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 Talia, [x] Heartwoodian Red || Female
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Name: Talia

Alignment Neutral-Light

Gender: Female

Species: Heartwoodian Red/Western

Age: 100

Size: 15 ft


Fire Element -

As a Heartwoodian Red Talia her fire element power covers a wide range of things. Not only can she create and breath fire she can also simply create heat in a localized area.

This allows her to manipulate things like molten rock, metal and other her own body temperature to a degree.


Ice Element

Rune Magic


Huge, sharp and a deep almost blood red, Talia is a magnificent Heartwoodian Red specimen. With a delicate face and very minimal decorative spines adorning her cheeks Talia gives the impression of sophistication, lightness and grace for all her size and power. Her wings shade to a lighter red in the centre of her membranes and when spread in the sun seem to glow like living lava. Her eyes are a burning orange with dark blue speckles dancing like glitter in them.

Being a Heartwoodian Red Talia is also quite warm if not hot to the touch. Giving anyone close to her the impression of standing beside a really large fire.

About Talia was born and raised in Fyr'krae, happily un-bothered with the war with the Faction until she strayed too far from Driakkion during a hunt. Shot down by a Faction patrol she was wounded and unconscious when they found her. Taking her back to the city of Grace she awoke to find herself trapped and chained to a Felris whom she hated upon the first sight. After a number of escape attempts and the subsequent punishments, none pleasant. she was hard pressed to admit that she was fully enslaved by the Faction.

Forced to work as a dragon-shaped furnace she spent her days melting the larger crucibles of metal for the foundry. Slowly she got to know her fellow prisoner and formed a bond with him.

Incorrigible, stubborn, brilliantly funny, Talia is a lot like an onion in that she has layers to her personality. Often quiet she can also be the life of any space she enters. Never one to surrender nor give up, she is never loud in her stubbornness to never let others get her down. But rather takes all with an apparently stony exterior and unflappable calm.

Ladylike to a fault at times Talia can also be rather a force to flee from if ever pushed past the point of no return or if she enters into any sort of fight.

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