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 Remeira Swordsinger, [x] drow || female
Remeira Swordsinger; Betrayer; Redeemer; Harbinger

Eighty; human equivalent of roughly twenty-five.

Remeira is one of the younger Drow bloodline, with dark, charcoal skin, white hair and smoky red eyes. She stands quite tall at six foot two and is all slender, hard muscle from decades of swordplay. While she typically ready for battle at any given time, there are a few specific items that are always on her person:

- her sword; named De'Bryska, it is a very well-known blade in Vystriana. Forged in the old city of the Drow beneath the earth, its body is of enchanted jade sharpened to a razor edge, with a golden hilt into which is set a robin-sized ruby. It is a hand-and-a-half blade and its sheath is plated in golden scales from her former dragon, Saudi.
- her necklace; a pendant with a coin-sized, roughly hewn sapphire on one end, blessed by Scylla. Supposedly it has a ruby twin carried by a demon prince, but it could just be one of the many legends surrounding this character.
- her cloak; less a treasured item and more a factor of her appearance, Remeira typically has a cloak of pure white buckled over one shoulder, its folds covering her back from ankle to neck. The reason for this is to conceal an immense tattoo that details six wings in different positions of closed or open. The implications of this tattoo are described below.


Remeira is attractive, and she knows it. Her skill with swordplay has broken many young men's assumptions about women and warfare, and she flirts outrageously with anyone she chooses. Her tendency to choose controversial lovers has led to a great deal of trouble, as detailed in her history. But aside from using her purely physical qualities to cause mayhem, Remeira is by far my most emotionally developed character.

On the surface she exudes a powerful confidence, underlined with a faint contempt for everyone else coupled with a strong drive for competition. She will often seek out conflict for conflict's sake, enjoying the savage high that comes from doing battle. However, Remeira suffers from a profound sense of loneliness. The loss of Saudi hurt her far deeper than she will admit, and she has been searching for a very long time for some way to fill that void. Her guilt for Caele leads her to do things inexplicable to those who aren't aware of her past, often at the risk of death. Finally, the fact that she is already, technically, dead, has led Remeira to do abandon what consideration she did have for her personal well being, making her more reckless and dangerous than ever. These are wounds Remeira has buried very deeply, so deeply that only those who know intimately of her past would be able to find them. Invoking them will ensure a fight to the death.


Remeira has a long, very long, and very busy history. She's been known throughout Vystriana for a number of things; a fearless, bloodthirsty warrior, a savage murderer, an (incomparable) lover and, last but not least, a traitor. At eighty years of age, roughly equivalent to a human twenty-five, she's fought in three separate Wars and died twice. Those that know of her are never entirely sure whether to welcome or kill her on sight.

It began when Remeira turned on her kind and destroyed their oldest city below the Bloodstone. Bitter with hatred over their rejection of her and old, unresolved grudges, she slew the elders and collapsed the caverns. Saudi, her ancient draconic ally, began to doubt her sanity when this occurred. When Zacyn declared war on Vystriana and Remeira took his side, Saudi began to turn to Caele, and as a result a rare thing happened; the dragon had two riders. When Remeira slew Caele in his sleep, Saudi struck out at her, and was slain by Aeris, who was, at the time, Remeira's lover.

Caele, upon his recovery, declared his hatred for her and has been Remeira's sole weakness all these years. Out of a twisted sense of guilt and loyalty, she has been trying to make up for her crimes more to him than any other soul throughout the Realms.

Remeira was taken captive by Kairn shortly after, and 'slain'; her soul was then given corporeal form and used as a weapon. Under Kairn's orders, Remeira slew the King of Vystriana, Narath. With the help of Aeris and Scylla, Remeira broke free from this enchantment and has been on the run from Kumo and his like ever since. She has 'died' again during an encounter with a Mythkin, when her soul required rejuvenation; however, as she does not have a body to lose, she cannot actually pass from normal means.

Remeira went on to take on a new faction which dissolved during the later half of the Demon War; she did so in order to gain Verridith's pardon, which she achieved at the conclusion of the War. Seeking to hide her identity from those that would wish her harm, Remeira adopted the name Harbinger and hides her face and sword from all that would recognize them.

Legends/Deeds of Note

- The Second Snakekind War
- The Destruction of D'issan
- Slew Caele
- The War of the Mad God
- Hunter of Kairn
- Slew Narath, King of Vystriana
- Battle of the Mountain
- Harbinger

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