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 Phobius, [x] Avian || Male

Name: Phobius

Gender: Male

Species: Avian (Harpy)

Age: 23 years old (born on the 12th Day of Elen)


Height: 5’6” || Weight: 131 lbs.

Phobius is somewhat tall, and with a slender build that lets him move with ease both on land and in the air, the latter of which he tends to prefer. He’s also feathered, like most of his kind, and his plumage resembles a fox kestrel's; it’s reddish-brown streaked with a much darker brown, though the undersides of his long, narrow wings are lighter in comparison. From his waist up, the plumage thins, gradually giving way to the fair, featherless skin of his neck; likewise, his face is that of a human's, its features kind and effeminate. Thin brows arch above his long-lashed eyes, their irises a warm shade of amber; then there's his thick head of hair, its locks as red as leaves in late autumn. It's long enough to drape itself over his shoulders, and he keeps it in a big fishtail braid, leaving it loose so that he can weave small, sweet-smelling flowers into it whenever he wants to accessorize.

In all other aspects, Phobius isn't that different from the average harpy. His wings and arms are separate entities, but his legs and feet are like a bird’s, with hooked talons that are perfect for gripping and tearing into things. He also has a tail, as well as pointed ears that his hair tends to hide from view.

When it’s particularly cold out, Phobius will sometimes wear a scarf or even a light cloak, but most clothes don’t fit him right, so he doesn't bother with them if he feels he doesn't have to.

Personality: Phobius is a gentle, kind-hearted soul who has neither the stomach nor the proper skills for dealing with violence. Seen as quite the emotional deviant among his kin, he prefers to end fights rather than start them and is keen on talking out problems instead of resorting to force. He's incredibly social, and enjoys bonding with all sorts of people, ignoring language barriers and the like in favor of finding a new friend. A hard, somewhat lonesome early childhood has made him dependent on the presence of others, and he is quick to cling to those whom he deems safe and friendly. He's incredibly loyal and loves to help others as well as to keep them happy, willing to go to foolish, even dangerous lengths to make it so. It's this dotage, however, that acts as a great flaw in his system.

Eager to please and serve, Phobius seems to have no problems with taking orders. He unquestioningly trusts others and accepts their every word as truth, unless some powerful hunch tells him otherwise. As a result, he is incredibly gullible and easy to manipulate. He knows the difference between right and wrong and can easily tell “good” apart from “bad,” but it'd only take a smooth-talking stranger to convince him to act in a way that might conflict with his morals.

As far as mental abilities go, Phobius, bluntly put, has the mind of a small child. He's slower at processing things and doesn't necessarily act his age, stuck in a limbo that rests between maturity and immaturity. His attitude is also very childlike, prompting him to react in situations much like someone of his mind's age would; he's quick to run from danger, is easily distracted, and will often cry if he's feeling overwhelmed or scared.

History: Phobius was born in Ereinlen, outside the purportedly “safe” walls of its cities. His mother and father had hoped to raise him in the Forest of Ghosts, where they themselves had lived for years out of fear of persecution, as the myth-Kin seemed to hate their kind almost as much as other xeriin did. A few months after his birth, however, his father disappeared. He was a trader, and it was normal for him to be gone for days at a time while he was out selling his wares, but when weeks went by and he still hadn’t returned home, Phobius’ mother started to fear the worst. Not wanting to risk the safety of their lives any longer, she decided to take Phobius and flee Xaeri. Felnova was the only other Realm that she knew of, and it seemed just as dangerous with its warring factions, but those who’d fled from it told her of a stronghold that still stood within it—one called Vystrania, that was ruled by a great draconic queen. Feeling desperate but hopeful, she traveled to the war-torn realm, eager to find the stronghold and make it their new home. When she arrived, however, she quickly became overwhelmed. She had never been alone in a new place before, much less with a small, defenseless child; how was she supposed to be able to support both of them?

The future was suddenly daunting, and with each passing day, Phobius' mother began to dread it more and more. Word of mouth then reached her of a mysterious orphanage in the mountains, and she arranged to meet with someone who could take her there; her anxious, fearful mind had convinced her that she wasn't fit to raise her son on her own. Promising him that she would come back for him, someday, she left him in the care of the orphanage’s owner. It was the last time that he ever saw her, and not long after, he lost what few memories of her he had. Nevertheless, he enjoyed the time that he spent in the orphanage. He was never adopted, so he never left, and when he was old enough he started to work as a nurse, in an effort to both help the children and repay his home for all that it had done for him.

Abilities: Phobius can manipulate light energy and use it to heal certain wounds, as well as ease the symptoms of mild illnesses and soothe others’ tempers, instilling a sense of calm in them.

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