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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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 June Newsletter, june 2018


Hello members of BTACD! Welcome to the monthly newsletter. These will be monthly installments, posted between the 1st and 5th depending on how busy our staff is. All important changes, website updates, features, etc - they'll all be listed conveniently here!


user posted image Character of the Month has been awarded to @Andromalius with Andromalius!
user posted image Species of the Month has been awarded to the Zaegrim'a Nzani!
user posted image Post of the Month has been awarded to @darkeh with the post now dubbed Report for Nina!
user posted image Member of the Month has been awarded to @JPG!


Thanks to all those who entered MC11, and congratulations to our winners, @Nix, @Thistle and @Concinnity!


Other than some behind the scenes stuff, not much going on in the forum - but you should check out the discussion topic below!! :D


Here are the new monthly updates! We do lore/content releases on the first of every month, and today is the day for new, shiny things! Take a gander at what we have:

We have a big update for you guys this month! :D Please introduce the brand-new species, the strigine, and its bat subspecies, the chiroptera! These guys are giant, stardust-infused owls who collect knowledge throughout the Realms and space... while their darker subspecies spreads nothing but lies and misinformation.

Next, we have a massive expansion for our fauna page - 25 new fauna species have been revealed!! This includes creatures such as the faegryph and darkling, Arcadian horse and sandworm, plus many, many others!

In addition to these new fauna, you may now make fauna as characters with a new shop item called the divine gift! Have fun! :D

As part of our older species revamp project, the faun has received a good polish and shine!

Last but not least, several item images and a couple Ancient Firsts (the nehryngi and leviathan) have been updated and added to the website!


As Verridith holds a meeting of her allies to discuss the Faction's retreat and pushing back at them at last, Nina unleashes an evil that has not been seen for many, many years... An and Ima have returned!


This month's discussion: jaden earning! As of this moment, taking part in news topics have a claimable jaden amount, and are stackable - taking part in newsletter discussions would give you a chance to pocket a little extra j for your role-playing endeavors. What other things do you want to see in ways to earn jaden?


Welcome to BTACD, @Blackbird, @Bucketorandomness, @Contemplation, @Drakka, @Eraylus, @Lieutenantlemon, @Luna Lumos, @Raehavoc, @Sir Parzival, and @Zverin!

user posted image
Happy new month to all of y'all! :D

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted image
"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Well. I assume that it's okay to post here by "post in the news topic" so I will.

Wee for all the new shiny things o:
Thank you!!! :) I honestly was surprised about placing in the monthly contest!

CHARACTERS =Cyra, Alucius, Myth, Titius, Garvan, Thia, Aeliana, Terva, Bruttia, Helena, Ru, Evandor, Tiberius, Varden, Merlyn,Relius, Tristan (Triss), Teal, Adrian


Rochlan, Reunan,


Valerian, Tovran, Lithan, Talia, Arrian

(Red is for characters in Current Threads! ALL are still open for Lore or Historical threads)
Ah, I'm allowed to post here today! Woo c:

Aurum(Thundering hooves)
Ashanta/Ishizu(Forgotten together)
Lusin/Diell(Silver wings)
Khrisstopher/Jhessikha/Angilicia/Xavier(Queen & Messenger)
Umbrun/Glacias(Facing Fears)
One/Two/Three(Old friends and new places)
Iruk(Wendigo Attack)
Cadell(Mix Tape)
Juliesa(New Acquaintances)
Rhodynn(Demon's Call)
I sort of wish we could earn Jaden alongside the awards. For example, if someone earned "species apprentice," maybe there could be a 100 jaden bonus or something of the sort.
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