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 Alameer, [x] Vystrian Wolf | Female
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Name: Alameer

Gender: Female

Species: Vystrian Wolf

Appearance: Alameer is definitely a pretty wolf. Her fur is varying shades of grey, largely a light grey in color. There is a dark, off-black streak that covers her back and upper torso, and runs down her shoulders onto her forearms. Her chest, the underside of her rather fluffy tail, her throat and the bottom of her muzzle, and her little front paws are white in color, her back ones black. She has a black muzzle, which covers her eyes as well, with butterfly-wing like markings. Her 'eyebrows' are simply black dots, with black lines on the back of her ears. Her pelt has black streaks running along her back, her hindlegs and her front legs, as well as her tail. Her eyes are wide, amber in color. She stands three feet at her shoulder.

She has a raven familiar, whom has pitch black feathers, a matching beak and legs, with gleaming red eyes. The bird usually can be found sitting on her shoulders.

Abilities: Alameer has powers that lend towards shadows and stealth.

Invisibility - She is capable of going invisible for short periods of time. As of now, she can only do so in intervals of fifteen to twenty minutes, but as she practices, this amount of time will slowly lengthen. However, if she is not careful and doesn't pay attention, parts of her may go invisible, or translucent, until she realizes it.
Mute - She is able to mute the sound of her footfalls for a short period of time, no more than five minutes. Even stepping on broken glass would be silent.
Shadow-meld - She is able to vanish into the shadows, only her eyes being seen. She dissolves into them, so even her frame is unable to be seen. If she is not careful, however, bits of her may dissolve into the shadows.

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