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 Arrian, [x] Felris || male
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Name: Arrian

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Felris

Age: 110

Size: 5.9 ft


Fire Element -

Arrian's fire element abilities are quite simple, he can create and control fire as well as cast a protection about himself from extream heat or flames.

Fine Archer


Ice Element

Dark Element


Tall, fit with a coat so dark a blue that it is almost black Arrian cuts a dashing figure. With full feline features, including a pair of wide tufted ears, it is still his markings that stand out the most about Arrian's features, deep blood red leopard-esk spots cover his coat. Eyes a shocking scarlet his seems far scarier than he actually is.

About Arrian was born into a kind and hardworking family of woodsmen. Using their skills as guides and trackers for the villages that surrounded the woods that they called home.

But Arrian had a lust for adventure and knowledge that he could not find in the safety of the forest he grew up in. So he left home in search of what all young men with itchy feet look for, fame, fortune and a rip-roaring adventure.

Instead, he ran into the Faction. Quickly making up his mind about the Faction and their ideas he started joined a small rebellion force located in Glory. But his days as a freedom fighter were soon ended when he was captured in a Faction raid. Taken before the leader of the army holding Glory he was to be executed for crimes against the Faction. However, at that time the Factions armour mentioned how useful it would be to the cause to have a fire element wielder. Thus his execution was staid and he was enslaved as the "human" forge. His days were spent in exhaustion as he melted metals and kept the forge at just the right temperature, the work too much for one.

After about a while, how long he did not know as he had lost track of time, a young Heartwoodian Red was brought in. Normally killed on sight, the general ruling Glory thought it amusing to have a dragon make the weapons that would kill their fellow dragons and win the war for "freedom" from dragon rule. Life took an interesting turn during this time as the Heartwoodian Red took a dislike to him which was interesting due to the fact that they were chained together.

However, life was harsh and punishment was often dealt out. Bound together with rune magicked chains they had little choice but to work day in and day out for the Faction. During that time Arrian and Talia slowly formed a tight, unbreakable bond. After years or maybe months, neither of them knew, the orders to withdraw from Evylon were issued.

Seeing an opportunity during the upheaval and small attacks on the retreating army, Arrian and Talia found a moment when they were not watched and focused their combined fire element abilities to melt the chains away. Kept at the edge of the city as they were and under the lesser guard, they were able to then escape after setting the armoury ablaze.

Free at last Arrian and Talia stayed together, their bond remaining strong.

Rather laid back in many ascpects of his personality, Arrian often gives the impression that all is well even when all is obviously not well or ok or anything positive. However, this is a rather deceptive exterior that is presented to the outside world as he is a passionate and opinionated person.

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