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 Tiberius, [x] Male || Pegasus
Name: Tiberius

Alignment Neutral

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasus

Age: 160

Size: 14h



Ice Element with a sub-manipulation of water.

Tiberius's main ability beyond flight is of control and creation of ice and cold through a ability in Ice Element magic. What he often lacks in finesse he makes up for with the ability to pull moisture from the air to create water to freeze and manipulate. This Sub-Ability is one of the reasons that he has been lazy about learning how to control his power with more finesse than he currently does. Using brute force or the obviously simple for most situations, so far it has worked but as he ages Tiberius might become far more powerful as he learns to use his power with more finely tuned control.



Heat and dry air are his to worst enemies when it comes to nullifying his ability.

Tiberius however also has a weakness against Lightning Element as if wielded properly can literally shatter whatever it is that he has made from ice.


At 14h Tiberius is on the larger side for a Pegasi, his body type is closest to that of an Akhal-Teke, light of body but with well-defined muscles and very long legs; he is graceful on land but especially in the air. His coat is a pale Palomino in colour (blonde) and has a metallic sheen to it. His eyes are in contrast to the rest of his colouration as they are a deep blue.

His wings share the same metallic sheen as his coat as well as the colour, however, his feathers do have some slightly darker barring on them.


Born to a pair of Fairy Horses (Pegasi with insect wings) in a small herd that lived on the plains not far from Moonsythe Lake. But due to his normal wings, he was always considered a shame by his families herd as they had not born a true Pegasi for many years and unlike many Fairy Horses took pride in their unique nature. Shortly after growing old enough to fend for himself, Tiberius took off on his own. Surprisingly he quickly took to travelling through the different realms, finding that he had a taste for adventure and battle, quickly becoming perfect in both. happy to bounce between Xaeri and the other Realms quickly gained a name for himself in the upper echelon of most of the Realms as the Pegasi to call if you have something that needs fixing, be it a lost child or a stolen jewel. Undaunted by the idea of entering into dangerous situations he has earned himself more than a few scares.

Not unwilling to jump into to a situation that he thinks might offer a good adventure, without wishing payment, Tiberius is the joker at times and can seem like he doesn't take anything very seriously but in fact, he does and is always alert and present. Careful even when it seems that he is not watching what he is doing, Tiberius is intelligent, although you wouldn't think it from the way he uses his magic at times, and does not ever make the same mistake twice.

Although nice and warm to most, there is always a reservedness about him, as though he is letting you see only a small part of himself. This can at times cause distrust in others but ultimately he has a good heart.

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