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 Kavherus, [x] Cerberus || F
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Collective: Kavherus
Rightmost Head (Blue): Eos
Middlemost Head (Gold): Erinyes
Leftmost Head (Red): Enyo

Male, Female, Male
(Biologically female)
Appearance: Eos, Erinyes, and Enyo, or as they are collectively referred to - Kavherus, are a prime speciment of a Cerberus. At the shoulder, they stand twenty four feet, although their posture can make them seem much larger. Eos tends to keep his head relaxed, not bothering with posturing. Erinyes stands tall and proud, head high and chest puffed out. Enyo is somewhere in between - he tends to keep his head thrust out, fur bristled, aggressive. Their fur is wolf-like, black as a raven's wing, and medium in length. If one were to get close enough to touch it, it would be rather rough and coarse to the touch.

Like many Cerberi who retain all three personalities, their faces are littered with scars. Enyo has the most, all of them on the right side of his face, to the point part of his ear has been torn away. He is the one who is punished by Erinyes the most, and thus has taken the brunt of the scars. Eos has the least, with only a few small scars speckled on the left side of his face. Being fairly docile, lost in his thoughts, he is punished the least. Erinyes has scars on the left side of her face from Enyo's fangs, although not to the degree that Enyo has.

Hellfire - like any Cerberus, Kavherus maintains control over hellfire. Eos is able to breathe flames like a flamethrower, Erinyes can create, and throw, fireballs, and Enyo is able to replace their saliva with lava. Overuse of these abilities will burn their throats, leaving them unable to use this ability for a up to a week.
Shared Senses - Eos, Enyo, and Erinyes are able to share what they see, hear, and smell with each other at will. Overuse will result in a bad headache on the user, while excessive overuse will result in a crippling migraine.
Explosive Throw - Eos is able to create a flammable gas from his mouth, Enyo is able to create an explosive gas. Erinyes is able to make a spark. When used together, this creates an explosive fireball, or firebreath. This is highly dangerous to the user, however, and should only be used when at risk of death. If not timed correctly, could explode in their faces and kill them.

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