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 Kumo Whiteshadow, [x] human || male
Kumo Whiteshadow; Soulreaper; Ward of Time

Kumo, while human, has been gifted with slow aging. As a result, while his face is unlined and his hair retains its youthful color, it is hard to pinpoint his years. Most put him at twenty nine or thirty, but there's really no way to be certain.


Kumo is a blonde human man at just over six feet in height, with blue eyes and short hair. He is lean and muscular, and scarred over his back and chest from numerous battles. He is typically dressed in black pants, boots and a wool sweater plated over the breast and shoulder with dragon scales. He generally avoids cloaks - they are a hassle in battle - but has been known to don a hood once in a while. A greatsword five feet in length and a foot wide is strapped to his back, white as bone with cloth strips wound around the grip.

Noteworthy items;

- The sword; Kumo is a Reaper, and his blade is his weapon of choice. If it encounters a wandering soul, the blade will dispatch it immediately to the Soulplane, or absorb it if it resists. During battle, it can be ignited with a white fire, and supposedly there is a dragon soul locked inside that has never submitted to the Reaping.

- The artifact; Kumo eschews jewellery of any sort, but he wears a tiny glass prism on a golden chain around his neck. It will usually be hidden beneath his clothing. This prism is capable of magnifying a person's soulbeast - that is, the animal incarnation of themselves - and giving it corporeal form. Its exact origins are known only to a few, and Kumo has become the undisputed bearer of it and its power.


Kumo is not a nice person. That is not to say that he is cruel, but he tends to get irritated quickly and does not enjoy children or childish people. He rarely stays in any one place for long and calls nowhere home. Kumo is a restless man, often craving company but deserting it almost immediately.

Before he had the task of Reaping, Kumo was a lighter boy, eager to prove himself in battle. That ended when Time chose him to find souls avoiding death and deliver them properly to the Soulplane. After the chaotic release of half-dead creatures from Kairn's reign, Kumo has had to slay everything from small children without a clue of what was happening to them to raging monsters incapable of wondering. The tiring experience of fetching souls and their resistance, coupled with living beings' fear and hostility towards Reapers, has made him extremely reserved and cautious. He does not open up easily, if ever.

The exceptions to this lie in those rare souls he calls family - not friends. Shyun, Repentance and Nagase are among the very few that he will trust implicitly. He avoids Linath and Time wherever possible and opens despises the Gods, though he is careful to never actively commit sacrilege.

Kumo is a man twisted by guilt and driven by duty. He will never relinquish his task without fair cause, and does not believe in sharing it. He has never told another living being of what he is, although escaped souls will recognize his nature on sight. Beware to those that do; once he knows of your existence, he will hunt you down with the relentless tenacity of a bloodhound. And you will die.


Kumo was formerly an Albronelian, raised with aspirations to become a knight of the Talon. He served briefly in the militia before finding Shyun and joining him in a number of adventures, including the Battle of Heartwood. When the Zacyn's War descended upon Vystriana, Kumo disappeared - in truth he had taken to exploring in the peaceful interlude between the Serpentkind's attempt on the Crown and Zacyn's madness. Thus it was that he found himself between Realms when the heavens turned against the earth.

This part of the tale was never revealed to friends or family; a small bound book tucked into a pocket of Kumo's clothing supposedly holds the details of where his blade came from, its name, and the adventures he had whilst alone in strange places. All that is for certain is that he returned when Kairn was falling, and, as he did so, was found and charged by Time to find the lost souls and return them to where they belonged. Doing so invoked Linath's wrath, as the Goddess of the Soulplane believed Time to be infringing upon her power. This fury extends to Kumo, as he has often stalled her plans by returning a soul she granted asylum to without mercy for the cause.

Kumo stayed apart during the Demon War, aside from helping Shyun free a number of souls trapped by the rebelling Ibenia. Once completed, he withdrew from the sides of battle and carried on with his task, and has been seen throughout the land, carrying on with his endless duties until Time at last frees him to die.

Legends/Deeds of Note::

- Served in the Battle of Heartwood
- Served in the Battle of the Queen
- Served in the Rescue of Nagase
- Slew Remeira Swordsinger
- Tasked as Ward of Time; Soulreaper
- Slew the Mages of Ibenia

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