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 Basilius, [x] Yorijan Dragon; Starwhal || Male
Name: Basilius

Alignment Light/neutral light

Gender: Male

Species: Yorijian Dragon (Starwhal)

Age: 340 years (equivalent to 20 years)

Size: 65ft long and 10ft at the shoulder (Yorijian form) 6ft (Mythkin form)



Basilius is a natural shapeshifter and as a Starwhal has the ability to shift into any species within reason. But this ability does have limitations, mostly the fact that he keeps an aspect of his true form, namely his colouration.

To shift from one form to another Basilius first needs to know the race that he is shifting into well enough to picture the form he wants to emulate. This can be done by either having contact with the species in question or if there are detailed artworks, sketches and other writings from which he can accurately picture the race.


Basilius can create and hold various illusions that look pretty good if he doesn't say so himself. While admittedly not even close to being as good as a kitsune Basilius still has a good talent and can create complex enough illusions to fool most people when needed. He can also "loop" and illusion, meaning that he can set an illusion in place over a person and it will stay there for a certain amount of time even if his focus turns elsewhere.

For Basilius, creating an illusion is not dissimilar to shifting. He first needs to have a good mental grasp of how and what he is creating an illusion of.



This ability, while widely useful, does have its drawbacks. He cannot copy the abilities or powers of the race he is shifted too and holding a single form for too long often causes discomfort and he may need to either return to his natural form or change into another race for a time.


This ability while powerful enough for most situations does have its flaws. One of them being that he needs to "refresh" a looped illusion every couple of hours. He also is slow to create the illusions in the first place as they don't just pop into being. They first have to be created in his mind, then he has to consciously weave them into being and this can be more than a little time-consuming.


Yorijian Dragon Form

Basilius hatched from the pearl Tyrian purple in colour, he has two long "whiskers" that run from his nostrils and almost reach his shoulders and dark rich red eyes that are flecked with gold. His legs are short and sturdy and his body is long, wingless and slimly built, nonetheless, he has well-defined muscles. Upon each foot, he has five clear talons and ribbon-like fins run along his body and two large sail-like fins upon his tail. All of his fins have a faint wave-like pattern running over them in just a slightly different shade of purple to his body.

Mythkin Form

Tall and leanly built with an athletic frame, Basilius's hair keeps the Tyrian purple colour of his scales, the same goes for his dark red eyes. However, he uses his illusion abilities to alter both into the correct shades and to give them the right metallic sheen that is needed.

His hair is long, just passed his shoulders, and he keeps it tied up in a tight bun at the base of his neck.

He has small, curling lines under his eyes, in a silvery version of his natural Tyrian purple colouring and these become great curling swirls, almost smoke-like in form, across the back of his neck, upper back and down his arms. His skin tone is pale, with a slight bronze tone when he has been out in the sun for a long time.

He carries two short Dark steel xiphos blades when in this form, both sheaths strapped crossways on his back.

Dressed in light Dark Steel chainmail and dark clothing with a heavy overcoat of charcoal grey. Outwardly he appears and acts like a Mythkin from the Nightstriker clan.

Primary Mythkin Animal Form

Basilius takes on the form of a Rabbit Mouse with Tyrian purple and faint smoke like curls of darker fur across his body. A small form, his body is around 40 cm including his tail which is haired and has a distinct tuft at the end with has speckles of darker fur in the lighter Tyrian purple. This form has two advantages, one it is easy to climb, sneak into places and squish into small nooks and crannies that might otherwise be overlooked. Allowing him to go unnoticed into many places where he can overhear important conversations.

Secondary Mythkin Animal Form

Basilius's secondary animal form, the one he uses when he needs protection is that of the Honey Badger with Tyrian purple fur and silvery stripes. Loose thick skin, short sturdy legs with five razor-sharp claws, powerful, short, jaws this form is one that isn't messed with lightly as it is built to take punishment and still be able to fight on, able to wiggle around within its own skin to get at an attacker.


Basilius and his twin sister (who is older, but not by much), went into the service of the Calypso at a young age. His main duty was to travel the Realms and lands to bring back news of what was happening to the court and the Calypso. This he did happily and soon earned the trust and good faith of the Calypso.

But then the Faction rose declared war on all of dragon kind. Cities fell quickly and soon Basilius was called back to Yorije, finding himself standing beside his sister, in a secret meeting being asked if he would be willing to go and join the Faction of Hope as a spy. The objective would be to get close to Nina and send news back of Nina's movements and impending attacks.

Although well aware of the risks and the consequences he agreed to take on the form and identity of a Mythkin, the thinking being that fewer questions would be asked of his motives and fewer were to feel the need to check deeply into a Mythkins background and join the Faction.

From there onwards his training started. For a year he was taught the Mythkin language and about their culture, ways, ceremonies and general greetings and movements as well as daily weapons training to bring his skills up to the level expected of a Mythkin from the Nightstriker clan.

Then just as before Albronel fell he and his sister travelled to Vystriana and joined the Faction. Appearing to be perfect members, loyal to the cause and to their leader Nina. They lived, breathed and sweated their way into the close circle around Nina herself, along the way earning themselves the dubious reputation of being greatly loyal and fearless warriors for the cause.

Once close to Nina their work really started.


Basilius is a serious, sturdy, intensely focused and dependable person who takes the logical step in everything he does. With a dry, sometimes sarcastic sense of humour which he rarely trots out. He often brings an overly intense quality to conversations due to his strong focus on what is being said.

This often causes a person to be pinned to the spot they are standing and as he focuses on them it feels a lot like he is staring into their very soul and it can and does unnerve people. This unnerving feeling is not helped by his apparent ability to shut down all expression in his face when he wants to keep his emotions to himself, which is often as he hates giving anything of himself away.

However under the serious, and rather coolly logical exterior there lays a far more complex person than he lets the world see. Warm-hearted, loving and loyal towards his people and his sister and those he trusts he is far kinder and understanding that one would take him for upon first meeting him.

Twin Sister: Rhona Starwhal

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