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 Tian'er (aka Tian), [x] Faegryph (Gryphon) || Male
Name: Tian'er (Tian for short)

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Faegryph (Gryphon)

Age: 200

Size: 51 cm (510 mm or 20 inchs)



Tian'er has regenerative healing abilities. Something that is quite useful when you are the size of a small cat in a big and scary world. He can and does get wounded however his ability allows him to heal from quite serious wounds although the amount of damage does mean the time it takes to fully heal can vary.

Natural Abilities

As a Faegryph, Tian'er has some natural, none magical abilities, namely great speed and stealth as well as the abilities to become all but invisible in most areas. These abilities are what he relies on most as they are what he is most comfortable with and used to. Using this ability to the utmost is what has kept him alive in most of the dangerous situations that he has on occasion found himself in.



Tian'er has the ability to heal, but while a useful ability it is not omnipotent. If he gains bad enough wounds or enough serious wounds over a short time (aka before they have a chance to fully heal) he can be killed. He can also feel the pain from any wounds that he get so even if he heals quickly he can still debilitate by the pain of the wound for a time.

General Weakness's

Due to his size and general lack of offensive magical abilities, Tian is not a fighter even though he has the heart of one. As Rocs and other un-magical races are, Tian is vulnerable to magical attacks.


As a Faegryph, Tian'er is small, light-boned, with the head of a shining, malachite sunbird. His feathers are a shimmering green that glitters as he moves with an electric colour that is very eye-catching. These feathers continue their way along the centre of his back and tail, giving him a brilliant green streak along his body. His wings are also green but with darker tones mixing in his flight feathers.

Tian'er's body is that of a squirrel, his fur is a dark earthy brown but it has a green shine to it that matches his head, shoulders and wings. His front paws are squirrel based rather than the normal avian-based limbs.

Tian'er almost shines at times with the metallic sheen that his feathers and coat has and often brings to mind emeralds and other jewels.


Far back, before the world fell apart (again) and the Faction rose to power, there were two Dwarven brothers, one, Burah, a devout follower of Balion the other, Furnah, a mean and greedy man, filled with hate of his more fortunate and liked sibling. Out he had led his brother into the woods, luring him with lies of a newly found gold vein. Deeper and deeper they went, closer to the deep ravines and caves that littered the land at the foot of the mountains a grin upon his face, not at the idea of gold but at murder.

Burah, hoping that maybe he and his brother might patch things up, their father gifting him and not his brother with all their wealth and mines had turned Furnah against him many years before, and even though he had offered many mines and tried to share the wealth his brother had seemed bitter and pushed away his offers. Creating a divide between them that he had so often prayed to Balion to fix. Maybe this was the way that they would once again come together as brothers.

But it was not meant to be, led deep into the feet of the mountains, Burah was startled when his brother turned suddenly on him, pulling free a small axe, hate twisting his features into an ugly mask. Not a fighter, Burah fell backwards from his brothers first blow with a startled cry alerting a nearby Faegryph that something was amiss in the forest. To young and curious to know much better, he ignored the startled shrieks of the others as they flew up and away, deeper into the forest. Instead, he flittered through the woods towards the sound landing in a large oak that overlooked the two brothers, one upon the ground, hands raised in pleading and the other standing above, arm raised and axe ready for the final blow.

While not understanding all that was happening, the little Faegryph still knew the look of evil when he saw it, the look of a hungry hawk about to rip into hapless prey as this had happened to his sibling just the day before. As he looked on he felt a strange feeling in his little breast, it caused fierce rolling burble to escape him and without much thought he found himself diving down towards the hawk-faced man, small claws ready to attack. Landing on Furnahs face he flapped his wings wildly and scratched at his eyes and let off as large a battle calls as he cold feathers bristling with righteous fury at all preditors that snatched siblings from the air.

Startled by the sudden attack Furnah stumbled backwards dropping the axe, as he tried to pull the angry Faegryph from his face. Back still further he went, now nearing the edge of a deep ravine, pulling the Faegryph from him he threw it against the nearest tree, he brother called out to him but he just spat out angry words and took another step backwards, trying still, to get his balance back. But a step too far, his foot went over the edge of the ravine and with a last cry, he went over the edge.

Stunned at all the had happened Burah, sat upon the ground his shocked stare shifting between the ravine edge where his brother had been but a moment ago and the axe that still lay upon the ground close to his foot. Slowly the sound of cheeping filled his ears and he stood, going towards it. There at the foot of a tree, he found the little Faegryph, hurt from the blow against the wood, it lay in a crumpled heap a small cheep escaping from it.

Realising the great cost the little thing had given to save his life he Burnah bent and scooped up the little thing and knelt upon the forest floor. Holding it close he called out to Balion he asked him to save the life of the one that had saved his, asking the god, begging him as patron of the dwarves to look with favour upon a creature so willing to save one of his loyal subjects.

Balion heard Burah and looked down upon the creature, seeing heart filled with good and a fierce spirit that loved life and was persistent and optimistic. A life worthy of saving, a life given bravely even when but a simple creature of the forest. So out reached Balion and with great care, gifting the little Faegryph with the ability to heal, so that he might continue to live bravely in the future and with a Divine Gift so that he may truly know awareness and conscious of thought.

Awakening the little Faegryph knew awareness of self, knew the common tongue and knew that his names were Tian. Blinking at the new world that he had stepped into he looked around and was amazed at the world, turning to Burah, he knew that this man thing was a dwarf and that he was the one who had pleaded for his life to his god Balion.

With this though words of thanks came easily to his mouth and he wondered at that as well. For he had never spoken before. From that moment on, Tian became enamoured with learning, of wanting to know all that he had not been able to know before. So he took to travelling the realms learning all that he could.

Tian is a brave, lion-hearted creature and won't back down from anything. He is optimistic if sometimes realistic being who is always willing to be supportive shoulder to any who needs one.

Loud, boisterous, he has gained an odd sense of self-deprecating humour and a small sarcastic streak (well... relatively small). Slow to getting truly angry he none the less can give as good as he gets in an argument.

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