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 Eirain, [x] Vystrian Wolf | Female
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Name: Eirain

Gender: Female

Species: Vystrian Wolf

Appearance: Eirain is definitely a very striking wolf. Her fur is largely a deep, rich blue, as though spun out of deep ocean water. The fur on the front half of her underside is long and thick, as though she has the bottom half of a mane. The fur of her front paws, the top half of the underside of her tail, the inside of her ears, and her cheeks, are all white in color. She has navy colored ears, with a stripe that goes down her spine, and the underside of the bottom half of her tail is navy colored as well, along with the end of her muzzle. There are tiger-like streaks of a bright, almost glowing light blue color. Her eyes seem to constantly glow, with a light blue sheen. She stands four and a half feet are her shoulder, although she seems much smaller as she tends to slouch.

Her Familiar is a rat, grey in color with pink paws, and rather ratty, mangy fur.

Abilities: Eirain's abilities revolve largely around water.

Breath-holding - Eirain is able to hold her breath for up to half an hour under water. However, anything over fifteen minutes will result in her being winded afterwards. If she nears the end of the half hour, she will be winded for the rest of the day.
Water-purification - Eirain is able to purify polluted, or dirty, water sources. However, she takes the pollution into herself, and thus has to be careful, as doing too much at once can make her sick.
Swimming - Eirain is able to swim at the speed of a run, with little push-back.
State-change - Eirain is able to change water from liquid to vapor or solid, from solid to liquid or vapor, or from vapor to liquid or solid. This uses energy, and the greater the transformation, the more energy it uses.

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