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 Tygris, [x] Death Hellwolf | Female
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Name: Tygris

Gender: Female

Species: Death Hellwolf

Appearance: Tygris is definitely an intimidating specimen, the perfect specimen of her species. At her shoulder, she stands almost five feet at the shoulder. Her stance, with head high, shoulders back, chest out and legs under her, often makes her seem much larger than she is. She has a deep, broad barrel that tapers into her hips, and is heavily muscled, built for strength, not speed. Her paws are massive, with large, constantly extended claws. In comparison to the rest of her, she has a rather short tail, reaching only her ankles.

Her fur is rather rough, and coarse, although rather thick so as to clog the mouth of those who attempt to fight her. The vast majority of it is black, although her legs are red, with markings like a Doberman's. The base of her coat has dark red splotches, that can barely be seen, and it would be easily to mistake them for dried blood. The second layer has bright red stripes, like paint oozing down her sides. The final layer of her pelt is white, with stripes not unlike a tiger's. White markings stream for her eyes like tears, covering her red cheeks. The inside of her ears is red, and her feral eyes are the same. She has a mouth ful of sharp teeth that are often bared in a scowl or a snarl, with saber-tooth like canines. She lacks wings, and her horns were cut off as a pup, never growing back. Spikes run down her spine, flattened down unless she is fighting.


Howl of the Past - Those who hear her howl will be tormented by images of their worst memories
Nightmare Sight - At her will, those who make eye-contact with her will be assaulted by visions of their worst nightmares.
Death Sight - At her will, those who make eye-contact with her will begin to die. This takes a while to take effect, and is able to be broken. If not dead, someone affected by this will become ill, although the severity depends on how long they were exposed.

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