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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Computer games, Reading, Movies (mostly horror or animated) and cooking.
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About:: I'm a little shy but once I get to know folks I'm a little mad hatter!
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Sep 24 2017, 09:08 AM
Name: Jitto Solaris Nox

Gender: Male

Flight: Can fly for a day solid before he needs rest.
Can enchant weapons
Can summon swords of light that while they do no damage to most they can pin people down for a few minutes.

Specie: Avian

Age: 70

Appearance: 6 foot tall, slightly tanned skin with pitch black hair and wings, he has various scars on his body from fights and the latest runs down his neck with some rudimentary stitching.

Backstory: Jitto is quite the adventuring type, partial to using a broadsword to defend himself the scars upon his body are tales along with his past he will rarely tell to anyone. He often finds himself in the same situations over and over again, defending some person or another from something, he hates being called a fallen angel which he is often referred to due to the fact his wings are black.
Jitto was brought up with his father as the main role model and his fathers swordsmanship was a prime example to Jitto as he grew up, his mother however was more the healing type and she had her own influence upon Jitto and both his parents influence are very much visible in what he shows he knows.

Item(s): His enchanted broadsword.
Sep 4 2017, 12:38 PM
Name: Nymr

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon (Western) Heartwoodian Black

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A fairly large dragon about 5ft high, her scales and wings are a similar hue of deep pitch, horns upon the top and beside her head curve to frame it slightly and deep ruby red eyes, her insides and maw glow a simular red hue to her eyes. Upon her wings, down her tail and the back of her legs are also spikes a smokey grey color tinge to them sharp enough that she uses them for defense when she can.

Personality: A wild one to say the least, she has lived a fairly recuse life so her knowledge is limited to that of other wild dragons and her own instincts, proud of her looks and herself, she's rather brutish.

Paralyzing bite and acid.
Mental strength - She uses the strength of her mind to break anything she wants to hunt
Physical strength - Knows when and how to throw her bulk around, her wings are likewise powerful and can use them to force things back.

Her fear of being bonded or mated, her pride wouldn't allow it.
Her pride- She hates, with a passion almost as intense as her poison, having her beauty diminished in any way say scarring, or anything dulling her scales.

History: A wild dragon through-in and through -out, born to a wild pair of dragons she was told as a hatchling to stay away from humans by both her parents. She'd had the horror one foul night, to see her mother fall to humans trying to get at her, thankfully at the time her father had returned just in time from a hunt to save her, but her mother was slain. As soon as she knew how to fly and hunt herself she lay low from human contact though she learned the basics of their dialect and hunted mostly at night, she grew into a fine female and often found herself chased after by males only to fend them off.
Sep 2 2017, 01:38 AM
Yeah as yet I haven't found somewhere for Maud,

Name: Narvail
Character Name: Maud
Alignment: Dark / choatic
Items: Enchanted sword (makes it catch of fire upon her command)
Species Lich
Character info link:

I didn't know where she could go and wanted to see if anyone might fancy meeting her some point. Trust I've been reading and looking at all your lovely rps but didn't want to interrupt etc.
Aug 7 2017, 12:36 AM
Name: Esther Stormwind

Gender: Female

Species: Were-dragon

Appearance: Human form
dragon form

Personality; Typically a happy, go lucky person with a cheeky prankster side when she's in a good / happy mood. When she's angry enough she can completely switch out, almost Jekyll Hyde kind of situation, she can be consoled and calmed by people she trusts enough or if given time to calm she will.


Either form:
Draconic shift - shift from dragon to human form and human to dragon form. somewhat painfu, can change at will but more likely when angry and at the time of full moon.

Camouflage: Low-tier manipulation of wind to conceal / hide herself can appear mist or smoke-like

Suffers from Rage at times, so has to be very careful with her anger especially around the full moon cycle.

Draconic form:

Flight: Short periods of flight just better than a glide, her lighter bone structure and manipulation of air / wind enables brief spurts of flight.

Human form:
Voice: Light and typically cheerful, until she's angry enough then becomes grumbling and growling in nature

Weredragon allure: Her general appearance, and typically light-hearted nature make her an easily like-able person.

Side-note: The fact that that can switch out for a darker side, that not many will see unless she is angered or turned darker for instance by something or someone.
Aug 5 2017, 01:53 PM
Name: Maud (pronounced Mawed)

Age: 1200

Race: Lich

Gender & Orientation: Female | Anything (Male, female, beast / demon)

Personal possessions: Sword that she has empowered with the ability to catch fire; dark, fell or regular.

Personality: Calculated at all times, she will be cold to anything she deems unworthy of her attention but anything that could threaten her she will avoid. She will always try and side with similarly dark creatures.

Appearance: Without her glamour, she looks like a corpse, with her glamour she's got blonde hair with porcelain skin in either form she has got green eyes, though in her Lich form they appear to be on fire. She typically has her glamour in effect when seen by anyone mostly to see what they are and their mannerisms, she is not afraid to use it to her advantage when she can.

Back-story: Once a Sorceress that spent time within battlefields defending the soldiers and herself, when she was growing up her skill with magic; changing the shape of objects with her mind, summoning something from a distance aka sword, arrow etc. the sword; both single and double handed, and bow where marvelled upon, her father being the captain of the Kings-guard helped her perfect her skills and gain a bed in the castle. She passed by the Kings sorcerers one evening and felt a power within her and they decided to teach her their ways letting her test the full premise of her abilities with magic and she was a very powerful spell-caster.

One day after many fights, with which she had earned the respect of many in the Castle, she heard her sister was gravely ill, going to see her and hearing from the Doctor that nothing could be done she did, what many had warned her about, she looked into the darker more arkanine arts, it was then as she performed the magic hunched over her sisters bed, she unleashed the power accidentally opening a portal to another realm her mistake resulted in her being taken over by a Lich Queen.

Her pros and cons: She can be appealed to use her magic for helping people, though it'll always cost them some (if not all) of their freedom, her wisdom is reflective of her age and she usually finds a way to turn things in her favor. Her cons; She's weakened slightly in daytime her weakness lies mostly in those blessed by light as such she can be tortured with it and if she's undefended and worn down enough she is more likely to use her power in whatever way that anyone asks her to.

Lich Queens backstory pre being summoned by the human: Power and feed, that was what drove her, her realm was rich in souls of the damned that she could feast upon. Time had changed her, as unlike all the other Lich who existed she used hers to learn from their mistakes, seeing how they were destroyed and discovered for what they truly were, she also learned the error of being too power hungry, even she herself suffered the occasion where she was banished from a host, she had gone from a mere Lich one among many in the army of the variety of daemons that tortured souls, to being named Queen by her fellows, her power was the main drive behind their choice it seemed to her, in reality her mind was the main drive. She was capable of so much more than the average Lich, she could create monsters using whatever she had to hand, be it bones, rock or anything else she could shape into a form and imbue with her power, making it come to life with only her will to drive it, its mind would be set on one thing, keeping her from being captured or otherwise.

One fateful, day, as time passed in the world of the mortals the Lich Queen felt the words that opened their world to the mortals being chanted, their power ripping the portal between open. She, filled with fury went to see who dared to seek that power over life, only to see a powerful witch at the foot of a bed of someone who was passing, their soul practically begging to end it all. She smiled and quickly took the foolish witch from her chair and possessed the body for her own, only to feast upon the soul of the dying upon the bed, it was with that she became Maud and she opened the portal further letting as many daemons as wanted to slaughter the mortals around, on the promise the mortals souls were hers to do with as she will.

Necromancy, Shape-shifting / changing her glamour; Wolves and lions or similar creatures are her specialty, she can change her glamour but uses a soul she's consumed to do so.

Mind-control / manipulation; Anything weak of mind she will try if she feels she needs to do so, perhaps to use them later, perhaps to just entertain a fellow dark creature.

Fire; Dark / shadow fire she can manipulate and harness. Fell-fire actually heals her, and she can make it in small doses when need be. Regular fire, she can manipulate using it for mostly torturing others.

Magic; She can summon items aka swords an arrow etc to her side, she can make something cursed aka items or to some extent people.
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