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Apr 9 2018, 01:40 PM
NAME:: Slankr

CONTACT:: post on the topic

WANTED AD:: seeking advice in regards to open thread

DETAILS:: So I have this character and I would like to make an open thread with her. Ideally some place with enough population spread over a wide enough area and loose enough security to make it street-kid livable. I'm hoping to start the thread with the character getting caught by a PC telekinetically pickpocketing an NPC and let it unfold from there.
Feb 24 2018, 03:45 PM

female/male (two separate souls, the body is female)


5’1”, short strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheek bones, petite over all. There is a small, red glowing crystal embedded in her sternum and her left eye is pure white without apparent irus or pupil.

Rough cloth clothing, small bag that hanges over the shoulder at the hip, four inch dagger sheathed in the small of their back

Sam and Samantha were once fraternal twin siblings, male and female respectively. They got along fairly well, never really having an issue with each other with Sam, who was larger and more impulsive than his sister, taking the role of protector on his sister's behalf and Samantha, petite and timid for the most part, taking the role of peace maker on behalf of her brother. They survived working odd jobs and wandering from place to place.

One day a human mage who was experimenting in methods of immortality captured them on the road and took them back to his lair for experimentation. Specifically, he was studying the potential of spirit gems and similar items to be used to preserve one's spirit for the purpose of reanimating a new body or to prolong the lifespan of the body one was in. At this point in his experimentation he had successfully preserved a human spirit in a heavily enchanted ruby and had developed methods of implanting the gems into corpses, but had always failed at fully reanimating the body. In order to see what would happen if his gem were implanted in a living body he drained Sam's soul into it and implanted that gem into Samantha sternum.

Their spirits, unable to overcome the instinctive sense of wrongness that they felt at sharing a body and, in Sam's case specifically forced to try to take the body by the enchantments on the gem, fought against each other for control and their body was racked with seizures, fever, and chills. For three days they fought with each other over the only body available to them. On the night of the third day the spirit gem, which was under tremendous pressure due to the ongoing conflict, developed a small crack. This gave both Sam and Samantha a new space for their souls to spread to, namely the area around them. With this sudden lack of spiritual confinement came an easing of the tension between their souls which, in turn, enabled them to actually communicate with each other rather than instinctively lashing out. Over the course of the next day they lay comatose as they worked to understand their new reality. Eventually they reached a point of equilibrium and, in the process, discovered that they were now capable of exerting force on the physical world with their spirits. Finally, on the night of the fourth day they woke up and looked around.

The mage, having assumed that they were going to die, had left in search of more “reasurch material.” Glancing at the ropes that bound them to the table they caused them to untie and allow them to sit up. Weak from hunger and thirst, it was an exertion of both body and soul for them to get up, eat and drink. Somewhat refreshed, they pulled themselves over to the door and awaited the mage’s return. Revenge was swift, easy, and all too quick. As the mage returned, empty-handed thankfully, they snapped his neck. They stayed in the house eating, drinking, and sleeping until they recovered, then they moved on.

Samantha is usually the one in charge of the body. She is still very quiet, but it's less out of timidness and more out of a desire to avoid unnecessary attention and a deep distrust of humanity. While she is not deliberately cruel she has a hard edge to her personality. Sam is still impulsive but his previous joviality and careless attitude towards life have been replaced with anger and a constant wariness. Samantha generally refers to herself/themselves as "we" were as Sam just refuses to reference himself/themselves if at all possible, and will use the phrase "this one" when he absolutely must.

Reiatsu telekinesis, reiatsu perception (can see and sense the purpose, if any, of reiatsu in the area, this includes sensing the location of all but the spiritually weakest beings even through walls), spiritual perception (can see ghosts, phantoms, concealed gods, concealed elementals, and other spiritual phenomena), reiatsu dampening (the energy of reiatsu attacks is absorbed, though only the weakest attacks are absorbed completely, the rest are only slightly weakened, by the crystal in their chest), longevity (they are rendered unaging by the crystal’s ability to absorb surrounding reiatsu and use it to rejuvenate their body), spiritual projection (one of them journeys far from their body essentially as a ghost, note that doing this reduces their other abilities to almost zero including allowing them to age while they are separated, though they will revert back once they are reunited), and a general propensity for learning new reiatsu abilities.

Overuse of reiatsu telekinesis or putting the gemstone in a position where it has been forced to absorb too much incoming reiatsu can cause a "lockdown" effect designed by the gem's creator to preserve the spirit inside the gem if it were at risk of being destroyed. This lockdown completely cuts Sam and Samantha off from both each other and their enhanced abilities for a period of time, longer if the damage is more severe, while the enchantments struggle to repair themselves and process away the excess energy.

Note that Samantha has more precision with their abilities, she can pick locks and pockets telekinetically for instance, while Sam can exert more overall power but is not capable of the same level of precision. Also, because the defect in the gem that allows them to function as they do is a physical defect it is not subject to the enchantments attempt at repair, similar to how defragmenting your computer hard drive won't repair a damaged drive.

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Feb 6 2018, 09:29 PM
Name: Simon Breckenridge

Gender: male

Species: Human - Greater Ghost

Will Turner from Prates of the Caribbean, but with a full beard, a long coat, and a tri-cornered hat.


As a Living Being (now deceased)
Proficient with the cutless, scimitar, or dagger, adequate with other bladed weapons, can create a small, highly focused raitatsu bolt from his hands of similar effectiveness to a real-world dueling pistol shot (though of much higher accuracy), and has a knowledge of sailing and sailing vessels that is both broad and deep (including, but not limited to, navigation, maintenance, proper provisioning for long voyages, and general sailor terminology).

Greater Ghost
May stay corporeal for an indefinite period of time, is fully physical for all intents and purposes (though unable to eat, drink, get sick or reproduce), capable of feeling both pain and pleasure, touching things, and handling objects, may change his body's density to phase through solid matter, hover/fly, and become translucent, while in the spirit world he has learned to create raitatsu shields, exert telekinetic forces, and create large blasts of energy, his soul has a trace of necromantic energy intertwined in it that allows him to convert necromantic energy into personal raitatsu, effectively healing him.
He can be forced into an incorporeal state or destroyed (sent back to the Ghost Realm or Soulplane to recover) by various physical or spiritual attacks and/or overuse of his own raitatsu abilities, can get tired and/or stressed out while in a physical state, and certain individuals are able to see him as a ghost despite his best efforts

God Ward of Linath
(Powers Granted)
Vast Reiatsu: while he remains a god ward of Linath he has access to a nearly inexhaustible pool of reiatsu

Call to the Living: Can be heard for just over a mile in any and every direction. Strikes fear into enemies and gives courage to allies (this effect is based on the true allegiance of the hearer and not the user's opinion of their allegiance (great for forcing spies to reveal themselves, is largely ineffective against those who haven't chosen a side).

Call to the Dead: Has the same range as the Call to the Living and compels spirits of every kind to gather under the leadership of the caller. It also brings the souls of those who have died within the range of the call in the last 24 hours back to the world of the living. These spirits then will either revive their bodies (assuming that the bodies still exist) to true life or to undeath (depending on the state of the body) or exist as a spirit. Spirits that come willingly or who have no real will of their own are strengthened and those who resist are weakened and forced to comply

Possession: can enter a body, living or dead, and take control of it. The living who have an extremely strong will or a high level of raitatsu control can resist possession, but are not always successful. If he gains control over a living body he has access to all the skills and abilities that the individual possesses but only very limited access to their memories. Very recently dead (within about two hours of death) bodies are healed and brought back to life but not reenhabited by the recently departed soul. When he leaves these bodies they become a comatose empty shell to either be inhabited by another wandering spirit or allowed to die again. Bodies that have been dead longer than two hours but that have not started to really rot can be reanimated but are stiff and clumsy for about two weeks after which they loosen up and move more normally. They cannot truly be brought back to life, but his spirit inhabiting them preserves the corps and prevents decomposition. Bodies that have been dead three days, or reached a similar level of decomposition due to environmental factors, can only be given even a semblance of life and further rot cannot be prevented. Movements will be clumsy and stiff so long as flesh remains on the bones.

Steel scimitar

(God Ward)
He has a blade given to him by Linath that is by default a five inch dagger but, when reiatsu is applied to it, it can take the shape of any sword from it's default dagger size to a nodachi (Cloud’s Buster Sword is an example of a nodachi), though maintaining any shape other than the default takes a constant input of reiatsu. The blade can cut both true flesh and spirit flesh.

Simon's story begins, as far as he knows, with his death. According to witnesses in the Ghost Realm Simon appeared one day in a cloud of necromantic magic his soul broken and his mind shattered, bairly strong enough to qualify as a lesser ghost. The residents of the realm rescued him and attempted to help him heal. While they were successful in piecing his soul together his mind never recovered, leaving him with little more than his name and a few skills from his former life. Despite, or perhaps because of, the rough beginning to his (after)life in the Ghost Realm, Simon embraced his reality with a passion, throwing himself into any project that needed doing, learning all he could about the world around him, and generally making a well-intentioned and often helpful nuisance of himself. Slowly, whether as a result of his exuberance, the necromantic impurity in his soul, or some strange combination of the two, Simon began to notice that instead of slowly fading away as those around him did he was actually growing. Eventually, over the course of decades, Simon's growth plateaued at the high end of Geater Ghost.

One day Linath swept through his area of the Ghost Realm searching for a worthy candidate for a new God Wardship. She quickly noticed Simon's undiminished soul and after a brief conversation, in which Simon would have urinated if such a thing was possible for a ghost, she selected him for the position of God Ward, bestowed him with a shapeshifting sword and charged him with the protection of all spirits, ghosts, and phantoms in the living world.
Jan 25 2018, 11:11 AM
Hagan Jotnar



Neutral good

10’6” tall and human proportions, relatively short brown hair and a full beard (the beard has red highlights that are difficult to see when not in direct sunlight). Dresses mostly in greens and browns and carries a pack on his back from which a giant-sized hammer and two-handed grain harvesting style scythe hang and from inside which metallic clinking noises can be heard when he walks.

Smithcraft mage: His innate magical abilities allow him to manipulate molten or heat-softened metal with extreme ease and on the most basic level (for example, if a forged steel item is cooling improperly and ruining the temper of the metal he can will the carbon to align properly so long as the item has not fully cooled), endure extreme heats (like those found in a forge) unscathed (though this protection does have limits (forest fire yes, lava pool no) and does not extend to the items he is wearing or carrying), has limited power over heat (can move small amounts of heat around or disperse the heat from a small fire into the environment), can sense the location, shape, and composition of metallic objects from a distance and through physical (but not magical) barriers, and manipulate the electric and magnetic properties of metals.
Giant: Well, he's a giant. Great size and strength
His magical abilities are centered in and around the forge and are very weak outside of it. Also, hiding is not an option.

In addition to the steal sledge hammer and two-handed grain harvesting style scythe hanging from his pack he also carries a pair of spiked boots, a set of steal greaves, a set of patchwork leather and gambeson armor for his torso and arms, and a pair of steal gauntlets.

Born in Nidvar, Hagan was and is very much an oddity among his fellow Jotun in that (at 10’6”) he is essentially a midget Jotun. Compounding his oddity was an unshakable fascination with smithcraft. After an incident involving an exploding crucible (no dwarves were harmed in the making of this backstory) his unique area of magic was discovered. After several years of study with the dwarves he set out on his own.
Jan 23 2018, 11:40 AM
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