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May 23 2018, 07:58 AM
Name: Fleet

Age: 40

Alignment: Dark-Neutral

Height: Humanoid: 6'5 feet Transformed: 7'5 feet

Weight: Humanoid: 180 lbs Transformed: 280 lbs

Gender: Male

Species: Werebeast (Eagle)

Appearance: Fleet looks like a very handsome man when he's in human form, with long hair tied behind his back and so sunbleached it looks nearly white. He tends to loom over others but offsets this intimidation by having pleasing blue eyes and an easy smile. He wears loose clothing a little too big for him.

However, he more than makes up for it in his bestial form. If anything, he resembles a bipedal eagle. His arms turn into wings capable of carrying him through the skies and support his weight if he must crawl. His eyes turn completely black and his head has white feathers in contrast to the rest of his body's brown. Naturally, his feet have talons bigger than his own head, which has a serrated beak as yet another weapon.

Both forms are covered in scars, most notable being a large tear on his back.

Personality: Fleet makes himself out to be a pleasant individual, being incredibly happy, doting and just plain fun to be around. He is also rather hedonistic and flirty, tending to focus on another's appearance first. He could be considered a kitsune personality wise, being childish, loving games and mocking others. Of course, these "games" usually end with somebody turned Werebeast or dead by the end, but it's still fun for him!

Truly, Fleet is incredibly manipulative, and loves the idea of tricking his poor victims before hurting them in ways they likely didn't think was possible for him. He has also completely embraced a Werebeast's original purpose despite being turned, and hates other were creatures with a passion that doesn't come out until he harms them. He also has an insatiable appetite for chaos and breeds it himself.

History: Fleet was born a regular human in Felnova, part of a family of hunters. Most of the family didn't know, but they possessed a shifter gene, best seen in what happened to Fleet.

When he was twenty, he was out hunting, convinced that he could do it himself, and for the most part, right. However, he could have never expected he'd soon be the prey of a mad Werebeast, influenced by the moon to be reckless. He was torn, bit, ravaged, until it was finally done and over with, and he was left in the forest to bleed out, half-conscious. Indeed, he would have, if his wounds didn't start mysteriously healing, an aftereffect of his magic reacting with his transformation.

He went back home, and found faces frozen in horror at the avian menace before them, and Fleet found himself fleeing. Surprisingly, Fleet didn't feel this was much of a loss. They never wanted to play with him, they were more family because they were related and ate together, rather than any sort of love. So Fleet dropped whatever last name he had before, and went searching for his infecter. A lone Werebeast that couldn't fantom why this boy was following him, but as the years went by, started to talk to Fleet more and more, sometimes he even let Fleet chase him as a sort of game, or train in fighting.

Through this, Fleet learned of how the dark gods created the Werebeast, natural enemies of were creatures everywhere, and instead of being horrified, he was fascinated. To harm others had been hammered into his head as wrong, but now his very form told him it was so right!

He would have offered to help the Werebeast fulfil his duties, and he's pretty sure the Werebeast would have accepted, but one full moon later, and Fleet found himself alone, with a silver arrow in his back, and his friend dead, by a Werewolf.

All the more reason to raise hell, right?

Abilities: •Werebeast: Fleet has the regular Werebeast abilities, like incredible strength and speed, but has a few other things due to being a New Werebeast. He can infect others by scratches and bites, his favorite way to throw a community into disarray, and can fly at high speeds due to his wings.

•Regeneration: Fleet had a talent for healing magic while he was still human, and it lingers in him even as a Werebeast. His wounds heal ridiculously quickly, and he can exert more strength than even Werebeast possible due to using this to heal his body as here are it apart with his own strength.

•Manipulation: Fleet has a way with words. He can make himself seem ignorant and innocent, and then make somebody else feel good about themselves before he lays a trap or attack on them.

•Hand-to-Hand: Fleet excels in physical combat both in and out of human form, and can beat most people and creatures if they don't have a weapon either.

Weaknesses: •Silver: As a Werebeast, Fleet is highly susceptible to silver and avoids contact with it at all cost, as even his regeneration cannot heal wounds created by silver.

•Healing: Fleet can only heal wounds of himself, his magic extends to nobody else.

•Confidence: Fleet sees himself as above everybody and gleefully disregards everybody even if they can pose a threat to him.

•Moon-sick: His heritage isn't the only thing Fleet embraced. Instead of fighting the moon's influence, Fleet lets himself run wild, potentially blowing any plans.
May 22 2018, 07:20 PM

SETTING: Near Sunfire

WEATHER: Harshly sunny, with barely a cloud in the skies.

TIME: During the Dragon Revenge and Faction arcs, flexible but current

May 22 2018, 04:06 PM
Name: Adachi

Gender: Female

Height: 15 feet tall at the shoulder

Weight: When corporal, 1,500 lbs

Species: Sarka

Age: 50 years

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Adachi is a huge variant of the Sarka, being the usual intimidating fare of dark scales and wide eyes unlike most Sarka. She is even more frightening to look at thanks to the fact that her body is incredibly thin and her bones show when she exhales.

Her claws are enormous, and a stark white, like bones. Her barb is similar, and she carries her tail up and into her back, both to avoid sticking something she doesn't want to hurt and to defend against aerial attacks. She walks in an odd way, clinging tightly to the ground, like some lizard.

Various scars mar her scales. Dull lines are torn around her snout and feet, and there's a noticeable gash taken out of her tail.

Backstory: Adachi was born between two Elite Sarka, with the usual lack of interaction with her parents. However, when she was first born, something must have been broken in her head, as she wanted to stick around her siblings and mother, assuming that they were meant to hunt together instead of separately. Needless to say, she was wrong.

She attempted to follow her brothers and sisters, and received a fight in return until near all her scales were ripped off at least once. One good thing she can say about it, she sure learned how to fight thanks to this.

For a while, she followed the instinct to hunt and feed, even attacking dragons on occasion. She might have even gotten to serve some dark God if she never encountered the furry pack animals called wolves. They were hunters too, and they did the only logical thing! They hunted together! They stayed together, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers! There was only one problem. She itched to strike at them, and she scared them away with her presence.

So she stayed out of sight, learning from them, and finally approached them. They didn't trust her, naturally, but they talked. She actually managed to talk to them! Thus assured that she wouldn't snap and kill everything around her, she flew, she didn't know where she was flying, and didn't really care, unaware that by all accounts and purposes, she was abnormal among her species.

Maybe she could find a pack, and hunt with them, that would be nice...

Personality: Adachi is a quiet individual, preferring to let actions speak instead of words, a necessity, being as she's a Sarka. She doesn't like to let conversations go on longer than what's needed, which is usually decided by how interested in the topic she is.

She is rather short-tempered, and set off easily, especially if it's over an idea that she had, as she usually believes that her ideas have a better chance of success than others. This pride also extends to any pack she attains, as she will always insist on leading anything unless forced out of such a position.

However, under this is an odd desire to protect such a pack. Any allies she makes will find a frighteningly protective creature that more claims a person than becomes friends with them. Her pack will find no better protection, and she expects this sort of loyalty back.

Abilities: •Darkness: Adachi has amazing control over dark magic, breathing it out and mostly uses it to wreath herself in camoflouging darkness, as she's more confident in her claws and fangs than unruly magic. This magic cancels out light magic when used. Despite how she doesn't like using it too much, this magic is suffocating and harms most creatures.

•Combat Prowess: Adachi mostly hunts things that could fight back and thus, have learned how to fight and the usual weakness of creatures. She is also incredibly fast, thanks to her thin frame and heritage.

•Sarka: Adachi has the usual abilities of a Sarka, such as a deadly voice and becoming a killing wriath.

•Peace: Adachi have managed to suppress some of the usual urges of a Sarka to kill, and thus can exist around most life without murdering for fun.

•Pack: Influenced from watching werewolves and other pack animals, Adachi works best in a team and can lead respectfully.


•Voice: Kaida cannot scream orders or yell, as her voice is deadly. Due to this, to give orders she usually has to be close or be done with body language.

•Light: Light harms her in harsh quantities and cancels out her magic when she tries to use it.

•Skin and Scales: Due to fights with her siblings, a lot of Adachi's scales have been ripped off, more than usual, and as a result she has less armor than the usual Sarka.

•Fury: The one thing that Adachi couldn't suppress was the instinctual hate of dragons, anything they do can set her off unless she personally knows them, and even then a fight with her will likely turn deadly even if she didn't mean for it to do so.
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