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 Helena, [X] Ne'le || Female
Name: Helena

Alignment Light

Gender: Female

Species:Ne'le Gryphon

Age: 100

Size: 5.4 ft at the shoulder


Fire Element


Earth Element

Water Element


Taking after her elemental power, Helena is a bright, rich, burning red with copper and gold hints in her feathers and fur. As a Ne'le Gryphon, she is wingless but large. If you are not intimidated by her size alone, she also has a loud bold voice that can be clearly heard over a lightning storm.

Her beak is a dark copper colour and her eyes a are brilliant striking green.


Hatched to a pair of normal gryphons in Alubria, she was handed over to a clan of Ne'le at the fourth gathering of the year as a fledgeling. Saddened by her flights' rejection and never quite feeling at home among the other Ne'le, Helena took off on her own to explore the world. For a while, she took up with a mixed group that fought the faction but they quickly disbanded after the Faction got to one of their members.

For now, she is a fighter without a way to fight for her cause, a feeling that does not sit well with her personality. Strong, independent, she likes having something to do and a way to do it. She is determined to be a force for good in the realms. She believes that all things should be balanced, good/evil, right/wrong, happiness/sadness and it is this balance that she wants to return to the realms.

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