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 Ru, [x] Male || Circadian Dragon, Auroran
Name: Ru

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species:Circadian Dragon, Auroran

Age: 980 years

Size: 6ft at the shoulder (Dragon form), 5.5ft (Human form)



Light Element -

Ru, like many Circadians, has a strong Light Ability however from lack of practice he isn't hugely skilled. Mostly used as a bright light or white fire, he can use it in other ways as well from small waves of light that can wash over a large field of attack, blinding any exposed for a few weeks to simple lighting.

Not one to use his powers often though, Ru could be more skilled and thus more powerful. Attuned to the day, Ru is at the height of his power when the sun is out.


Ru also has a small, basic healing ability that is linked to his Light element ability. With this power, he can slow the bleeding from bad wounds or at least ease their pain and heal small wounds.

This is the ability he uses the most, mostly on himself when he has gotten hurt while fleeing from a danger or attack.

While not a strong power, it is none the less the one he is most skilled at, being able to use what he has with the uttermost skill.


Dark Element -

Ru like all Auroran's is easily susceptible to Dark element and dark magics.

Earth Element -

Wary of being trapped away from the sun he is rather afraid of small spaces or simply enclosed ones, preferring to sleep outside regardless of the weather rather than enter a cave. This fear of being trapped transferred over to those that have Earth Element abilities as he fears that they may try and trap him.

Ru is also physically weak and is not strong when faced with physical attacks. This means that he is not one to stay around a fight and will avoid them at all costs.


Dragon Form

Slim, lightly built with dark blue scales buffed to a bright sheen and a silver mane Ru has one small set of webbed wings just by his shoulder blades. He has two small horns atop his head from which his headdress hangs. Of a rich ruby gold that offsets a light blue gem the headdress itself is rather small and understated, using colour rather than patternation to frame the gem.

He has two whisker-like tendrils that are tipped with two small rubies. His chest gem is again light blue.


Not a form that Ru often takes but when he does he is tall, slim and pale, keeping the silver colouration of his mane. He is handsome in a slim, pale sort of way and with his bright blue gem affixed to his forehead, often the focus of many curious glances.


Like all Circadian's Ru is a nomad and loves it. Friendly, smart, willing to help any in need he is the type to walk up to a stranger and ask to share a table at a tavern or eatery.

Mostly sticking to the warmer places within the realms his visits, as he enjoys light and heat, he can sometimes be found in more forested places and cities if he feels the need and if he knows that he can leave easily.

Ru wants few things in life other than to be able to explore the realms and learn all that he can about the people and races living within and to find his tribe. He lost his tribe and a lot of his memory after an attack by a group of hunters when he was but a young adolescent. Now filled with foggy memories and little else part of his wanderings is to seek out and find his tribe. But this is harder to do than one would have first thought as they too are nomadic never stay in one place even if he could remember where they last were.

Never really dwelling on his lost memories as he can still remember the important things like his name. Ru instead looks forward and to the new memories that he is creating.

A warm-hearted individual Ru is more than likely the one to give a helping hand to any that need it regardless of race.

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