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I love golfing, mountain biking, and table top board gaming as well as other creative mediums such as writing and teaching music. Most of all, I love traveling and hanging out with my son and wife!
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About:: I am Finance Manager that has always loved creativity through writing and music.
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Sep 20 2017, 11:47 PM
Character Name: Tuldul
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Kamine
Character Age: 100
Character Alignment: Neutral

Character Appearance: Tuldul is 5’ tall and has leathery, dragon like wings. He has one blue eye and one green eye with a pure white pelt. Being lucky enough to be blessed with control over the element of lightening, he has lightening blue streaks along his wings and back. He is also lean and extremely quick, looking like lightening as he attacks his prey.

Character Personality: Tuldul is a lonewolf that is trying to find his pack. He is protective of those who help him in his quest and will ensure they survive and are prosperous until they part ways or die. He never had an alpha personality but would be considered a Beta in many packs were he a part of them. Due to this, he has leadership skills when necessary but is definitely happy taking a back seat when needed.

Character skills/abilities: He has been blessed with the control over lightening. Due to this, he is extremely fast and strikes from the air before any ones what is coming. He is an extremely competent physical, gaining his strength from his dragon and his grace from the wolf.

Character Weaknesses/Flaws: He is lost without his pack and feels no purpose other than finding his family. He will only help others if it will further his end goal.

Character Backstory: Tuldul comes from Millirand originally. As a young pup, he was trapped by poachers and taken to the realm of Xaeri. Here he was traded to a slaver that only wanted him as a guard dog against sky pirates and other trespassers. Because of this, Tuldul had a dark period where everything he did angered him. One day, his owner took of his chain to chase several trespassers. Tuldul realized the opportunity laid in front of him and turned on his owner, taking his time to eat him from limb to limb.

Since then, Tuldul has traveled the world, trying to find his family while seeking vengeance on the poaching ring that ruined his life.
Sep 17 2017, 10:35 PM
Character Name: Hofnart
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Orc
Character Age: 50
Character Alignment: Neutral Good

Character Appearance: Weighing in at 240 pounds and being 7’2” tall, Hofnart, always saw himself as less than exceptional. To cover his self-doubt around his appearance, he has always garbed himself in clothing fit for a jester. This would include his pointy black shoes, burgundy red garments that are loose fitting and include a hood and cloak, and a leather chest piece (just in case something hits him the wrong way). He is more wiry than a typical orc, due to his upbringing, and has grayish green skin tone. He has kept his appearance quite clean, remaining clean shaven and still having pearly white teeth, lightly pointed ears, and dazzling emerald green eyes.

Picture curtesy of

Character Personality: Because of his upbringing, Hofnart has always been more gentle then is typical for an orc. He prefers to be the life of the party (even if he is quite terrible at it) and wants to be the center of attention. If people aren’t laughing, then he feels that he is not doing his job.

Being uneducated, he typically speaks of himself in the third person and tries to keep everything to a couple key sentences with simple wordings.

With all of that, Hofnart has found himself to be quick to temper when things don’t go his way and is starting to realize his own strength. He is still quite young for an orc and is still learning what being an orc truly means in society.

Character skills/abilities: Hofnart thinks he is quite entertaining; however, he is actually quite terrible. He is beginning to learn, however, that he is very talented with a broad sword and a club. "Given" a ruby red gemstone broad sword as payment for not performing at a royal wedding, Hofnart has diligently trained during his travels to become quite a swords master.

Other than that, he has the typical abilities you would find with an orc. He is extremely strong, can cover long distances in a short span of time, his tough skin is not easily damaged, he has a natural resistance to diseases and toxins, and has the ability to continue fighting even when mortally wounded.

Character Weaknesses/Flaws: One big weaknesses is that he believes his is quite a good performer and that he has successfully made a living this way even though people are actually paying him to stop performing or to not perform at all! As well, he is quick to temper when things don’t go right which makes botched performances and awkward setting most of the time.

Character Backstory: Hofnart was born to two orcs who were soon exiled from Bloodsworn (in Shi'vrann'aeli, a region in Evylon) for befriending and working for the elves. While on the run, his parents left him swaddled outside of Glymstar, hoping that he would be taken in. Luckily, a member of the royal guard found him and brought him into the city before the hoard chasing Hofnart’s parents could find him.

This elvish guard took pity on Hofnart and decided to raise him as his own, hoping that he could train Hofnart to be a fierce ally of the Elvish guard. When Hofnart turned 10 and was ready to begin his training, it was easy to see that he did not fit in. This caused a big issue with the elvish council and Hofnart was told that he had 1 week to find an occupation that fit his status or to leave Glymstar.

Hofnart, distraught, picked up several apples on his way home and began to juggle them. Children began stopping him in the street to watch this display. For the next week, Hofnart would continue to hone those skills each day with the children. When his week was up and he was called back in front of the council, they agreed to let him stay as a street performer, pursuant that he kept the children happy.

He kept up this performing act, expanding his skills to weapons, performances, singing, etc. until one day, the council informed him that his services were no longer welcome and he had to leave Glymstar. Only knowing how to perform, Hofnart decided to find other jobs requiring him to jester and perform for court. For a few years, people would bear through his performances until one year he was asked to perform at a royal wedding.

Upon showing up, he was quickly asked to leave by a member of the royal guard before he was able to perform. When Hofnart asked why, he was told that his reputation was quite generous compared to his actual skills. Hofnart got angry at this and took the guards gem sword and started to walk away. The guard threw a rock at Hofnart so he would stop. Hofnart simply turned around and said, “Hofnart take payment. You no like, Hofnart squish head. Hofnart leave now.” With that he turned and left. He has been traveling the realm since, attempting to perform in whatever tavern will accept him and accepting side jobs as part of various mercenary troops while in regions that truly know how “skilled” of a performer he is.
Sep 17 2017, 06:56 PM
Character Name: Navrun
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Sarka
Character Age: 1,800
Character Alignment: Neutral Dark

Character Appearance: With typical Sarka features for an elite marked one, Navrun can be found with flat, ebony colored scales. Worshipping Gurthril, Sarka can also be seen with several distinct red stripes that travel up the left side of his face in the color of a dried, burgundy red blood. Standing at 13 feet tall (at his shoulders, he is one of the taller sarka and is roughly 52 feet long. Adorned with scars across his left wing from a fight with a blue dragon, Navrun is relatively unscathed elsewhere.

Character Personality: Navrun has, like all Sarka, an extreme hatred for dragons and their kind. However, unlike typical Sarka, Navrun has begun to believe that his kind may be wrong in their view towards other races. Typically an isolated race, Navrun believes that partnering with other species will help bolster their ability to eliminate the dragon kind. Because this view is so different compared to his normal brethren, he tries his best to keep this a secret, ensuring he may still carry out the will of his god without being exiled for his beliefs.

Character skills/abilities: Navrun has all of the deadly tools that make Sarka so deadly: The jagged barb at the end of his tail with a deadly neuro toxin, a deadly shriek, 16 massive talons (4 on each paw), extremely sharp fangs, 6 sharp talons on his wings (3 per wing). Navrun is considered one of the best fighters of his kind and has mastered the ability to phase his prey. Navrun also has the ability to control the element of fire to his bidding.

Character Weaknesses/Flaws: Due to his willingness to partner with additional species (except dragon kind), Navrun is often too trusting. As well, Navrun isn’t the greatest with social interaction and queues due to his isolation for so long.

Character Backstory: For the first 700 years of Navrun’s life, everything was normal for this Sarka. He grew up in Millirand, hunting small dragons and humanoids to survive, never having interacted with another Sarka. At the age of 750, Navrun felt a draw to the city of Mortuun’Daro. Upon arriving, other Sarka quickly noticed the deep red markings on his face as well as his sheer size and noted him as a marked warrior for Gurthril.

This point in time changed his life forever. From here on, he was sent on various missions to perform what he believed was Gurthril’s bidding. At the age of 1,550 he was sent on a mission to take assassinate a blue dragon that had landed in the Ryukun mountains. Upon arriving, he quickly located and attacked the blue dragon; however, his left wing was badly damaged while making the final blow with his tail barb causing him to be unable to fly.

As the neuro toxins were taking its course, the Blue Dragon landed beside him, ready to finish off his attacker. With both of them engrossed in their hatred, neither noticed the party of elves that arrived to also kill the dragon. After finishing off the dragon, the party of elves aided Navrun by healing his wing for thanks in his assistance. It turned out that prior to that morning, the Blue Dragon had laid waste to their village, killing most in his path.

At that fateful point, Navrun decided that it only made sense to partner with other races to ultimately eliminate the dragon kind. Having their assistance would ensure not only his safety, but the future of his kind. When Navrun arrived back at Mortuun’Daro to inform his peers of the successful mission, he quickly learned that his race’s inability to see past these other races as merely food would hinder his endeavors. To this day, he has not told the whole story to his kind and works with other races in secret to ensure that he is not banished.
Sep 16 2017, 09:13 PM
Character Name: Kage
Character Gender: Male
Character Species: Halfling
Character Age: 26
Character Alignment: Neutral

Character Appearance: Weighing in at 60 pounds and standing at a height of 3’6”, Kage was always one of the smallest in his clan. Under the hood and face cover he typically wears, one would find a clean shaven young man with brown hair, olive skin, and icy blue eyes. He is often found in all black shrouds with a bit of blue as seen in this rare picture captured below. He always has his dark steel short sword by his side and has several daggers hiding in various nooks and crannies of his outfit. Well not an official member, Kage has an onyx faction gem that he wears under his shrouds at all times to remind him of his past.

Picture curtesy of

Character Personality: Kage is typically very withdrawn and introspective. When he communicates to others, it is solely because he is in need of something from them. He sees others as an impediment to his work and would much rather work alone when possible. Due to this, he has alienated himself from many that would otherwise be allies and this isolation has affected him. He is awkward when interacting with peers and easily agitates when his method is not the one chosen.

Being an assassin has also lead to him having very little empathy when a peer is injured or someone is killed. Murders fascinate him and he studies them to learn new techniques were possible.

Character skills/abilities: Kage is extremely dexterous and leverages acrobatics to get where he needs to go. He has a knack for finding entrances that are not seen by the naked eye and prefers to never use the “front door” if he can avoid it. Kage also is extremely good at sneaking around and prides himself on his ability to blend into his surroundings ensuring he is not seen until he wants to be.

Character Weaknesses/Flaws: He is extremely slow to trust which has caused a rift between himself and others he has worked with. This is a great weakness for him as it often leads to him working solo on assignments that requires a team. As well, he cannot turn down an opportunity for money. This has caused issues as he will often take on more work than he can chew, leading to dropped contracts and many after him for failed jobs.

Character Backstory: Born in Alubria, Kage grew up in a family of 7, with 3 older brothers and one younger sister. From an early age, it was clear to see that Kage was the runt of the family. For years, he trained in secret with a master of arms in his village named Kenshi so that he could stand up against the bullying of his family and prove his worth. At the age of 9, Kage witnessed a horrible event.

His father, the only blacksmith capable of forging dark steel swords in the area, refused a contract to a criminal enterprise. Because of this, they sent a member of the Onyx to take care of this issue and acquire any remaining weapons that were made. When the assassin arrived, Kage was forced to hide under the floor boards of their house while his family defended their belongings. It was not long before his family was cut down brutally, but not before his father dealt a final death blow to the assassin.

Kage, mentally numbed by this situation, took his father’s dark steel blade and the assassin’s onyx faction gem and fled from the scene, not stopping until he reached an isolated cave located in the mountains far from his house. There, he stayed for 6 years before braving the world to track down the men that hired the hit on his father. After brutally slaughtering the criminal ring, he left the region and now travels the world looking for a purpose and contracts to keep his coffers full.
Sep 16 2017, 05:54 PM

I just got through the application process and am happy to join your ranks. Wanted to give you some facts about myself as we start this fun journey together!

My name is Justin and I go by Hiltabilly online. I am 30 years old and am a finance manager for a company in California. I love to mountain bike and relax on the beach or in the mountains with a good book in my hand... but my big obsession is around table top board gaming. I love to be taken away to other worlds and escape from reality while playing various board games, miniature table war games, and fantasy RPG's like D&D. I love to create worlds and bring things to life so to say.

With our crazy son, my wife and I have not had a chance to play at a table regularly for some time so we have been looking for substitutes. She has been huge into forum based roleplaying for a long time and figured that it would be a blast to give this a shot. I am new to this type of role-playing environment but am excited to learn and develop some great plots and stories with everyone!

Thanks and look forward to partnering with all!
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