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Many. Medeival reenactment (SO fight scenes are realistic), EMT
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Mar 28 2018, 07:38 PM
Name: Slice Slasherson
Gender: Male
Species: Friggan
Appearances: Tall, for a male, he has long curly hair down to his shoulders, and wears a Top hat and a black cloak of feathers everywhere he goes. Slice is a rugged, handsome fellow. In his Friggan form, looks like a large black eagle wearing a top hat. His cloak is his skin.
MANDOLIN ON HARD MODE( PASSIVE): He plays his instrument as if he’d been doing so since he was born. His love for the instrument had driven him to learning all he can and continuing to pursue higher and higher levels of Mastery.
AXE ME A QUESTION(ACTIVE): Slice has combat experience, and will not back down from a fight! His Mandolin is reinforced by steel and literally doubles as his war axe.
ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD(ACTIVE): Slice can cast a spell that is the equivalent of a smoke bomb and glitter cloud all rolled into one wonderfully messy creation. Great stage effect, also good blinding technique for running away! This only works if he’s concentrating.
WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE(ACTIVE): Slice can enhance others’ emotions by concentrating, he can make someone who feels content into feeling happy! Or someone who is upset, into feeling enraged. This doesn’t always work though, if the other person can resist, then they do. However, creatures of lower intelligence are at increased risk of failing this skill check.
History: Slice grew up in a tight knit flock that migrated around quite a lot. He first heard of the Mandolin during a side show they had come upon, and he sat and watched completely enthralled. He saved up his money, collecting items and working side jobs to save up what money he could. His first mandolin afforded him the ability to practice, and practice he did.
Now while travelling with his “flock” he can stop at nearby towns to play and grow his fan base. When he ran into other musicians, who shared his own enthusiasm he joined with them, leaving his family for fortune and fame.
Personality: Slice is laid back, and easy going. However, in times of trouble, he has a few tricks up his sleeve.
Mar 24 2018, 09:47 PM
Looking for a buddy to pair with this dragon on a search to regain her memories! This would open the floor for quite a bit! Even some shenanigans and mischief!

Char prof here -->Manan Mooncalled

Hit me up, let me know. Lets build something together!
Mar 24 2018, 09:14 PM
Name: Aunrae Zathlesz
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid Drow; Old and New blood lines.
Appearances: Aunrae is the result of a New and Old bloodline mixing, as such she has white hair, and light skin, with vibrant red eyes. Two antler like protrusions sprout from her head, a throwback genetic anomaly to the first Ancient bloodline, resembling the first prongs of a newly matured deer. She is lithe and athletically toned, rather than strong. She stands at about 5’4”, and 110lbs. She wears a hooded cloak to wrap around herself and cover her horns with while on a job. She wears silver trinkets set with a few dazzling semi-precious stones. One ear is adorned with several rings along one side, and the base of both horns are ringed in silver bands.
Abilities: Aunrae has an uncanny ability to commune with nature. Animals, trees, rivers. Its her only magical skill she was born with.
Due to this ability she can get away with a lot, and has used it to coerce creatures into doing things for her, stealing documents (Rats) or giving her a ride (anything larger than her really). She has been able to track people walking through the world using this talent, in the past.
Despite her magical ability, she has trained to be somewhat of a sneak. Quiet, unseen, she can enter and depart a building or place without being heard.
History: Aunrae grew up relatively poor, and at age 7 she suffered through the loss of her parents. Now alone and trying to survive, she sought out both New and Old blood Drow, hoping to find some sense of family or home. However, she was turned away at every door. This instilled a level of independence and distrust of strangers in her young heart.
Now an adult, she survives by accepting odd jobs here or there. The occasional sneak thief, she has been known to steal odds and ends for differing reasons. She might even be somewhat of a kleptomaniac. Though she vehemently denies this accusation.
Mar 21 2018, 09:37 PM
NAME: Manan “The Lost” Mooncalled
AGE: 354y
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Dragon; Heart Woodian Gold
HEIGHT: 10 Ft at shoulder
BUILD: Athletic; Not too terribly bulky, well-toned musculature
SCALE COLOR: “Rose” Gold
EYE COLOR: Pale Blue
APPEARANCE: Manan has a Rose gold hue to her scales, her horns, talons and teeth are white. The membranes on her wings, her frills and the frill from her nose to tail are all lighter in shade. She is lithe, her body made more for technical moves. She is a scrappy fighter though, and bears a few scrapes from her fights recently. She has frills at her jaw line, from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, and her wings connect on her back to the sides of her main frill down her back.

ABILITIES: Manan’s abilities are pretty straight forward, she can breathe fire, a little hotter than most, her flames called being of a blue coloring. She has minor Kinesis over what flames she calls, and even less over other flames from sources other than her breath. She can manipulate her flames to land where she wishes, to grow larger or to put it out and to coax them to different directions. Her ability strengthens like a muscle every time she uses it. She’s still getting the hang of manipulating other fires. Albeit somewhat more difficult, she can, using more brain power, coax it to grow higher.

HISTORY: Manan was born to two Heart Woodian Gold dragons who will not be named here. Manan Mooncalled, as she was hatched under the light of a full moon in her Aerie! Or so she was told by elder dragons. Her parents had died during a territorial fight with some HW Blacks. She doesn’t miss them much, she was very young, so her memory of them is fuzzy at best. She grew up well, learning to tussle and fight with the best of her peers. She showed a propensity for aerial combat, and once old enough was running missions around a small elven town in the Heart Woodian Forest. She unfortunately took quite a hit to the head when an older black drake took her to the ground, her head hitting a large boulder rather well. The black had taken her for dead, and left to rejoin the fight.
Manan woke with a fierce headache, and no recollection of who or where she was, or where she belonged. Since then the elves have dubbed her “The Lost”, and endeavor to help her remember what she had lost.
Due to the emotional turmoil of being around people who know her, but whom she does not know she has left on a quest to try to find herself, and form new memories along the way.
Mar 19 2018, 05:00 PM


I am Mikki! New to BTAC, but enjoying everything so far. Will update Avi once I've settled in some.

I have played for 10+ years, I fight in the Society for Creative Anachronism, I am an EMT, A sharp shooter, I like knives, swords, guns, I adore using my resources to the fullest. I speak several languages, German, ASL, Stupid and Sarcastic.

SO, if you need a resource for massive trauma to the human'ish body, lemme know I can tell you what would happen, what it would sound like, how it would smell, even how to KINDA fix it.....till ya get to a hospital....

I love Rping, it gives me a place to relax after a long day of bringing people back from the dead.
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