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 Tristin (Triss), [x] Xeriin || male
Name: Tristin (Triss)

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Forest Xeriin

Age: 23

Size: 5'10



Tristin has many of the physical abilities of his animal counterpart meaning he has a strong body built for silence, speed and strength. Along with better than average night vision and a heightened sense of smell and hearing.

Tristin is also a brilliant archer, although he still has a lot to learn about the art of archery he is well known as a young man to watch by those who know a thing about archery.

The one skill that few know Tristin has one that is linked to his mind. Intelligent and quick-witted, Tristin has a photographic memory and is able to easily learn new languages and remember things that he has seen easily, although he does his best to hide some of this ability due to his history with his family.

Air Element

One of the rare few Xeriin who has a magical ability, Tristin has spent some time practising and trying to better use the little talent that he has. Finding that on its own he couldn't use his abilities for much of anything other then moving a few leaves around he soon chose to focus on blending it with his archery using it to push and guide the arrow towards a target with more accuracy then if he shot just by aim alone.



Not a close quarter fighter, Tristin knows little about hand to hand fighting beyond the few skirmishes he used to get into with his siblings and even less about weapons that are not bows or longer than a knife. This leaves him at a disadvantage when faced with someone skilled in these forms as he will be mostly unable to defend himself.


As his Air Element abilities are so weak Tristin is as open and defenceless against magical attacks and defences as those without any magic at all. This can is his greatest disadvantage as it leaves him a very open target in a world so heavily filled with magic users.


Tristin is strongly aligned with his Animal Counterpart - The Fox and so is very strongly shaped like a fox with a full russet coat with the white throat, fox-like ears and full fox muzzle, fangs and white tipped tail.

Tristin is strongly aligned with his animal counterpart and looks for all the world like a human-sized bipedal fox with a full russet coat with the white throat, fox-like ears and full fox muzzle, gold/green eyes, fangs and white tipped tail.

His hands, while tipped with strong dark claws, are long-fingered and far more human-like than fox-like. Unable to change into a more human form, Tristin has only his current fox-like form.

Almost always dressed in clothes of varying shades of green, Tristin wear's loose, comfortable clothing and a long overcoat to keep the worst of the weather from himself as he spends most of his time alone in the forest, preferring the quiet to the bustle and hustle of Myrae.

Along with a quiver and his longbow Tristin also carries with him a short dagger tucked into his right boot as daggers are generally useful things when restringing bows and re-notching arrows.


Still, young Tristin has yet to have his great adventure. At the age of twenty, he left his family and set off to try and find said adventure, although he didn't get very far, instead he was soon found himself fully occupied with patrolling and protecting the forests of Zinofl and those that call it home.

However, he still had the dream of finding his great adventure and is slowly preparing himself to finally truly set out and find it.

His urge to find an adventure mostly comes from being the youngest of a family who is from one of the more an aggressive and war-like tribe, the Erling Tribe, this resulted in him taking a great amount of care to hide his more gentle and intellectual side from his family. Part of this hiding was to vanish into a small library, the last place his brothers would look for him. There he had read about great heroes and their deeds and a dream to one day be like them, even if only a little bit settled in his heart.

This dream stayed with him as he grew up and now was driving him, if slowly, towards adventure.

Luckily his out of placeness within his family did not leave him with too many scars as when on his own or with people outside of his tribe he shows his true personality which is bright, intelligent, although how intelligent is rarely shown, warm, generous and on the whole nice and fairly outgoing if you consider compare him to some Xeriin.

But he is still got the blood of the Erling flowing through his veins and this shows if he finds himself in the right situation or if someone he cares for is in trouble. As for when trouble does find him, although still green in many way's Tristin handles himself well and never loses his head in tough situations.

All in all, Tristin is a good friend, warm companion, and the right archer to have you your side if the going gets tough.

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