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 Hamid, [x] Avian || Male
**Name:** Hamid
**Gender: ** Male
**Species: ** Ceis Avian
**Appearance: ** Hamid is an Avian whose plumage looks like a blue jay, with all the bright blue and bars involved. His straight hair is short to keep maintenance down to a minimum and is a startling blue to match his feathers. His stature is short, even for his family, and he only rises to about 5'3" when he tries. His skin is a very dark brown that only gets darker when he goes outside. He often wears bright scraps of cloth around his wrists to cover two black bars he doesn't like talking about, and his clothes are often made of clashing bits he's found during his travels, though he does have a set of loose brown leather armor he will wear when needed. These clothes are happily patch-worked together and contain the brightest scraps he's found from various cities stitched on top of a rather large robe he is constantly tying up with a plain rope to keep from tripping. Although his ears are pierced, Hamid no longer wears gaudy earrings, though an occasional small worked piece of metal can still be found on his person.
**Abilities:** Hamid has taken lessons abroad with knife handling, and although they aren't the easiest to carry, he is quite proficient with them, enough to experiment how his flight capabilities might help in a fight, though not enough to have mastered it. He is also surprisingly good at imitation, often fooling others who don't know about his vocal capabilities. His abilities in magic are limited to sensing the general properties of enchanted objects, and so he has attempted to compensate his perceived deficiency through his weapons practice. As a skill he has honed, Hamid has a deft hand, usually used in his knifeplay or some... unsavory hobbies of the past.

**History:** Hamid was a member of the Felnovian Avian population, so his theological roots aren't as strong as others. His parents instilled a strong sense of right and wrong which he still struggles to shake off today. When he was still young, he left home to find the ultimate inspiration. His first stop was an eye-opener. He fell quickly, and ended up resorting to thievery to survive, even if he despised his own actions. At one point, he was caught by the law and sentenced to serve one of his victims for an undisclosed amount of time. Also for an undisclosed reason, the black bands on his wrists appeared at some point within this time frame. Afterwards, Hamid has worked odd jobs and occasional begging to get by.
**Personality:** Overly drawn to shiny or bright things, and frequently open with others beyond what's normal, though there is more thought to his behavior than there used to be. He sticks to his ideas strongly, but quietly, as head on confrontation is not his strong suit. If someone disagrees with him, he'll state his view, and if they still "refuse to see sense" then he typically states it again and bows out, sometimes physically walking away from the conversation. He actually feels the need to frequently move, and his attention wanders, sometimes in mid sentence. This tends to get worse the more agitated he gets, as his personal coping mechanism is avoidance.

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Hamid || Cofae [open] || Borris
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