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I always keep my room clean and tidy, or else I go a little crazy XD I hate clutter, and if there is dust on my remote, i will spend ten minutes cleaning allll of them with rubbing alcohol and q-tips until they shine like diamonds. I also dabble in digital art, but im not very great yet. So if any of you ever want some free arts to help me get some practice in, Im your gal ;)
I looove reading, writing, and tv shows! :D Seriously, I watch them all the time. There is a fine line between habitual show watching and obsessive binging, and I have crossed so far over that line that it waves at me from Cuba XD My favorite shows are Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural. Also occasionally Grey's Anatomy, lol. My favorite book series is probably the entire Shadowhunter collection, including Infernal Devices, Mortal Instruments, and Dark Artifices. And I always check Kresley Cole's Facebook page for news about my other fav series, WHICH SHE NEVER F*&*$_@ FINISHES... Ahem... I also love spaghetti?
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