred for her, so she only does it when she needs to (which she then uses her familiar to replant). On the brink of death, Kisivra can turn herself into a tree-form of herself - she looks like a miniature dogwood tree with bioluminescent flowers in the vague shape of a wolf. In this form she cannot move, hear, or see, or use any magic while she is regenerating. Someone with plant-speaking abilities could talk to her, but otherwise, besides just feeling the presence of something near, she is essentially a tree. Regeneration takes a couple months, which she will then gradually turn back into a wolf, slowly regaining senses as she goes. She is obviously very vulnerable in a tree state.

Shapeshifting: The rune placed on her forehead allows her to use a condensed form of her earth elemental magic to shift her physical shape. She can change into various animals that she knows of and has seen. They are limited to earth/jungle type fauna (ie. yes to woodland creatures and earth elemental creatures, no pure air, water, light/dark/spiritual creatures). She can transform into a dragon, but it is earth elemental. The more often she shifts and the larger the creature, the more taxing it is on her.

Mindspeaking: Like other vystrian wolves, Kisivra can mindspeak to others. She can speak both the language of wolves and the common tongue.

Weaknesses: Besides the ones listed per her abilities, Kisivra is weak to the elements of fire, lightning, and water.

Personality: Kisivra is a calm-headed, rational wolf. She often sees things clearly, and appears to be someone who can be reasoned with. She can be rather nurturing. Kisivra is devoted entirely to her pack, especially towards the elderly and the pups. She is careful where she steps to avoid stepping on plants and smaller creatures.

She is, however, calculating and is always looking for ways for events to be in her favor. She uses others' misinterpretations of her intentions to turn the tables on them. Despite her "tree hugger" appearance, she is much more accurately described as being like the wilderness - beautiful and calm in appearance with hidden dangers if you step off the path. She can be cold when she wants to be, and if someone was to actually draw anger from her, she can be downright ferocious.

Her Familiar: Kisivra's familiar is a mottled brown owl like dirt with luminous green eyes that glow softly in darkness. His chest patch is a lighter brown/cream in the shape of a leaf. His name is Oren and he is an earth elemental like Kisivra. Oren's feathers, when molted or plucked out willingly, can be planted and will grow into plants, which Kisivra often uses to replace any plants she kills during a regeneration. Oren is a good gardener and loves watching plants grow. He doesn't hurt plants, just animals.
Jun 5 2018, 11:21 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Bucketorandomness @Birb

SETTING: Outside of Firhos, Stroen'na

WEATHER: Clear skies

TIME: Alu, the 33rd of Meiva; 13030

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Voesi (Birb), Hamid (Bucketorandomness)
Jun 5 2018, 10:32 AM



Kaetiel Oreth is a Halgian / half-elf woman of about 20 years old. She was orphaned as a young child (around 8 years) after a band of orc slavers attacked her family farm in Vystriana and killed her parents and her twin brother. She alone escaped, aided by an attack from a "shiny winged beast like a dragon" which she didn't get a good look at before she fled for her life. She took that as a sign and has devoted her life to a dragon god, which she chose Fenrir. She doesn't know if he listens, but she has been looking forward to her First Pilgrimage, when she will get to leave the Order she was raised up in after her foster-parent/mentor found her lying in a ditch on the side of the road and took her in.

The Order of the Moth is a monkhood comprised of differing species whose monastery is located in the mountainous region of Sud'rlund. It is a secretive order, and although the Order is known throughout the Realms, it's location is only known to those who live there and a few outsiders (mostly Jotun, dragons and Strigine). This is because they horde the secrets of the world for both learning and safe-keeping. Every 10 years, a member of the Order may go out on a Pilgrimage in search of secrets to obtain and bring back.

Because they are going out into all the Realms, monks of the Order of the Moth are trained in martial arts and some magics to protect themselves. Kaetiel is trained in hand-to-hand combat weaponless or with her ranseur (a type of pole arm), which she prefers because she can use it as a staff or as long-reach blade.

She also has light magic that she uses mostly for offensive attacks: solid straight spikes of made of light that she can throw and also a more reactive magic, that happens when she gets angry: she will emit radiant light from her body, which both lights up the area she is in with bright light and also deals damage to those close to her. This also hurts her, so she cannot keep it up for a long fight. She also use her magic to heal, although it's only for minor wounds and light poisons.

She is particularly eager to leave the monastery because she has a personal mission: to find the orcs who killed her family and deal them a fist full of justice.


Kaetiel is not outwardly the friendliest. She is not rude, but she is introverted and a bit standoffish. Her wallflower tendencies do not come from being shy, as she is open and enjoys the company of people that she is sure she can trust, but it is because of her past that she does not know if she can trust someone.

Due to her cloistered upbringing, she is rather naive in the sense of the world and the characters that are in it. She has read novice-level secrets and information on various Realms and it's people, but she has never experienced anything in her life beyond her parent's farms and then the monastery. She is interested in people from afar and holds a curiosity of all things, but will become more interested in individuals after she warms up to them.


Those who do wrong, who harm others, who lie and deceive, etc... She is half-Halgian, so she can sense evil and bad intentions innately. Because she is not pure, she may not be able to sense the source of the evil unless they are directly near her, but she is harder to sneak up on if you're a baddie because she'll know you're coming. It would also make it harder for those trying to deceive her to openly do so. You would have to be a really good con-artist to sneak underneath the radar and gain her trust.

Kaetiel is not a paladin, but she does feel an instinctual draw to protect those who are in a position of weakness. She has a soft spot for orphans (as she was one) and underdogs (those raging against the machine or in a position of helplessness).

She has an immediate distrust and dislike of orcs, or other monster races and anything who are species aligned as dark.

I mean... I ship all the things, so I will never have a character that couldn't get some romance on. However, Kaetiel is not worldly, and would take a bit of prodding to get the point. She would totally be turned off from pushy and overt-charm. That being said, I would totally ship a Rapunzel/Rider type of relationship 8D Someone who she immediately would not trust, but is like... an antihero-type so she'd have something to work with and will eventually like. This does not have to be a guy. It can also be a girl. This is probably only open to bipedal, humanoid characters.

Looking for:
- Her mentor! I left him open as possible in case someone wanted to take him! I'm making a lesser group page for the Order, so then others can join.
- Quest friends: a group of people who will join her on her travels. She's going to kill them orcs, and then she is going to go looking for secrets, or both at the same time.
- Halgians: eventually Kaetiel is going to Evylon to see where her mother came from. Her mother was the daughter of a Knight, so if you have a Halgian knight who you're open to having a daughter, and subsequently also a granddaughter, let me know! Also just other Halgians (or Fallen... hmmm.... drama plots). Kaetiel does have partially dark hair since she is a hybrid, so that might throw some of them off. Maybe she won't like others staring at her when she goes to visit and that will make her wary or awkward.
- A dragon or a gryphon friend! Since her grandfather was a Knight, and all she remembers of her mother besides her face is the bedtime stories of dragonriders and Knights on gryphons, she would probably be totally interested in acquiring a mounty friend. Maybe someone she can save, or someone she has to prove herself to so she can have a mini-quest. 8'D
- Secret gathering! Kaetiel has to collect secrets, so if you got any characters with secrets that need to be kept safe, you can give them to Kaetiel.
- Dragon patronage. Whoever attacked the orcs when she was younger could have done it coincidentally (just passing by and saw some orcs to fry), or on purpose to save a little girl. If the creature who was responsible would like to step forward and meet Kaetiel, that would be great. 8D Doesn't have to be now, just at some point in her travels.
- People to save and things to do! If you want someone for an adventure plot, who can kick butt and she is in the area that you want, let me know!

Current Location:

PB: Open
LB/Historical: Open
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