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 Evandor, [x] Male || Highland Unicorn
Name: Evander

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn, Highlands

Age: 500

Size: 15h



Evander, unlike most Highland Unicorns, has a strong affinity for natural Weather Magic which most believe comes from a mutation of a Water Element ability. Either way Evandor and can control as well as create many weather phenomenon including but not limited to - Mist/fog, rain clouds and snow clouds. He, however, has no control over any of the magical storm forms that often wash over the Realms.

Although an expert in the use of his ability, Evandor is not quite as powerful as his normally powered herd mates. Meaning that he has to use his intelligence and skill to be able to outwit rather than outpower his opponent.


Like all Highland Unicorns, however, Evador has got a strong shielding ability. This he uses in a variety of interesting ways due to a lack of Earth Element ability. One example of this is to be able to keep up with the herd on his own while travelling across the highest points of the Felnovian Mountains Evandor instead of creating a path from the earth, would rather create a path from small shields that formed into stairs.

His strongest ability, the invention that he has been faced with to keep up with the herd, has lead to him not only relying on this ability the most but also being the most inventive with it.



Due to his Weather Magic abilities and how much of his awareness needs to be open to the environment around him to properly control this ability, Evandor is at times extremely mentally vulnerable to Telepathic attack. Aware of this though he has taken steps to become mentally strong, however, this defence can only go so far and often when weaving a large bit of weather magic his full concentration is on what he is doing. Leaving him open again to attack.

Dark Element

Evandor, like most Unicorns, is weak against Dark Element abilities, especially the involve corruption and poisoning aspects of the ability.


Evandor's body type is a lot like a Friesian with long powerful legs with feathered fetlocks, broad chest and sturdy body. He has a long flowing mane and the long hair at the end of his lion's tail is just as flowing and silky as he mane. Evandor has a long, arched neck and well-chiseled, short-eared, "Spanish-type" head. From his forehead, a single straight pointed horn rises.

Evandor is a Blue Roan with a rich, shining blue coat and dark main tail and points (legs, ears and muzzle). His eyes are a warm light brown and his horn has a deep dark blue shimmer to it.

During the harsh winter months, his coat goes a pale blue, almost white in colour.


Born to the Boss Mare of a small Highland herd in the upper portions of the Darklight mountain range, Evandor was content and happy with his life as one of the herd's protectors. Larger than most herds, at 10 members they were none the less a tight-knit group and happy to travel the lonely passes keeping them open and clear for travellers. However slowly news trickled up to them that there was trouble in the plains below. Slowly refugees and lost souls running from the war with the faction started to trickle through their little-used passes into the Myrlands and more and more worrying news reached their ears. Needing to know what is happening down in the plains to be able to better plan for the herds future his mother decided to send him down into the plains to learn and gather some more information first hand.

Startled that he had been chosen to be parted from his herd, Evandor didn't really want to go although he knew that he was far more independent than most of the herd and was most likely to be ok spending time away from his family.

Calm, easy going, kind and quietly confident, Evandor is a calm entity in almost any situation. Relying on logic and calm thought to lead the way to the best course of action in most things, never the less he is able to fight, trained as he is by his father to be a defender of the herd. Toughened by the life that the herd lives so high up in the mountains, he can hold his own against most foes.

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