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» Genevieve Fauxblume, [x] human || female
Ginny, Genevieve Fauxblume


Ginny is a short, pixielike thing, with a short crop of brilliant rose-red hair. She's only four and a half feet tall, has light hazel eyes, and a spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Despite her petiteness, she has a sharp, disciplined way of moving and a voice that could stop adults dead in their tracks. Ginny has a particular love of valuable gems and, while she stores most of them away where they can't be stolen, can't resist wearing a pair of ruby studs in her ears. She otherwise wears simple forest-friendly garments; tough leather boots, cotton trousers, a long leaf-green tunic embroidered in a dappled pattern, and a small fitted cloak with a copper clasp. The inside of the cloak is filled with pockets that contain all manner of strange things. In addition to all of this, she carries a small dagger strapped to her calf and a bow tailored to her size, fletched with robin and swallow feathers.

Ginny is not shy. At all. On the contrary, she is remarkably self confident and a touch arrogant, much to the despair of customers trying to take advantage of her age. She takes fierce pride in her lineage and independence, keeping a scroll with the various members of the Faux bloodline inscribed upon it. Despite these bold qualities, she is not unfriendly and prefers to help rather than harm, though she is not above a grudge. She does have morals, however, and has never actually killed a person before.

Ginny was born during the peace between God War and the Demon War, as daughter to Rohan. She never knew her mother - she was taken as a babe as soon as she was weaned - and raised for the first seven years of her life by the redheaded youth. After that, he left her in the care of an elderly couple and joined the royal guard. The young girl was furious; she ran away less than a fortnight later, taking her few possessions with her.

In that sense, it was extremely fortunate she found an old cottage in the first mile of the woodland near Albronel. It housed an ancient woodswitch, who took the foolish child without any questions. Over the next five years, Ginny became an unexpected apprentice, until the old woman's death. Saddened but practical, Ginny buried her in a flower grove outside the cottage and took over the witch's business, travelling for short periods over the next three years to collect rare and valuable goods. She became known in and among the classes of Albronel, serving nobles and peasants alike.

While she liked to maintain a neutral identity, Ginny loved intrigue. Stories of change, of far-off battle, of rebellions an revolutions ignited her imagination. She would always trade a tonic for a bit of entertaining gossip. As a result, she had become something of a go-to for knowledge of political affairs. Such dabbling led to interesting connections, and for a fifteen year old pixie, she's not afraid to use them.

Anything to survive... well.

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