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 Layla, [X] Sol'tera || Female
Appearance:Layla has long white-blonde hair, which tends to cascade down her shoulders. She tries to wear semi-conservative clothes, which tend to cover the beautiful dark blue swirling tattoos that adorn her body. For a sol’tera, Lay has relatively pale skin, though it is tanned somewhat, which tends to blend into her pale sand-colored eyes.:
Personality:Layla is beloved by many that she meets. Generous, kind-hearted, and gentle, she constantly tries to look for the best in any way she can. Saying this, she doubts that she is good enough, for her pairbond, for her children, and just in general. A hard worker, Lay will try her best to succeed, whether she thinks she will or not, and finds the best in others where she finds the worst in herself. Shy, she tries not to talk to those outside of her friend group, or her family, but those she loves she guards with a tongue that at times can be vicious. Those who don’t expect this may be surprised at the soft-spoken woman becoming harsh in her words. However, if she forgives you afterwards, then you find that she’ll apologize needlessly, no matter how much you say it’s fine. Often downplays her own beauty and skills, though she is both beautiful and intelligent.:
History:Layla was born as a twin in a fairly well off merchant’s family within the family Khu. Being the technical firstborn, by five minutes, she was trained much more extensively than her sister, though they were trained together for the most part. For a long time, they were extensively close, to the point of rarely being seperated. Layla and her sister, Eshel even went and got their tattoos at the same time, much to the twins joy. But their happiness was not to last. While Layla was smart, Eshel was smarter, and soon became the favored child. Unfortunately, the favorite child was a little too adventurous. One day she ventured out, and didn’t return back home for a while. A long while, which cause her twin and the rest of the family to worry. Layla took a horse and looked for Eshel, eventually finding her on the brink of death within the deserts. Having become highly dehydrated, her last words were lost to the sand. Wracked with grief, Layla took the body back to home, and was left to wallow in that grief for a time. Eventually, she moved on, trying her best, and healing her emotional wounds to an extent. Some point fifty-five years ago, she was married off to Azizim, a handsome Sol’tera man. The ceremony was beautiful, and she truly did love him, as much as she tried not to at times. After the death of her sister, she tried not to make emotional connections to others, and while the relationship was strained, with both tending to be lost in many matters, Layla was happy. She watched as he left for war, and later that same year, she bore his son. His name was Zahkiel, and she loved him dearly, probably too much. She dotted over the young boy, even after he would be able to take care of himself. When her husband returned, she found he tried, but would often find herself trying to break up the pair fighting after Zahkiel stopped trying to please Azizim. When he tried to steal his father’s favorite horse, Daravish, Layla cried. She didn’t know what she would do, with him, his father, or the law. So she tried to ignore the transgression, as best she could. She went on living, though life suddenly became a lot lonelier. Her husband attempted to work away his problems, and Layla tried her best to talk to him when she could. No matter what he did, yell at her baby boy, not talk to her for days, she still loved him. The poor woman has tried to only see the good in that which she finds.:
Abilities:Being of the great house of Khu, Layla inherited the magical ability of air manipulation, surprisingly offensive in its nature. Her main usage is to create semi-solid weapons from swirling wind, which more often than not collects sand from below, but it isn’t often used due too her simply finding little use beyond self defense. She loves the horses that her pairbonded rears, not nearly as much as he, but she still does, and enjoys taking them out for long rides. While not physically very strong, Layla is intelligent, finding figures and all that to be easy, and is a fair problem solver. She enjoys solving puzzles in her free time. :
Eshel(Twin Sister-Dead)

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