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 Malphas, [x] Demon || Male
Name: Malphas

Gender: Male

Species: (N'vaen) Famine Demon


For a Demon, Malphas isn't terribly large. He stands 6'1 at his tallest, and is rather lanky, or scrawny. His skin is pale, like a doll's, and never tans. His eyes are a bright, gleaming gold, with a pupil that goes between circular, as its default, and a slit when he uses his abilities. His face is rather elegant and refined, with pointed features, clasically handsome. His hair is messy, and black, cut to the nape of his neck. He has pointed ears like an elf, although not quite as long. Malphas has a tail not unlike a lion's, although it is black in color with a matching tuft on the end, which can be hidden with a glamor. He is able to shift his legs into a digitigrade stance, like a satyr's, covered in fur and ending in claws, allowing him to assume a quadrupedal stance, as well as get a good grip when climbing. A pair of black raven's wings stick out from his shoulderblades, with a twenty foot wingspan.

Pyrokinesis - has control over, and can create, fire. Doing this too much drains his energy, leaving him weak.
Flight - has wings, and thus can fly. Overuse can result in straining of the muscles.
Shapeshifting - can shapeshift into his two patron animals, crow and panther. However, this is exceedingly painful, and drains him quickly.
Tooth & Claw: - can lengthen his teeth and nails into fangs and claws, used to fight.
Powerful senses: - has a sense of smell and hearing more like a dog's, and has eagle-like eyes. Can result in severe strain if overused, and it is easy for him to be overwhelmed.
Glamor: - is able to hide his wings and tail, although this is very training and can cause damage if held for too long.

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