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 Cofae, [x] Naga || Female
**Name:** Cofae
**Gender:** Female
**Species:** Naga, humanoid snakekind
**Appearance:** Cofae is a rather dull snakekind. Her scales do not shine in the light, but they are a kind of dusty brown. Along her spine is a play of opalescent and light yellow diamonds, but these small diamonds are the only truly reflective scales she has. Her eyes are a yellow as well, and her hair has been described as very dirty blonde or lightest brown. Yes, she has hair. It only grows in a stripe in the “mohawk” space. She wears her hair in a long braid that falls thickly down the diamonds of her spine. Her nails are frequently filed down, but her pointer fingernails are sharpened “for self defense” purposes. She wears a casual, airy white top for modesty when dealing with outsiders. She is also often seen with a small flute attached to a cord she wears tied around her wrist or looped over her shoulder. Around her waist is a braided leather belt with a single pouch that contains a small journal and writing utensils. Where there are no scales, her skin shows as a dull copper brown, with white freckles frequently around the stray scales that aren’t distinctly part of her tail.
**Abilities:** Cofae is agile, after her own fashion, and though she doesn't swim well, plains country and dark caves are her sweet spots. She is quite well versed in protective hand-to-hand combat and is unafraid to use it. Other than that, she enjoys playing simple songs on her flute, though something more complicated is not always within her reach, as she is self-taught. Her letters, though, are a gift from her neighbor, and she is neat and accurate, even when copying letters she is unfamiliar with. In a magical sense, the best Cofae can do is summon a small orb of warm light about the size of her fist, so long as she is calm and concentrating.

**History:** Cofae grew up in the civilized underground where most Naga live, hearing stories from her parents about the surface-dwellers and how they shunned Naga. She never understood why people would do such, and has thus set herself the task of letting the rest of the Realms know how amazing Naga are, and though she has had a cold reception, there is still hope. She regularly keeps a journal, mainly to help her keep track of what works and what doesn't when interacting with other people.
**Personality:** Cofae is quiet and unobtrusive, and though she holds ideas of her own, she will quickly acquiesce in order to keep the peace. She is not prone to showing off, but does offer her help freely when a need is presented. When nervous, she tends to pace, a feat for someone with such a long tail.

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Hamid || Cofae [open] || Borris
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