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Nov 1 2016, 10:25 PM
Character's Name: Jano Wraithsight
Nickname: None
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Western Dragon - Albino

Perhaps his most remarkable ability is his ability to See the future, however, he has almost no control over it, what he Sees or when he Sees it. He could be in the middle of a conversation when it happens, and he will be rendered completely immobile if the vision is very significant and he wont move when this happens. His pupils will widen so much that his eyes will look almost entirely black and he will get a blank stare on his face. Along with the Sight, Jano is very skilled with Healing and Light magic. With his healing skills, he can heal some of the most life threatening of injuries with some difficulty. The downside to this is that it completely wipes him out and drains him fiercely if it is too bad of an injury. While he is magically strong, he is not very strong physically, though he can be, and is, fast with his slim body and wide wingspan, he is built for flying.

Jano is a fairly small dragon, standing at just 6 and a half feet at the top of his head, if his ears are standing up, he comes to 7 and a half feet tall. He has a long, slim body with long legs and tail, easily reaching 15 feet in length from nose to pointed tail tip. His scales are small and not great as far as natural armour goes, they are pure white, some a slightly darker shade giving him very faint tiger-like stripes along his body. He has a light, fluffy mane that is also white that starts at the top of his head between his long black horns and runs along his back to halfway down his tail. The fur is thin, semi-translucent white in color and stands on end, sticking out at odd angles. He has long ears, as mentioned above, that are rabbit like, the left one has a small tear near the base with a simple gold hoop earring just above the cut. His eyes are blood red with thin slitted pupils, the sclera of his eyes is very faintly pink. His horns are black and about a foot and a half long, they curve back, and then slightly up towards the end. His claws and the arrowhead at the tip of his tail are also black. He has a small tuft of fur on his chin and jawline, originating at his ears

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Adorkable. Like so fucking adorable cute and an awkward sweetheart. Think of the most Hufflepuff to ever Hufflepuff and that's him

He comes from a line of Albino Seers, he is just one of many. The name ‘Wraithsight’ passed onto each generation with the gift, and he is one of the strongest Seers his line has seen in a very long time.
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