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 Sherlotta, [x] Zirus || Female
Name: Sherlotta
Gender: Female
With beady eyes like amber gemstones, wide and bright and curiosity, as well as three thin slender sets of spindly arms and a leg-based pair as well as rather rotund bottom, four foot three inch tall Sherlotta is known for flitting from place to place with a bit of whimsy and wonder and a bright smile. Upon her rotund rump is a stinger as well as a second opening to spin web.

She wears a bright red scarf made of her mother's dyed silk interwoven with her own.

Healing Honey: Sherlotta makes her own honey in a mini-hive within Nechesa's nest that she built from scratch, serving as a sort of laboratory/kitchen. The honey must be stored in bottles to prevent from going bad, though they are not temperature sensitive. The honey has a slight reiatsu component to enhance its already potent healing capabilities. It can be applied as a salve as an ointment for wounds or ingested to increase one's immune system or enhance regenerative capability.

Green Thumb: Sherlotta is a natural herbalist, and while she's no scholar, she has a knack for instinctively pointing out what flowers can help with what ailments. In addition, she is good at growing her own herbs – herbs that she stays around, such as the ones she houses within her mini-hive structure, grow faster and yield more – approximately double speed and double yield assuming she's constantly present.

Medical Training: Sherlotta often tends to the wounded of Nechesa's hive – following the medics of hive. She has learned via observation and modeling.

Web: Sherlotta can also weave webs like her mother – she can use her thread for casts and splints, and she can also do light tailoring projects given enough time. Sometimes she uses this power for mischief, such as laying webs for passerbys to walk into. ...she seems to have a knack for catching those with severe arachnophobia.

Stinger: Sherlotta CAN use her stinger for self-defense, though if she does, it's more often by accident. The stinger can be ejected and left in the victim, and is regenerated over the course of a minute. The venom is not potent, and often just leaves the victim extremely nauseous, ultimately non-lethal unless exposed to several long doses.

Hardy Immune System: As a side effect of using some of her own processes to make the honey as well as constantly consuming it, Sherlotta has absorbed a lot of her own healing honey, and is extremely resilient against disease and toxins.

Diplomacy: It's hard to not turn that frown upside down around Sherlotta – her smile and demeanor are infectious. This makes her great for delivering certain messages and invitations, accompanied by a contingent of zirus guards.

Little to no Combat Ability: Sherlotta is not keen on fighting, and is prone to fleeing and calling for help rather than using her stinger in self-defense.

Gullible: Sherlotta trusts very easily, and is prone to taking candy from strangers. She makes every effort to NOT see the worst in people, and can be a bit of a pollyana, leaving her vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Sugar-dependent: Sherlotta is constantly consuming her own treats. It should not surprise anyone if she were supposed to arrive with her nectar, only to have 'etted it'

Born to Nechesa, Sherlotta never knew her father – a bee zirus who was eaten by Nechesa, as spiders do. Such was normal for zirus. (Sidenote: It was totally because he tried to lay on the cheesy pick up line by calling Nechesa 'bae-bee')

From the getgo, Sherlotta was an odd one. Boundless optimism and endless curiosity were the themes of her childhood. Well loved by both soldier and worker alike, Sherlotta was often a bit of a 'mascot' among other Zirus, and given minor, busywork tasks due to her refusal to sit still with her caretakers, often escaping their vigilant eyes. Tackling all her duties with enthusiasm especially among the sick and wounded, and improving the health of the soldiers with her antics, she quickly became an assistant to the medical drone workers, much to Queen Nechesa's delight.

Now 13 years old, and an apprentice among the medical drone workers, Sherlotta also acts on occasion as an ambassador for Queen Nechesa's hive to handle inter-hive matters as well as that with non-zirus settlements.

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