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 Varden, [x] Male || Direwolf
Name: Varden

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Direwolf

Age: 120

Size: 10ft at the shoulder



Intent Detection -

Varden can sense nearing danger or simply ill intent aimed at him although this does little to help avoid it. The intuition usually regards himself but may include his surroundings, like a fight happening across a town. For Varden, this ability is both a blessing and a curse as he can sense danger nearing but cannot sense where the threat is coming from or when it is going to come. Often sensing things that only come about months later.

This ability cannot be controlled and is always on. This was also a late-blooming ability, only starting to show when he was 16 years of age.

Element Powers:

Earth Element-

Varden can manipulate and control earth and rocks. With this ability - can create a do a number of things just simply throwing rocks at his enemies to creating elaborate "rock" creatures which he controls. This though takes a lot out of him as he needs to control each part so he only uses it when faced with an enemy he can't best physically or outrun.



His own ability often works against him as the vagueness of the warning and the lack of time context often sends him running when he has no need to. Often straight into the danger that he wished to avoid.

This has lead him to need to try and differentiate between the warnings. Not to a great success but at least it has given him a small measure of knowledge of when to run and when not to.

Element Powers

Mostly vulnerable to direct attacks with Fire element magic and water, both can cancel out his abilities as there isn't much he can do with mud or lava.

However, there are other abilities and situations that have bested him in the past. Most of this due to his uncontrolled power.


A warm burnished gold in colour, Varden looks like he is made from burnished gold as he shines and glows in the light; he has dark green eyes. He is huge, 10ft at the shoulder and solidly built. A fighter both of his parents are of the Elite Guard in the Myr pack so he was trained to defend himself from a young age. This has affected the way he moves as everything he does speaks of control and an awareness of his surroundings. Giving him the air of both danger and readiness.


Once on the road to taking a place beside his parents in the Elite Guard, Varden ended up leaving the Myr pack when his second ability manifested when he was 16. It was slow to detect because at first, all he could sense was a vague and unknown fear when approached by certain wolves. Although not always the same ones twice. This eventually lead him to having panic attacks and in general fall apart at the seams. Eventually, the power fully surfaced and the Seer was able to tell that he had an unknown Psion ability.

Still shaken and now very wary of others, Varden could not cope with pack life and so left taking to wandering the Realm and in general avoiding contact with others. Given time alone to adjust to his new power has lead him to being able to regain much of his old self back and a thought of returning to the pack. Bold, confident in most cases as he is aware that he can handle most things except crowds or large groups of people. Varden now manages ok around others in small doses although he now has a constant wary and suspicious side to his once openly friendly nature as he is always aware but unable to tell from where danger lurks. But his friendly nature has not been entirely lost and while it may take a lot of time and work, is willing to trust and befriend most other races.

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