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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Nov 23 2017, 06:40 AM

Name;; SilverHawk
Reason;; No time for RP
Estimated time gone;; A month or so
Nov 20 2017, 03:44 AM
Name: Accipiter (Axi)

Gender: Female

Species: Weredragon/Qilin

Age: 49 years old, Adolescent

Appearance, humanoid: Pale skin and shimmering Electric blue Eyes with cat-like pupils. Slightly pointy canines. As the moon Changes scales appear in a silver colour and deer-like horns appear close to her temples and teeth becomes fangs. Same flowing hair as in draconic form

Appearance, draconic: Bipedal, slender figure with deer-like horns but very pointy, Sharp fangs and piercing Eyes. Pale scales and a sleek shimmering body. Smaller body than other Weredragons but bigger than Qilin with big wings capable of flight. Big flowy mane and a long whip-tail.
Like a gigantic Qilin with fully scaled body and big wings and claws instead of hooves.

Breath Weapon: Cold flames (Ice)
Uncontrollable Cryomancy

1.7 Meters tall Humanoid (5.5 feet)
2.8 Metres tall Draconic (9.2 feet)
90 Kg Humanoid (200 Pounds)
270 Kg Draconic (600 Pounds)
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