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 KAETIEL, [x] Halgian/half-elf || Female
Name: Kaetiel Oreth

Gender: Female

Species: Halgian/Half-elf (1/2 halgian, 1/4 elf, 1/4 human)

Height/weight: 6' / 130 lbs

Age: 20 y/o

Appearance: Kaetiel is lean and sinewy athletic appearance with normal fat deposits where they lay on women to make her curvier than a male, but her athletic lifestyle has kept her fit. Kaetiel looks structurally like a pure Halgian, with the exception of two things: she is more muscled, she has slightly longer pointed ears than normal, and unlike pure Halgians, she has a mixture of dark hair that fade along the sides to a platinum-white. The sides are cut shorter, while the rest has been left shoulder-blade length. When she's fighting or on the road, it is tied back in a bun. Her hair is naturally wavy and never looks out of place. Her light violet eyes are sharp and calculating, framed by long dark lashes. With the ethereal beauty of both her Half-elven and Halgian lineage, her appearance is striking.

Kaetiel wears the light grey robes of her order, shin-high leather boots of the same color and a cloak of grey with a white fur-time hood. She owns both a heavier wool and fur-trimmed set of robes and a light cotton version of the same robes for different weather conditions. When she is traveling she wears a leather full face mask with the shape of a moth covering her eyes, rays of light filigreed in silver radiating outwards across the mask. When she is fighting, she takes it off so that her opponents may see her face.

Kaetiel has the scars of a bite mark on her left shoulder where an orc’s dog bit her.

Abilities: Despite her gifted magical lineage, Kaetiel relies more on physical attacks than magical, although she does have fairly potent, natural light magics. Kaetiel is trained as a monk, so besides scholarly pursuits, she is trained in defensive and offense hand-to-hand combat making her fast, agile and accurate. Although she can incapacitate you with well-aimed punches, she favors her ranseur, a type of polearm that she can use as both a staff and as a spear. It sports a three-pronged point at the top, the middle is a regular blade, but the two tines resemble the pointed wings of a moth.

Although Kaetiel does have some form of healing magic, able to heal cuts and abrasions and light poisons, she does not use her light magic for healing. Her light magic is offensive and can be manipulated into thin spikes and thrown at enemies. Some of her light magic seems to be connected to her emotional state, such as when she is angry. It radiates from her body, but especially from her eyes, shedding bright light around her, making her into a beacon of holy light. It is damaging those who are close around her, and is especially painful and terrifying to evil entities or the undead, but it is also damaging to Kaetiel and she cannot keep it up for long fights.

Like pure Halgians, Kaetiel can sense evil entities/intentions like a scratching in the back of her head. Using her monk training to focus intently, she can feel a bead of darkness in the direction that it is coming from, although she has to be close to the target to figure out exact location.

Personality: Kaetiel is curious and intelligent, having been raised in a monastery that values secrets. Although she has never been as scholarly as other monks, she is still deeply spiritual. Although she has never been to Evylon, she feels a connection to its people through the hazy memories of her mother. Kaetiel worships Daama, and has an especially good reason to after she was saved by something that looked like a shiny dragon as a child. She took it as a sign that someone has been watching over her. From a personal interest, Kaetiel also pays homeage to Fenrir, whom she looks to to guide her towards the justice she seeks. Maybe he hears her, maybe he doesn't.

Scarred from her past, she doesn't really know who or what to believe, so her general rule is on first glance to trust no one and uses her natural sense of light/darkness helps to guide her. Having never been out in the world, Kaetiel is naive without a worldly compass and may believe the wrong thing if someone was to deceive her.

Kaetiel does not give second chances, and any who double cross her, she takes the wrongdoing personally and does not forgive easily. She has a bit of a hot temper and can be somewhat irrational, as young people tend to be.

Although she does not like being touched nor is she the best at small talk, she is a fiercely loyal person. She is very protective over those she considers her family or close allies. She would never betray someone willingly and has a strong moral compass. She is especially concerned with the wellbeing of orphans and underdogs.

Background: Kaetiel was born to two parents of different species: her mother being a pureblooded Halgian and her father being a half-elf. Before she was eight years old, she was not quite as alone. Kaetiel has a fraternal twin brother, Asriel. Their parents were farmers, although their mother was the daughter of a knight (Kaetiel remembers stories of dragonriders and gryphons), her father was a simpler hunter/woodsmen. When their parents fell in love, her mother willingly moved from Evylon to the forests of Vystriana to live with their father, where they settled down to raise their twins and be self-sustainable in solitary peace.

That peace was shattered one night when a band of orc slavers attacked the farm, killing their parents and mortally wounding Asriel. They chased the twins into the surrounding forests, where the children were able to hide from their pursuers. Asriel succumbed to his wounds, as they were too deep, and he died, leaving Kaetiel all alone. Still pursued, Kaetiel fled through the woods, until she was caught in a clearing by the rabid dogs that the orcs had used to hunt her down. One of the dogs bit her, where she still carries a scar to this day on her shoulder.

Without warning, the dogs scattered and the orcs cried out in confusion as the air was light with the charge of fire. Kaetiel saw something that looked like a shiny winged beast, like a dragon, before she took that opportunity to run for her life.

She was found, delirious and tired, by the side of the road some ways away, by a traveling monk who saved her and took her under his wing. He took her back to his monastery in the realm of Millirand, high up in the peaks of the world, where she lived and grew in the harsh environment and isolation of Sud’rlund.

The Order of the Moth is a neutral-alligned, isolated monkhood that collects the knowledge of the world, particularly, it’s secrets. Although their monks do not actively engage in warfare, they are trained from a young age in martial arts so that when they go out into the world once every 10 years, they are capable of defending themselves against would-be aggressors.

After the current events have shaken the world, Kaetiel has agreed to take up her First Pilgrimage to go out into the world and collect great secrets to bring back to the monastery. She is also using this time to seek out and deal retribution on the group of orcs that killed her family all those years ago.

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