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 Merlyn, [x] Male || Kitsune
Name: Merlyn

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune

Age: 8,200 years

Size: 6.0ft (human form), 5.4ft at the shoulder (fox form)

Tails 8 tails.



As Merlyn has aged and gained tails the slow way, his natural illusion abilities have matured into something really special to see.

As an eight tail, his illusions can seem real to all but touch as per the tradition of nine tails being able to create illusions that fool all five senses.

Having focused on fine and finer detail as he gained power rather than going bigger, although he can do that too if need be, but not with enough detail to fool any up close. His main strength lies in this focus on detail because of the focus on detail he now can mimic anything that he sees at least once, from a person to a dragon if he hears them speak and can see them move he can create an illusion that would fool even their closest confidant.

Although still illusions, and thus prone to the limitations of illusions - inability to affect or physically interact with the thing around them. His work has a reality to it, even recreating the drops of sweat on a person's brow if close to heat, or a plum of breath if the air is chilled that makes his illusions so amazing to see.

Due to the amount of focus that a truly "real" illusion takes, Merlyn needs to shut down his awareness of all but what is directly around the illusion he is weaving and the illusion itself. Leaving him vulnerable to attack. This is why he rarely ever uses the full extent of his abilities. Rather opting for the easy, less power draining, sound-based illusions; voice half-heard in the mist or a rattle down an alley, being able to re-create complex sounds like a platoon of soldiers moving past or an argument between neighbours.

Or "plain" illusions as he thinks of them, where he creates illusions that are on the same level as a three or four-tailed Kitsune. These do not drain him as much as his detailed creations though and are, along with the sound illusions, used mostly in combination with his other ability.

To keep his detail focused skills up to snuff, he is always playing with a small of complex illusionary structure that he weaves and twirls around his fingers as it changes shape. These are incredibly real and often follow the flow of his thoughts yet the size means that it is a limited drain on him and he can easily keep it going for hours without noticing it or it having a long-term effect on him.

Another habit of Merlyns is that he likes to play music while he fights or really at any time he feels like it. This he does with his sound illusion ability, much to the often exasperation with any who spend a long period of time around him.


Lightning -

Merlyn's element ability is that of lightning. This he mostly uses as a defensive ability so he has been most focused on cultivating the battle and shielding qualities of lightning; creating balls of lightning, bolts, shields of fast rotating sheet lightning and other defensive things as well.

Although very skilled with his lightning ability his most preferred form of self-defence is his throwing knives along with a good diversionary illusion.



Like all illusionists, his greatest weakness's are abilities that can see or sense that an illusion is being cast. This means that any of the Psions abilities like telekinesis, telepathy and other like abilities.


Like most Lightning Element wielders, Merlyn is vulnerable against Dark Element and Earth.

An all round weakness that Merlyn has is against Rune-mages. Due to the wide range things that Runeweavers can do, from seeing through his illusions to defending against his lightning abilities. Rune-mages are at a great advantage over him if well trained.



In his human form, Merlyn is tall, 6ft, handsome with youthful features, dark grey eyes and tyrian purple hair with dark magenta highlights. His hair is kept short and has a slight curl to it.

Well built and muscled, Merlyn has over time developed a very individual look. Dressed in soft calf high brown boots, loose pants which he tucks into the tops of his boots, soft well-cut cotton shirt with a high collar and buttons down the front, well fitting dark blue long coat with a lot of pockets in which he keeps an astounding amount of knives.

Proud of his eight tails and Kitsune race Merlyn does nothing to hide his Kitsune features or tails in his human form unless directly threatened.


Merlyn is as tall (relatively) in his fox form as he is in his human one. Standing at 5.4 at the shoulder he is the same height as many gryphons.

His coat is the same tyrian purple as his human hair and while the curl is less notable the long this fur still has a twirl to it on his chest ruff and tail.

A sleek dashing figure he is in the form most of the time as is with most Kitsune.


Quickly getting tired of carrying around his starball in his mouth while in Fox form way back when he first got his second tail he broken into a jewellers workshop and crudely fashioned himself a bracelet similar to that worn by some Mages to denote rand with the starball safely set into the metal. well fitted around his wrist in both forms it cannot easily be removed and is now easy to keep close even when he is forced to switch forms quickly.


Like all of his kind Merlyn has lived many lives and will have many more. Currently, he is playing the part of the wandering warrior, travelling from place to place hiring himself out to towns and villages in the more remote places to deal with their bandit problems.

Although this is an off again on again when he feels like it job as mostly what he is doing is just exploring the realms and updating himself on those places he hasn't been to in a while, while helping out those that need it for a fair price.

Merlyn is old, even he know's it. Having lived for just over 8.000 years he has seen it all and seen it again and possibly will watch the newest residents of the realms repeat the lessons of the past yet again. While this might have jaded some it has mostly just brought about a sense of boredom and seriousness in him that is not often seen in Kitsune.

Being bored with pretty much everything has its upsides, however, not free from stressing about every little disaster that happens within the Realms, Merlyn is now free to focus on what is important to him - food. Ever the years, Merlyn has become passionately obsessed with food, good food, dessert especially and will, if given an ear, talk for hours over the best food from every realm.

Calm, patient and basically unflappable due to his long life, Merlyn is a quiet understated force that no-one quite sees coming. Not one to put on a flashy show or draw too much attention to himself, he is content to sit back and let others do their thing and make their own mistakes and wait until they ask him for help. Or not. really he can't be bothered most of the time.

With a quiet sense of humour, those around him rarely know when he is making a joke, mostly at their expense.

Still, a Kitsune when he does use his illusion abilities it is mostly in a none harmful way that makes a fool out of whomever he has used them against, even if they originally meant him harm.

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