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 Cadell Flametouched, [x] Half-elf/Half-Elemental || Male
Name/Cadell Flametouched
Species/Half Wood elf-Half Fire Elemental
Alignment/Neutral Dark
Appearance/Elf- 6 foot 3, with medium brown hair that goes down to a little below his ears. His eyes are light brown, but when he uses his magic, they turn a bright red. His normal clothing is a cotton tunic in either cream or white, and a pair of pants, cotton, usually any shade of tan. He’s about 18 in appearance.
Elemental- 9 feet tall, vaguely a bulky humanoid most of the time but also enjoys the form of a large canine. Made of red fire typically, but when especially angry can turn a livid Red or yellow. A blue mark appears on his forehead, in the shape of the Aries zodiac. If he gets really angry, his form flickers into a livid blue, with the symbol turning red.
Personality/A literal hothead, he is a proud creature that can be faintly introverted at times. He has a great love for Wren, whom he calls brother, and is signifigantly calmer in the other man’s presence, to the point of becoming very pleasant to interact with. When away from Wren, though, he tends to sweep into outright aggression and will attack anyone without reason.
Backstory/Born to an elven mother, his father was a proud fire elemental whose favored shape was vaguely elven. His mother fell in love with the elemental, and even earned the name Flametouched when she bore her son, and she opted to give him her name in honor of his father. Cadell grew up alongside his cousin, Warren, who also happened to be a half-elemental though of the earthen variety, in Vystrania. Relatively sheltered, Cad was lucky enough to have his father there to teach him how to use his elemental magic, of which he had a plethora of reiatsu to use. Cadell had always enjoyed, and still does, spending time with his father, whom he is closer to than to his mother, but even still, he loves them, even when they tire him out extensively.
Abilities/Cadell is fairly skilled in the element of fire, of course having both of his parents aligned to the element always helps, but on his own he is pretty good as well. In his elemental form, he is semi-solid, and most attacks will go right through his body, although this also drains his energy much faster than it normally would. Should he not expend much energy, he could stay in his elemental form for about an hour, but when using energy that time decreases. Outside of his elemental form, he has mastered the art of manipulating already existing fire, however creating his own flames is a different issue, and typically uses much more energy that manipulating existing fires.

He has minor training with a blade, which he practices every day now to attempt to master. One thing, though, is that he likes coating his blade in a thin layer of flammable liquid, and setting it on fire, to make it all the deadlier.

(Note: Has a shifting gene)

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