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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Today at 01:14 pm

Name: Kalojan
Alignment Neutral Light
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf / Icemarkian Hybrid
Appearance: Kalojan appears mich as he does above, standing at an impressive height of 6’11” (Image Credit). He has a voice like Stefan Kapicic
Personality: For pirate scoundrel, Kalojan is mostly polite, jovial and friendly. He considers his friends extension of his own family, and treats them as such. He does engage in piracy, but has a rule of leaving unarmed people unharmed,children especially. If you prove his enemy, Gods have mercy on you, as he will meet you with the full brunt of his ferocity.
From his Icemarkian heritage, he has an extreme tolerance near arctic levels of cold weather. It is also from this proud heritage where he gets his skills as a swordsman and axe-thrower.

From his werewolf heritage, he gains superior strength and almost lupinine levels of hearing and sight. Either at will or when particularly angry, he can access a semi-werewolf like form where his nails become claw like, his teeth sharp, and increased bushiness of his hair (think like Fenrir Greyback or the Benicio del Toro Wolfman).
With his Icemarkian blood, he has a major intolerance for any temperature beyond what might be considered a taiga or subarctic forest. Anywhere else would increase his potential for heat stroke.

He also has limited control over his wolfman form as the respective lunar powers turn into a full moon (or the equivalent in Realms with multiple lunar bodies). He would become more dangerous and more animal like.
Signature Weapon(s): In most cases, he wields a curved sword similar to a Russian shahska in tandem with an almost Norse bearded handaxe. If lack traditional weapons, he'll rely on his wolfman form’s fangs and claws.
Brief History:
Kalojan was born in the outskirts of where the icy north of the Icemark meets the taiga-ridded south border. His parents were once members of a village in the north within the edge of Icemark. That all changed when his father was bitten by a wolf during a hunting expedition. It soon became apparent that Kalojan’s father was a werewolf. Afterword, the couple were banished by the fearful village people.

Kalojan was conceived and born shortly after. He inherited the wolf's strength, power, and ferocity. Like his parents, he was shunned by normal society. As he grew into a man, he took a life of thievery and piracy to make a life for himself. He will now be found sailing the northern seas of Felnova.
Jun 9 2018, 08:55 PM

SETTING: Tatakai, Kurai; near the Stormtoss Sea
WEATHER: Fair Conditions, a tad windy

TIME: Alternate, non-canon timeline parallel to current.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Ragana (Viz); Khrisstopher, Jhessikha, Xavier, Angicilia (Nix)

Hunger. Thirst

That's all she could feel. How she cursed her mother for allowing such a curse to be borne to her. Ragana travelled along the coast of the Stormtoss Sea, in the woodlands. She was much a creature of wanderlust, but she had an agenda. She saught a way to escape the accursed Realm she was abandoned in. Her mother had spoke of her birth place, in a Realm called Felnova. Ragana would be released, free of the chaotic land of demons and hellbeasts. Someplace new to spread her wickedness. She was aware of the Hellgate at the War Fortress

Yet, there were more immediate, pressing concerns. Being born of her unique heritage, she craved blood. Her vampiric mother granted her this, as well as the demonic father she did not know. A Lethaos of the War kingdom, cursed to crave blood. No substitution would derive either. Water was toxic to ingest, and mortal food offered nothing.

Golden eyes searched for prey. Nothing. No hellwolves crying to sky. No small beasts. She could feel her lust for blood scratch at her sanity. She may have had the form of a woman, but she was like a lioness stalking the deer. Yet at last, she heard her salvation. The loud sounds of children nearby. Weaklings, easy to pick off. The risk of potential parental defenders was worth it to her.

She moved closer to the sound, sticking to the dark parts of the woods, waiting for the moment to pounce...
Jun 5 2018, 10:16 PM

Name: Vahan
Gender: Male
Alignment: Light
Species: Forest-Kin Xeriin(Tortoise)
Appearance: He appears to much like the above, a bipedal tortoise / land turtle-like being of roughly dwarvish height (credit to Moize Opel). If he was played by any voice, he would sound like Elijah Wood
Personality: Vahan is often described as rather shy, but kind. He will be one of the first to defend his friends and the innocents. When not at the ready for combat, he can usually be found in the nearest book depository with some sort of literature. Due to his relative youth, some might label him a tad naive.
As a xeriin born with the traits of a tortoise, Vahan is a durable being his shell acts like a natural plate armor, able to shake off most normal blows.

With his training in the Vystrian knighthood, he is a capable warrior and fighter.
Even the greatest armor has its weaknesses. Vahan’s own natural armor is no different. There are gaps in his shell where his limbs and neck respectively meet, and can be exploited. His shell, if cracked also takes long to heal and can even cause him severe injury because of the interconnectivity between his shell, spine, and ribs.

Similarly, like the terrapins he gained traits from, he is also not as agile or quick as his compatriots. That is not to say he cannot run, but simply his physiology is not geared to run as fast as a typical humanoid.
Signature Weapon(s): Though trained in swordsmanship, Vahan prefers the use of a two-handed warhammer.
Brief History:
A couple generations ago, Vahan’s grandparents were among a small caravan of Forest Kin that immigrated to Felnova from Xaeri in hopes to find prospects not afforded to them in their homeland. Eventually, this resulted in Vahan’s birth.

From a young age, he was enthralled by the knights of Vystriana. Inspired by their deeds, and a lot of convincing, he enrolled in the squireship program. For years he toiled, advancing from Squire to Junior Knight, and eventually graduated into Knight of the Order of the Lion.

However, only a few months in, Albronel was raised. Vahan was out on an assignment far from the capital. In time following, he roams the countryside of Vystriana, aiding the innocent where he can and assisting his Queen’s orders when called upon.
Jul 19 2017, 10:43 PM

Name: Dahak

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon (Heartwoodian Red)

As above (art credited to @Verridith), is what he currently looks like after the experiments on him by the Faction. Sounds like this.

Before being broken by the Faction, Dahak was a dragon loyal to his kind, if a bit rough and fierce.

After his warping by the Faction’s experiments on him, he has become rather cruel, nihilistic, and psychopathic. There is willingness to destroy almost anything if he’s handlers command it.

As a Heartwoodian Red, Dahak is strongly connected to the elemental power of fire and magma. As such, he tends to attack with a breath of searing fire, or heating earth into burning magma.

As a dragon, he has many things going on his side. He is physiologically immortal, though could die from severe wounds. He has the ability to fly, and is built to be a physical threat as well as an elemental one.

As a creature of fire and magma, Dahak’s natural weakness comes in the form of overwhelming elemental water and ice. Such would neutralize any of his fiery powers.

In addition, his mind is broken, and makes him unpredictable, and can sometimes hinder his capacity for reason. Relatably, the Faction has also fitted him with a collar that binds him to their will.

Brief History:
Dahak was born in the lands of Evylon, in the volcanic lands in that Realm’s western reaches. He came from a long line of metalworkers, known for using their mastery over fire and heat to help shape steel into wonderous sculptures, weapons, and armor.

As of recently, he found himself in the Realm of Felnova, selling wares. Unfortunately, he soon saw the fall of Albronel, and managed to evade capture for a while. However, this was not to last, eventually captured by Faction forces and taken back to the rebuilt fortress for experimentation and enslavement.
Dec 16 2016, 04:52 PM
@Verridith (Blazeh)

SETTING: The base of Mount Hari in Kidochi.

WEATHER: Cold and clear; the moon shimmers high in the starless sky.

TIME: Current! Noon.

Ragana (Vizier), Vladimir (Blazeh)

- ~ -

Ragana looked out into the vast, white-against-red land before her. The dead trees of Kurai had always held a macabre sort of beauty for the half-breed sorceress. She was currently out in the woodlands of her home, at the base of Mount Hari. She was seeking out one of the flowers that bloomed in the hellish landscape. All flowers of Kurai were poisonous, and the witch had use of them. Not to kill, but enough to paralyze. It made the hunt for blood all the more easier. One prick of a dart, a victim would be powerless to her ensnaring of them.

She lived in such a remote area for good reason. She had kept to herself for the most part. She had centuries of life behind her, and likely centuries ahead. Because of this, she did not want to make herself too known until the time was right. With the death of the Demon King, everything has turned on its head. It may be the appropriate time to exert more force and will upon others.
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