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 Atropina, [x] Zirus || Female
Name: Atropina aka “The Widowmaker's Whisper” aka “Widowbite”
Gender: Female
Species: Zirus (Spider)
Appearance: A lusciously curved, lithe-framed 5 foot insectoid form with six slender arm-limbs, as well as chiseled, effeminate legs, even with zirus chitinous plating. Nobles are hooked instantly on her bony extremities and exotic accent – the red mark of a thin red line with a second thick one parting the former on her spinneret rump. Often concealed in various black wrappings and a veil around her mouth, which contained fangs glistening with venom.

Magic: Atropina is skilled with magic, mostly in the arts of darkness and water with blood, mist, and poison sub-manipulation specialties. Able to conceal herself within shadows and mist, she is a hard target to track, and often will employ these in fluid tandem. When she uses them as direct offense, she prefers indirect bolts rather than shots from her limbs.

Runethread: Atropina is able to infuse demonic runes, learned from death shinobi, into her webs and threads, creating guided self-spinning, propagating threads which act as sentient tendrils, with a variety of enchantments, though this often can be draining and cannot be spun in large quantities at will. She is also able to weave these webs into runes as engravings on other objects as typical runeweavers do. She is also able to keep a small supply of runeweb, though in a longer battle she will run through her supply quite quickly, which can take up to two months to replenish. She cannot stockpile more than a month's supply, as it will stretch her reiatsu pool too thin.

These runes often impart abilities like invisibility, tracking, trapping, entangling, sentient thread, and hardening.

Fang Qatars: Atropina's weapon of choice is the Qatar. Her's are built into her arms via a painful procedure – as such, they pierce through the back of her bony humanoid-esque hands in order to protrude. This allows for sudden sneak attacks up close. Atropina laces these with her venom. She is skilled in combat with these, able to block arrows and bolts of magic with ease.

Stinger Crossbow: Atropina's other weapon of choice is a handheld crossbow, which she can quickdraw out of her cloak. Used for ranged strikes for either dissuading pursuers. These bolts are laced with general poison – these bolts cannot inject Atropina's venom, and primarily serve to dissuade attackers and pursuers and harass from afar

Widowmaker Venom: Atropina's venom is less venom and more an interesting form of pseudo-reproduction. Upon a person being laced with the venom from a full two-seconds worth of injection, a man-sized creature will feel feverish within a day. If he is not treated within 48 hours of the injection, he will quickly become weak, and atrophies. At 72 hours, he will start screaming in pain – at 84 hours, the true horror of the venom is revealed, as Atropina's spiderling children will eat the victim from the inside out. These children often die after 30 minutes. She often delivers these via crossbow bolt or via qatar stab – sometimes by kiss.

Spider abilities: Along with runeweaving, Atropina has multiple limbs which she is adept with. In addition, she can walk on her own webbing, and crawl up walls with ease. While she is incapable of biting her victims in the same way, her Qatars make up for that.

Code of Honor: Atropina has a few strict rules she holds herself and her allies to. Never kill children, do not kill the infirm (with the exception of the ailment being by one's own hand), cause minimal collateral as possible, never betray a client or their identity.

Physically frail: Atropina herself is frail. If she is hit – a rather difficult feat – she can easily be crippled by moderately strong attacks.

Lacks Brute Force: Atropina has little in the ways of raw, destructive power. Her line of work generally does not require it.

As a loyal warrior of an abnormally ambitious and warlike Zirus hive bordering on an empire in size, Atropina often acted in quiet on behalf of her hive to strike enemy hives at the heart, often acting as a defector to various other hives, only to disappear with a farewell kiss upon the lips of enemy nobility and leadership.

Back then, she enjoyed what she did. She delighted in being the deliverer of the kiss of death – it was only the hivemind which prevented her from turning upon her own people.

But she was too good at what she did. A united assault by the other hives in the area destroyed her home, killed her queen, and left her for dead.

But if nothing else, she had learned to be a warrior. Even if she had to be her own army.

As she fought to survive, she had much to think about. The course of events that had led to her hive's destruction. She could only blame herself.

She noted that in this world, there were many with a certain popular set of skills. The arts of combat. The arts of killing. They were masters of their crafts.

Yet, there was no one to teach them proper discipline, those that employed the brush of death. They might do the same thing she did.

She rose through the ranks of the once proud Onyx Faction with an intense focus that only the most coldblooded of killers could possess. Now, she is only steps away from reaching her goal. A new proverbial hive, dedicated to perfecting and protecting those that wold pursue the art of death.

Atropina is an honorable, disciplined warrior, on par with Death Kingdom shinobi. While she is a ruthless killer, she has a strict code of honor, which she believes to separate herself and her followers from the truly psychopathic monsters.

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