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 Adrian, [x] Dark Elf (Younger) || Male
Name: Adrian

Alignment light

Gender: Male

Species: Dark Elf (Younger)

Age: 500 (equivalent to 25)

Size: 6ft (Elven form), 7ft at the shoulder (Drakyn form)



During his childhood and early teens, Adrian had no idea that he was a druid. He trained with the other children, practising to master his swordsmanship and general live a normal life of any other Younger Drow child. But this wasn't to say that he didn't suspect that he was somehow different as no matter how much he tried, he always felt out of place for no good reason.

It wasn't until he came of age and shifted into a rather large Drakyn. His first shift happened during a training session and it was not very pleasant at all especially as it was quickly decided (after some testing) that he was a druid, able to shift his form, "speak" with animals. Although this speech is more of a deep and very accurate understanding of things that have affected the plants environmentally and the sharing of basic thoughts feelings when it comes to animals, rather than true speech. He also found that he could 'sing' plantlife into growing in a way that they will it to although he can only sing/will one plant at a time.


Adrian has always been a seer, but one of little power. Upon finding this out he received some training for this ability on how it can be used in battle. Trained to be able to view short flashes of the future, nothing more than about 20 seconds ahead of the Now. These mini flashes do not overwhelm him and he can use them quite effectively in a fight if there is only one opponent, things get a little tricky when there is more than one and because of the concentration required to focus on both the now and the visions he can get easily hurt if he isn't careful when in a melee kind of situation.



Adrian is still a fairly new druid, as far as druids go and while he does have great abilities as a druid his own personal flaws sometimes (often) get in the way of him truly mastering his power and becoming a great druid.


Not a hugely strong ability in the first place, Adrian was trained only in how to use this ability during a fight and nothing beyond that meaning that this ability isn't really useful unless someone is trying to stab him.


Elven Form

Adrian is tall, with bright golden eyes and curly white hair that he keeps in a state of constant unruliness. Adrian's skin is dark and has a warm undertone to it, which makes his white hair stand out. Upon his right cheek, just below his eye, there is a small scar that he got as a child.

Handsome, graceful, he almost always has a warm smile on his face. Adrian has long limbs and had delicate seeming hands and if you see him from afar you would not think that he was in fact anything other than a peaceful man.

As a Younger Drow, Adrian prefers dark colours but, because of him being a druid is also rather likes green. Finding a middle ground he wears clothes of dark green, so dark a green that it could almost be black but not quite. Because of the traditional upbringing and because of his personality, Adrian has inner and outerwear. His outerwear is a long robe that is held closed by wooden toggles down the front. With a large weatherproof hood and a tall Sikrin wood staff. Garbed like this he appears to be your traditional druid.

But underweight the robe he wears a white shirt tucked into a pair of well fitting pants and black boots, a short xiphos blade hangs from his hip and there is a dagger hidden in his left boot.

Drakyn Form

When Adrian transformers he turns into a really large Drakyn. His head is that of an eagle, with two horns growing beside his tufted ears. His front paws are lionic in nature and his rare legs or dragonic and scaled. His tail, although scaled, ends with a small tuft of feathers. His fur, scales and feathers are black with silver stripes barring his wings and tipping his feathers. His eyes remain in the same bright clear gold.


After finding out that he was a druid, Adrian left the city of Aehryn and made his way to Vystria where he found, after much looking, a druid who was willing to show him the ways of druiding. For about a 100 years he stayed with the other druid, who was named Ben, who helped him gain control over his abilities and be more aware of the land and how to connect with it. But unfortunately, old habits die hard and soon told that he was never going to make a very good druid if he didn't let go of his old cultures ways. Namely that he needed to lay down his weapons. But being still young (only around 19'ish) he wasn't there yet. So the druid deemed him big enough to go make his own mistakes, thinking that this would encourage him to grow.

Ben was right... just not about the letting go of some of the more Younger Drowish ways that Adrian had. Instead, Adrian grew into a fierce protector, willing to thump anyone he deemed to be in the wrong over the head.

Confident, warm to most until pissed off, young and still looking for adventure, Adrian is an odd mixture of overly battle ready Drow and calm nature-loving druid. Happily embracing his flaws, Adrian stands tall, confident in his odd humour, witty remarks and ability to kick butt when needed. Which is possibly more often than is necessary. A good druid to have in your corner if things go sideways he is a loyal and supportive friend and doesn't hold a grudge.

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