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 Zelimir, [x] myth-kin xeriin || male
Name: Zelimir

Age: Child

Gender: Male

Race: Myth-Kin Xeriin

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A slender xeriin child who takes after a kamine. His gleaming red eyes are often lacking on focus, as if staring at something only he can see, whenever he isn't specifically focused on somebody or something else. In humanoid form, his canine ears are bright red, as is the tip of his tail, and claws on his feet. His hair, and the light covering of fur on his legs, is pure white. His skin is on the pale side. Black circles of fur mark his ankles, and halfway down his tail. White, leathery wings, tipped with black on the edges, and red on the joints, grow from his back.

In kamine form, his markings remain the same, and he gains a covering of thick, white fur over his entire body, with additional black growth of fur around his wrists, on his elbows, and on his shoulders and hips. A bright red streak of fur extends down his spine, starting at the base of his skill and ending at the base of his tail. A bright red flash of fur marks his chest. Two long, slightly-curved horns adorn his head.

While under the influence of his Demon Reaper soul, the black and white colors of his fur change color, his fur grows coarser and shaggier, his claws grow longer, and a row or sharp, red spines sprout from his spine.

Personality: Zelimir is often quiet and subdued, and often speaks to his inner Demon Reaper soul as if it were an imaginary friend, which sometimes makes people mistake it for just that. He finds it difficult to trust, or to fully open up to anybody. He often warns people who are close to angering him that Hansuki won't be happy, divorcing him from any sense of regret if his Demon Reaper comes out and attacks them, reinforced by the fact that his consciousness fades as the Reaper soul awakens. Whether in humanoid or animal form, he carries a wooden top with him, his only remaining memento of his parents, and happier days.

Skills/Abilities: He possesses power over water, and is currently able to manipulate small amounts of it as he pleases, and sense changes in weather. When surrendered to his inner Demon Reaper, Hansuki, his power grows exponentially, to the point where water becomes a weapon in his hands, he can manipulate the weather, and use potent blood magic to strike at his foes.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He is still quite young, and inexperienced. And, while his Demon Reaper form is powerful, it can only sustain itself for a limited time before wearing out, requiring him to rest before it can be used again.

History: Born on Xaeri to parents from different Kin-types, specifically Sky and Forest, Zelimir was passed off as a Forest Kin child, and for a time, the ruse worked. However, when he began to grow wings, and other traits that marked him as Myth-Kin. His parents fled with hm into the wilderness, but were eventually discovered, and killed.

Zelimir managed to escape, and fled Xaeri via portal, relying on his instincts, and what his parents taught him, to survive. Not long after, he realized the Demon Reaper soul his mother once carried had passed to him when she died.
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