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 Ocellina, [x] Mermaid || female
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Name: Ocellina

Alignment Light

Gender: Female

Species: Merfolk, Moa'ana

Age: 20 years old

Size: 6.0 ft tall


Water Element

Aquakinesis -

Also called waterbending, Ocellina is able to create, shape and manipulate water in all its forms. This includes some control over rip-tides and ocean currents, mostly the creation of small localized ones to speed her journey wher travelling through water.

Hydrokinetic Constructs -

Ocellina can manipulate water into tools, objects, weapons and other items of varying permanence. So blasts/bolts of water, spikes of water, balls of water(mostly used as a form of shielding), swords and other weapons.


The Moa'ana as a whole are inclined to at least learning the basics of the spear and harpoon, however when Ocellina was first given lessons in these skills she knew that she had found that one thing that she both was really good at and loved.

Always a fighter and of a warrior mentality, she felt the most at home with a spear in her hand. Not only that but she found that the only place where she could fully engage her mind was when studying tactics and the battles of the past.

Quickly she became both knowledgeable and skilled in a few forms of fighting and battle.


Wind Element

As her power revolves around water and water-based weather manipulations she is totally unsuited to facing any type of strong Wind or stronger Weather magic as she can do little when faced with a twister except add water to it and that doesn't seem like a bright plan.

Dark Element

Coming from a city and a family that is linked to Light Mages and Healers, Helvia has inherited her weakness for the darker magics if from simply unfamiliarity with then if nothing else.

Earth Element

While not a weakness in the traditional sense as most earth element magics simply cancel out her own powers. However, this can, if it happens at the wrong moment, be rather dangerous.


General Appearance -

Tall, beautiful, her hair is a deep royal purple and her eyes are black. She has faintly pointed ears that give her an elven appearance when in human form. She is also never far from her double-bladed spear. Cleverly crafted from Darksteel and given to her by one of her instructors in weaponry. When not in use it contracts into a size no longer than a long knife and it sits in a special holder upon her hip.

Human form:

In her land form, Ocellina is tall and athletically built, keeping her long purple hair tied up in a tight bun so that it stays out of the way while she is fighting. All grace and deadly beauty she keeps a stern facade when out and about in the world above.

When on land she wears a tight long sleeved top, loose pants to allow her to move freely and a warm long coat that she removes only in the hottest of climates.

Mermaid form:

When in her natural element Ocellina human half is much like her land form, athletic, strong, a tight, cropped vest covering her and her hair loose, floats around her in waves of purple.

Her aquatic half is that of an octopus, with her tentacles being a dark blue with a rich purple shimmer and her suckers a lighter, almost bright purple.


Ocellina was born to Lord Ruesad who is the brother of Lord Quesad leader of the city of Rydia. Being born into a family such as hers, however, comes with fixed ideas of who you should be. Unfortunately, Ocellina failed to meet most of those ideas. She was a warrior born into a family of light mages and healers with not a hint of Light or Healing ability to be found no matter how much her family hoped. Strong, tall, hard where her family were kind and kind where her family were soft, she was the odd one out.

But her oddities were allowed with the kind of accepting disinterest some parents get when they believe their children are going through a phase. This ended the day that tried to stand for a position on the city guard. When her father heard about her wish to go into the cities military all hell broke loose. While her uncle tried to speak to balance, her father would have no-one it. They were not a warrior family and were not about to become one now. It was not a fitting profession for a member of the family and he more than hinted that it was a profession that lacked true grace of character and honour.

Furious Ocellina left the palace that day to try and prove herself and her abilities as worthy and that both were honourable.

At first, she had tried to join the cities guard regardless, but none wanted her after her father had sent out word to the generals to not let her in.

Seeing little choice as she wasn't sure what reception she would get from the other cities in Noctis, she had portaled away from all that she knew to find a way to become a great warrior or a great general and prove that she could live a life of honour.

A true creature of the sea, she can be turbulent, capricious, stubborn, high handed at times, determined to prove herself and more than a little bit towards those she thinks are foolish or just in the way she is a hard person to read. But under all the exterior noise there lies a woman who is every bit as kind and accepting as the city she was born in is regarded as.

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