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 KEPT IN SHADOWS, [x] Felris || male
Name: Kept in Shadows (for short: Kis)

Gender: Male

Age: 73 y.o. (physically 27 y.o.)

Species: Felris

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5'9"

Appearance: Kis is not as tall as his fellow Felris, and that might be because he resembles a melanistic jaguar, a type of large wild cat that is known to be stocky and small, but no less strong. He stands at 5'9", with a stocky, muscular build with a v-shaped torso and wide hands and feet. He is surprisingly agile and light on his feet. He has jet black fur with black spots that are only seen in direct light. He has "hair" which is just longer fur from the top of his head, down the back of his neck. He has large pale yellow-green eyes and a broad, noble face. His facial expressions are generally pretty lax, looking placid or curious. Very rarely is his muzzle bunched up in anger, where sharp pointed canines can be seen. He has a relatively short tail that curls up slightly at the end.

Kis tends to wear dark colors, although not always blacks- such as deep burgundy, purple, brown. He prefers dark colors simply because of his profession. Kis carries alchemical satchels and other small pouches on his body, as well as a couple of strategically placed dagger holsters. All of his person is covered by a long dark purple traveling cloak. He doesn't need boots because he has large digitigrade cat feet instead of plantigrade humanoid feet. His hands are a mixture of humanoid and cat-like, with paw pads and claws on elongated, five fingered hands.

Abilities: Supernatural ability: Kis is naturally strong as a werecat subspecies. In fact, there are few things that are stronger than he. His size does not belly his strength, having dense and compact muscles that can exert more strength than might be expected. He is not the strongest of Felris however, since he relies on more agility and stealth than strength. Kis is almost completely silent on his feet, his pads making no sound on the ground that he walks on. He can see in almost complete darkness. So long as there is some light source, he can use his large cat eyes to reflect light to see, although it'll be in a greyscale and not full color. He has amazing cat-like balance and can land on his feet more often than not.

Magic: Kis uses his reiatsu to perform various spells that he has learned from scrolls over the years. He can turn himself temporarily invisible, he can use telekinesis to move objects around the room or briefly grapple someone to make a get away, he can increase his speed and jump height to get to places he needs to be, and he can read texts in runes/languages he cannot understand. He can use reiatsu to find objects or people that he knows about, picturing them in the back of his mind, that image getting clearer the closer he gets. He can use illusionary spells to change his appearance or create false objects to fool all but the most perceptive. He's basically a grab bag of random, but useful tricks. Obviously, the longer he maintains these spells, the more taxing it is. He is cautious enough to not overdue it.

Poison/Daggers: When not relaying on reiatsu, Kis is skilled in poisons and daggers. He is a self-taught alchemist/herbalist, and creates his own poisons and other remedies from recipes he found in scrolls. He does not poison to kill, just to subdue, except he can be very deadly with the accuracy of his knives. Kis does have venomous fangs as werecats do, and if he needs to defend himself at that range, he will. Both his teeth and claws are strong enough to pierce dragon scales. Unlike werecats, as a Felris, his claws do not completely retract although they can elongate when agitated, so he sharpens his claws on extremely hard materials, like diamonds, to keep them in good shape.


Kis refers to himself in third person only. He mutters under his breath a lot when he thinks no one is paying attention. Most would describe him as gifted and intelligent, but odd and slightly insane. Despite his eccentricity, he is known to be trustworthy and friendly. Kis doesn't steal money as a goal, in fact, he only takes what he needs to survive. He amasses knowledge and not gold. He does covet feathers, and will put them in his "hair" until they get ratty and he'll pull them out.


Kept in Shadow got his name from his slave background. Kept in a small cage in a dark room for most of his adolescent life by a group of thieves, he was only allowed out after his "conditioning". Although his name was a cruel joke to his captors, mocking his tribal ancestry, he kept his name because it took on a different meaning later in life.

Trained to steal, Kept in Shadow broke his chains when he killed his masters and escaped. He traveled far away from where he was enslaved, to steal for himself and for no one else.

Although his personal pantheon of deities includes those who would benefit his lifestyle, Kept in Shadow has always had a personal bond with his chosen deity, Nirni, before he ever heard her speak to him. During his days, locked in that small, dark room, when he couldn't sleep, he stared out of the crack in the wall, up at the moon in the night's sky.

The moon was his only solace, and the night that he escaped was under the brightest full moon. He says his mistress helped him escape by telling him how. Kept in Shadow talks under his breath to his mistress before he sleeps, muttering prayers and what sounds like one-sided conversational pieces. He continually thumbs a symbol of his goddess, rubbing it smooth, which he keeps in a thong pouch around his neck.

His natural curiosity and insatiable appetite for knowledge attracted him to the places across the realms where tomes and scrolls were kept, specifically royal personal libraries and mage towers where knowledge is collected the most. He stole these items, his mind like a sponge as he learned anything he could get his hands on. He even stole texts that were considered forbidden. Kept in Shadow favored magical tomes, where he taught himself magical spells that would help him to steal more.

Known in small circles in Ristell as the Book Thief, he will delve into the deepest ruins, sneak into the tightest castles anywhere in the Realms.

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