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 Shiro-Mayu, [x] demon/dragon || male
Name: Shiro-Mayu

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Demon/Dragon

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: In his more commonly used humanoid form, Shiro-Mayu appears to be a man of indeterminate age, with a long white beard, and bushy, up-swept eyebrows. Regardless of the weather, he wears simple but well-made clothing consisting of white trousers and shirt, and a sleeveless black and white robe split down the sides where it falls below the waist to allow for ease of movement. A black sash acts as a belt, and his long, white hair is tied up in a topknot and secured by a silver hair pin. Simple black shoes adorn his feet.

His less frequently used dragon form is long and sinuous, distinctly Eastern in build. He retains the long beard and eyebrows he has in his humanoid form, and sports a long, white mane. His scales are black and white, gleaming like ebony and marble, arranged in intricate patterns.

Personality: Shiro-Mayu is extremely confident in his own abilities, and often abrasive towards those who have yet to earn any measure of respect from him. He has an immensely developed sense of self-discipline. He tends to live alone in remote locations, with only the most simple of lodgings.

Towards those who manage to convince him of their worthiness to receive his personal training, he is an exceptionally harsh, cruel taskmaster, frequently assigning them to physically demanding, often painful exercises in order to strengthen them, or drive them away if they are lacking in willpower.

He is intolerant of sass or insult, and will injure or even kill any who display either toward him without remorse.

Skills/Abilities: He is an extremely skilled, powerful martial artist, relying primarily on his total mastery of unarmed combat in fights, though he is extremely skilled with many weapons as well. He is very strong, fast, and agile, and uses his reiatsu to boot his physical abilities. This reiatsu also makes him highly resilient to injury, to the point where he can resist being injured by typical weapons.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His arrogance can lead him to dismiss potential danger to himself, and he lacks any ranged magic or abilities. His War demon heritage requires him to drink blood periodically.
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