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 Terva, [x] Sky'ree Gryphon || Female
Name: Terva

Allingment Neutral

Gender: Female

Species: Sky'ree Gryphon

Age: 1200

Size:3. foot 4 at the shoulder



Terva psions abilities have taken the form of Tychokinesis or put another way, she can control "Luck" by affecting the stochastic fields of a largish area around her. While not strong enough to effect Realm wide events like some she can affect small regions around her location but what she can do over so large an area is limited compared to what she can do in her immediate area.

The way her power works is that she can create "good" luck for herself while at the same time "bad" luck for her foe, a branch falling or a root straggling paws or feet during a fight.


Other Psions abilities

Wind Element

Aerial weapons


With the body of a Wolf and the head and wings of a Falcon, Terva is the picture of a lean mean predator. The colour of fire, Terva's coat is brilliant red with a golden sheen and the feathers on her falcon head, ruff and wings are copper with red tips. But her eyes are her most brilliant feature, pure, sapphire blue, Tervas eyes stand out from her firey colouring like an oasis in the burning sands of the Exodus Desert.


Once, long ago I was feared, worshipped, I was a cold-hearted killer, a maker, and breaker of men, luck was my plaything and the dice were always loaded in my favour.

My reasoning was shaped by the cold, icebound lands I knew and had battled to leave. Known for well for its harshness the land around Icemark was my home, my flight, a harsher one than most, were not the best guides on moral behaviour. Thrown out of the Flight as just a little one for sneaking meat from the Draugs offspring I was forced to quickly learn the limits of my power or die in the cold lands of Icemark. I was also taught that survival meant taking what you wanted.

So when, finally, I left that cold, barren place, and was no longer bound to just fighting for my survival, my ambition, my wish for power was for the first time able to come out and boy did it. I went mad with power, and as I said... I was a force to be reckoned with. But that all changed when I went too far. I went toe to toe with a creature more powerful than I and I lost. I am not ashamed to say that at the moment when I knew that I had lost and that my life was forfeit I begged him to spare my life. And he did, but I did not escape punishment for foolishly in crossing him. Luck wasn't enough to deflect the curse that he put on me. To remain forever young, until driven mad with immortality.

Luckily, I haven't turned mad yet... or maybe I have... either way what happened was the time slowly opened my eyes to right and wrong. Too many times have I seen wrong done for wrong's sake, mostly by me, to only see it come back to those that put the wrongdoing out into the world. Fate, luck, even if you make your own, never backs the darkness. So time, instead of turning me mad, changed me. Now, mostly I load fates dice in favour of those that need a helping hand, instead of the vengeful breaker of men I am now the giver of luck, protector of the lands I once ravaged.

Now, that means doing what I can to help bring down the Faction and offering what protection I can to those fleeing it.

This does not undo what I have done, it does not fix the past or make right history but maybe I can do better in the future.

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