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Feb 18 2018, 02:19 PM
Name: Kierah

Nicknames: Rah

Gender: Female

Age: 245

Race: Demon; N'vaen

Hair: Crimson red with teal blue

Eyes: One pale purple and one violet.

Height: 6'2

Personality: Kierah is a very go with the flow sort of woman, believing that strength is power, whether it's through magic or physical prowess. She has a drive within her to become as powerful as she possibly can be, and to earn the status that comes with such feats. She loves spending time with men, sometimes more than one at a time. She is also a none stop flirt, even with women, despite not being interested in women in that fashion.

Powers/Strong Points: Kierah is a Psion, having trained to use her mind as a weapon fully. But she also knows the importance of being able to protect ones self physically in battle, especially when you have more than one opponent, so she has also trained and is evenly skilled with a sword.

Weaknesses: Her twin brother Damiahn and their connection. Since she balances her abilities between physical and magical, she has bad tendencies to leave herself open in the middle of battle if she's not paying attention and trying to use her magic.

Clothes: As they appear in the picture.

History: Kierah was born with her twin brother Damiahn, and their parents learned very quickly that the twins had a highly sensitive connection. When Kierah feels pain, Damiahn can feel it, and vice versa, and they have the ability to speak telepathically to one another. This was all discovered time as they grew older. The only thing they didn't seem to have in common was the ability to use magic.

Kierah, when she hit adolesence, began to show her aptitude for being a Psion. Accidentally messing up some other's Demon's minds pretty bad. And of course, she started training with it for battle, but she didn't want to just focus on magic, and also learned how to use a sword to defend herself. Meanwhile, she saw her brother becoming a power house, focusing on his ability to fight physically, and only on that, since he had no magic.

As they got older, they started to train together, learning how to benefit each other on the battle field. Then it was a matter of making sure they could hold their own decently on the battlefield as well.

After that is was a matter of applying what they had learned to actual battle. Which she did, sometimes alongside her brother, sometimes not. She also made sure to at least in passing, meet the other N'Vaen who were keeping up with her and her brother in power and status.

Body Type: Curvy, slender.

Marks: She has a scar on her face from a previous battle, along with a tattoo just above her left eye.

Feb 18 2018, 02:17 PM
Name: Damiahn

Nicknames: Dame

Gender: Male

Age: 245

Race: Demon; N'Vaen

Hair: Crimson red and teal blue.

Eyes: One pale purple and one violet.

Height: 6'2

Personality: Damiahn is much like his sister, Kierah. He goes with the flow and believes that strength is power. He has a personal drive of becoming one of the most powerful N'Vaen and receiving the status that comes with it.

Powers/Strong Points: Damiahn is skilled at using two handed swords, his favorite being the equivalent of a double edged meat cleaver.

Weaknesses: His twin sister Kierah. He also is much slower than fighters only using single handed weapons, or smaller weapons than his two handed swords, making him easier to hit on the battlefield.

Clothes: As they appear in the picture.

History: Damiahn was born with his twin sister Kierah, whom he has a strong sensitive connection with. When she feels pain, he does as well, and vice versa, and they can communicate telepathically. This was discovered while they were children. When they reached adolesance they began training to join the army of the War kingdom and during this time it was discovered his sister had the ability to use mental magic, and he had no magical abilities to speak of. So they went separate ways in their training.

He began training to use large two handed swords, and how to protect himself with them. Then when they got older he and his sister began training together to learn how to benefit each other on the battlefield, but still focusing on fighting solo, as they were following their aspirations. His specifically being to become a chosen of the Lord of the kingdom.

As of current times, he has proven his metal, in many training matches, and in multiple skirmishes with the other kingdoms. He has also proven he is smart and cunning on the field and off. During this time he also made sure to make aquaintances with many of the other Demon's who were as powerful, or even more so, than he was, even meeting the new lord, Undyne.

Whom of which he fought in quite a few skirmishes with Famine in. A couple of them Kierah being with them as well.

Body Type: Muscular and athletic.

Marks: He has a tattoo around his right eye and a scar.

Feb 17 2018, 03:46 PM
Name: Selinsa

Nicknames: Sel

Gender: Female

Age: 46

Race: Liniah

Hair: Long and shimmering red

Eyes: Lilac

Height: 5'

Personality: Selinsa is quite the go with the flow sort of girl. She loves meeting new people, especially those of different species, as she believes that knowing more about the other species will help her kind in the long run, even if other's of her kind disagree.

Powers/Strong Points: She is a Summoner, able to summon animals at will.

Weaknesses: She is not able to fight physically, having to rely on her summoned allies to fight for her.

Clothes: Selinsa wears a royal purple dress that has an outer layer that is lilac flowing down into a blue hue. She has plenty of jewelry and different types of trinkets that she wears. Her pride and joy are her earrings and hair clip.

History: Selinsa was born as any Liniah is born, to two other Liniah blessed by the goddess Nirni. As a young girl was was fascinated with clothing, of all kinds, and the materials they were made from. When her mother began to teach her how to sew, she very quickly found not only did she enjoy creating new clothes, but found an interest in seeing what other materials she could make clothing from, some more successful than other's. When she reached 34 years old, her father was killed in a hunting accident.

After that she wanted to see about getting the strongest possible material to make armor out of, aside from the normal. Upon coming to adulthood, she set out on her quest, not knowing where it will take her.

Nin: Her Nin is a cat with curled ram horns, three tails, and claws that don't sheath completely, so are always visible. The cat is grey ocean blue, with lilac stripes, and ice blue socks on its paws.

Body Type: Lithe, slender.

Marks: N/A
Feb 7 2018, 05:25 PM
Name: Branka Spirit-Speaker

Nicknames: Bran

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Race: Orc

Hair: Crimson red, not shaven, and in multiple braids, but not dreadlocks.

Eyes: Purple

Height: 6'0

Personality: Sweet, kind, and cheerful, but serious in matters of the tribe and things related to the spirits.

Powers/Strong Points: Branka has the ability to speak with spirits and receive glimpses of the future from them to advise the Chieftan of his actions and where they are going to lead if he doesn't change them.

Weaknesses: She can't do any physical fighting since she's never trained to do so.

Clothes: She wears a simple grey dress with a light green cape/tunic.

History: Branka was born into a poorer family of little status, but that didn't matter, since Branka was discovered to be the next Shaman of the tribe. She started her Shaman training when she was ten years old, the same year her sister, Sorsha, was born. Being a Shaman in training left little time for Branka to enjoy time with her family and to get to know her baby sister, but that didn't stop her from trying. She was quite a troublesome student, sneaking off to help take care of her baby sister, and help her mother, especially when their father died. He had died in battle attempting to earn a spot within the Elite Guard, but she witnessed as he made her baby sister, Sorsha, swear to take his place and to actually earn their family the status.

Of course, being stricken with grief over her father's death, she begged her baby sister to not go out seeking the position their father did, but of course, Sorsha didn't listen. By now Branka was nearly an adult and her teacher, the then current Shaman of the Doomspring Tribe, was on his death bed, so she had had to take a more serious tone with her training and preparing to become the next Shaman of the tribe. And that was just what she did. Several years later, her sister came to her with a young male Orc named Dwilliom, saying that they were in love and wished to be married, which she happily did for them. She was also the Shaman who got to happily marry the Chieftan and Chieftess of the Tribe.

Now she happily continues serving as the Shaman of the Doomspring Tribe.

Body Type: Slender and curvy.

Marks: She has three stripes painted on each of her cheeks.
Feb 7 2018, 05:23 PM
Name: Latrona

Nicknames: None

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Race: Orc

Hair: Orange mohawk with a simple brain that reaches her mid back.

Eyes: Teal

Height: 7'0

Personality: Latrona showed everyone a side where she's fun loving and sweet, which isn't necessarily that much of a facade since she does. But she has a deep seeded ambition, to become a Warlord. This of course gives her a whole other side of herself, that most the other Orcs she socializes with do not see. She knows she is still young, and is just biding her time until she can shine, to rise above the rest.

Powers/Strong Points: Latrona fights with a two handed claymore, causing her to be a bit slower of a fighter, but also means she packs that much more of a punch.

Weaknesses: She has a very short sighted goal, which will likely lead to her early grave. Despite being friendly with other's, she doesn't get attached to them, and views them as tools to throw away in her scheme. Being slower on the battlefield gives her a huge issue against faster opponents.

Clothes: She wears a scarf around her shoulders and a tube top with simple pants and boots.

History: Latrona was born to a farming family, poor, but rich in family, however, she has not been nearly as family loving as the rest of her family. She is not happy with the life she was born into. She believes that she was born for greatness and to lead her family into a more powerful status. She also wishes to make changes within the tribe, and she knows that she can only do that as a Warlord. When she came of age to start training to fight, she made a silent vow to herself, that she would become a Warlord, and make the changes she planned to.

She was still quite young with the Doomspring tribe was attacked by the Order, and she nearly became separated from the tribe when the Chieftan, Dulgrub, decided that they needed to relocate, but she presevered.

Body Type: Muscular and curvy

Marks: Scar on her left cheek and painted marks on her eyes.
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