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 Juliesa, [x] Human || Female
Was I Not Good Enough?
Name:Juliesa Ryder (Yule-ee-essa Rider):
Alignment:Neutral Dark:
Was This My Fault?
Appearance:Long curled hair cascades down, past her shoulders and ending about near the middle of her back, normally left fairly free-falling. A speckling of freckles dot across her nose, to the edges of her face, under her heterochromic eyes. One is a deep blue, the other a dulled orange. A grey piece of fabric is tied around her neck as a kind of choker, and she is usually found with a grey fabric blocking her mouth and nose, and a long grey cloak. A small orange pin, that apparently used to be her mother's, keeps it from falling, or showing what she wears underneath. A simply crafted bow is slung on her back, along with a quiver of ever dwindling arrows.:
Personality:Julie is outwardly emotionless, never betraying her inner struggles. She has too many of those, in her opinion. She has abandonment issues due to both ‘father figures’ in her life abandoning her. Honestly she fears a good lot, and its not hard to say that she's a pessimist, always thinking of the worst in herself and others. Juliesa can hide her emotions though, behind a mask of cold glares and a steady voice.
Please, I Need You
History:Born the second daughter of two humans, Julie just couldn't win. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father left two years later, leaving a two year old girl in the hands of her six year old brother. They lived in relative peace, and Juliesa loved her older brother. He was more of a father than her father. He taught her how to shoot a bow, how to use her magic, and kept her well fed. But all was not well. On her eleventh birthday he just… wasn't there. They had already been bandits, so she just continued with her normal routine, it wasn’t like he didn’t leave for extended times anyways. But, this time… He just never came back. Even two years later, Julie is waiting for him, or more just… biding her time until she can get enough supplies to go search for him.:
Abilities:While not as advanced as a Kitsune or Dreameater, Julie is still fairly skilled in illusions. She can do a lot with them, although there definitely are limits. She cannot make them out of a range, which while fairly close is broad enough for all intents and purposes. Movement is also hard to create, but with concentration can be accomplished. Her major thing is being able to turn ‘invisible' by throwing an illusion up. The air will have a faint shimmer around her that is a telltale sign of her being there. Her main weapon is a bow and arrow.:
Don’t Leave Me Alone
Father(alive/ditched her)
Brother(alive/ditched her):

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